Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Deepwater Horizon'

The actor shares behind-the-scenes videos from the set of his new movie, "Deepwater Horizon."
4:18 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Deepwater Horizon'
Let's get right to it right now we want a real big welcome now from Mark Wahlberg. But this is walk. Lana could just woke up while. We're excited to hear may be good luck to all about you and your new movie deep water horizon which looks incredible talk about that. And it just a moment what will you let me join our panel which I'm excited about but that's something good drinks coffee. We learned that money you have to go warming up a little bit. Well guess something. And distributor buys take on specially it's about music and about dating. And we he's eluded early in the show it is about Tinder in Spotify. But ticketed teaming up with Spotify to I think you put an account together so when you go on tender you can listen to your potential us persons play list of new vehicle would be like. We know what that this white greatness like web based other news. Just another way for you get a handle on whether or not you're psychotic. You can make he if you like this I don't think that's enough. Enough enough enough enough that's not enough he did not enough to like the same music and enough time. How about this. The gonna play this song did not want the audience thereby keeping the swipe right on the song for left played a song please. Yeah let's get right. Yeah. Other countries are anyway. Six and somebody at the best song. I have to really think the final leg senate Lara Spencer Zahn. That it's my song because after the second I want to make you laugh you. I Barack. Likely to die. And we get another somebody's wife right and left on this when with the. Never moon. It's okay. We'll look yeah bullets white right. No reason betting that regular rye. It is likes it right now yeah. I got that was my song has little secret garden you know I'll Quincy telmex. Right very good lineup hardened. Quits doesn't produce and apparently and that is being hidden one who want to artists and LB Stewart frontier Smart. What's your song. I don't really music every listen to right now is a dome. Well. A. I have I have a few albums on lap occasion on yourself home. My phone have a two part greatest hits album opponent and I haven't Thelma always listen to and other news from always listen when I'm traveling. And it relaxes me makes you feel comfortable people big you know a wimp because it was time I don't care I have seen that I listened to that 21. Really tall man but I have a feeling though some might look that you're tend to profile and it is used they don't care what UNICEF time. Well thankfully I don't have to be on tonight good one yeah exactly did say that. And let's talk about your movie shall we you deep water right. Let's clearly remember and I have a lot of family and friends down there in the Gulf of Mexico and the BP oil spill and it goes far beyond yes it big environmentally it was just a hope horrendous. But as you have approved in the story it's goes so much so farther than that. Yeah I mean well look everybody knew about the environment of the and environmental disaster in it was terrific but we're people fail to recognize at least with the media field to organize. I think took it to the point where it was deserved was at eleven fewer lost their lives. And that was overlooked and for us and for me was a big surprise want to read the script and I read here times piece. I was just shocked you know I mean I realize obviously a lot of people are affected. Jobs were lost you know the fishing industry was to completely destroyed. But eleven people lost their lives in other people can find other jobs and other means. And those people are coming back and we want to acknowledge them and their memory and honor them in a way that we felt they deserved and was long over due. And we were able to show the family members the movie. The other day no new England's and for them to finally. You know have that was I was really. A lot means a lot and and you play somebody who. They're a lot that were fighting for the lives and they wanted to get back home to their families this clip. And my he or. Give me Picasso I have. Will you play Mike Williams yeah. Okay. Yeah Mike was actually the last man off of the rig all the lifeboats are gone everything was gone. You know he's somebody that I you admire for many reasons but you know he hates the term hero he just as you know I was just doing my job and I would down winning my other Brothers would done. It was a pretty remarkable guy and I asked him to come consult on the move because we wanted to make it accurate and authentic. And we wanted to make sure that he was there to make sure that we were getting beaten and physical movie stunt wise in how we have that for you. I don't think that we need to know now I'm 45 and I. I get banged up pretty good in this movie but. You know you always want to step up movies like this are movies like lone survivor whose national guys are there. And they went through realizing you gotta try to make it as realistic as possible so that really sketchy as only lit Meehan Dylan O'Brien on fire here. You could see a they let us on fire and I didn't happen feels comfortable with now know whom zero actually found. Yes yes you are they put you can see what you had gel and stuff on you but then you know they put some other fluid on an island of trying to walk away in the the other guys like goes grabs coffee in that is I hope I think we're ready to Raleigh dude I'm on. We're a. And any Kate. She's fantastic near the great thing about the cast is how I experience it lone survivor when you're making a movie like this it it's no longer buy your own individual experiences an actor is really you were coming there. To pay tribute to these people and everybody is there to create that make it real and she was fantastic you know she's kind of the the anchor of emotional anchor of the movie and from the audience when have you she is you know communication with the husband Mike. He loved his wife and loves his wife and his daughter so much. That you know I was what really inspired me to he was that he was an inning he went out there to provide for spamming into prison like for them I had a lot of family friends who resembled for the premiere in New Orleans. Two thumbs up on that really all share what I had read every jails is very yes. But fans friends Bernie suitably you gotta wait a little bit mark who's got to see it. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The actor shares behind-the-scenes videos from the set of his new movie, \"Deepwater Horizon.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42228645","title":"Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Deepwater Horizon'","url":"/GMA/video/mark-wahlberg-talks-deepwater-horizon-42228645"}