Alright, Alright, Alright! Matthew McConaughey's Out-of-This-World New Role

"Interstellar" star talks his new film and his car ads that have everybody buzzing on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
11:26 | 11/07/14

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Transcript for Alright, Alright, Alright! Matthew McConaughey's Out-of-This-World New Role
There's not a plan our solar system next. Sustain life and near stars over a thousand years away and and his new qualifies you to. We're just. Who. I can't tell you anymore and an issue green but in this crowd. He pitched violently. That status. This team never lift to simulate. We need to fight and this is the mission that you would train for. At any known. An hour ago you didn't even know is alive and EU review going anyway. Troops. Com and beyond. And yes. Can kids. Could the and save them. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's going on at the movies and that going on right now it's Christopher Nolan inter stellar. Starring Matthew McConaughey well. You know Chris know and I feel he shadow behind me saying. Don't tell them what it's really about but IQ could tell from the post their there's something about space happening. And Matthew is up there in space still it is my pleasure because I've never been able to say this before and to welcome Academy Award winner. Matthew McConaughey like Canada it is so great isn't it is they'll follow you everywhere and has it happened it did first shot. In the win. I now interstellar is opening everywhere and this is one of those would be the be big is there is again as it is as basic as this and what was it that needs you say this this is the actor on wanna play. Well my first my gut instinct was. Bowman a do this from Exxon. The Iraq. He had been he was really ended. Space travel ask me out and questions acts explaining the solar system hands I started it shared these things that I learned that I and talked about. The teller in the school whatever thirty some years ago. And then what the story was about the capacity. Of mankind so his wonder. You know this just blows the roof off of the capacity of thing and dreaming what we can do comes I really wanted. I'm excited for him see the film that was that was my first instinct an analyst interests more than crystal. I when I read this I thought that he was going for something more. Panel different. More personal felt like this is very personal totally hands and in in lot of weight I think it's more intimate. And then just the sheer fun of hey. Contact I got to talk about the subject and but now I get to be the pilot and take this. And so that was me as a kid going I wanna be pilot and alana flies out. What your captor coop. He's this kind of guy who. Really doesn't like to be told these a farmer even though on the farm customers test pilot. Now he gets to go up there and look for see I always feel I can hear again. Since the breath of Christopher Nolan saying. Don't see that say that part don't think that part it can't be that trying not to say that except the intimacy of it is between. A father and daughter. And it's very interesting to me because I think what you Jessica to explain to you this movie's incredible. That you don't really have risen again. Now you're gone into space and she's staying back yes. Yeah I mean that's the there's RP the film fathered a daughter relationship goodbye. But the most extreme. I've got to say goodbye. And I have. No return ticket. And then you know the story deals with. Promised name again I don't get too much when he promised me a Nazi unit the as victims well Indian and I'm things have gotten better. After a year of this secrecy you can taste based but data via active case say it's. Not a you know you don't know I said you know I was saying for the first. Eight months Connecticut husband's killers and Latin. Its fifth dimension. And I deleted that may go. Okay. That fifth dimensional and it I don't hate group something you know criminal I'd what does that mean. Yes that's the that's the the aorta. Of the picture and the interesting thing for me when I'm like about this since on the script man he really works in the film is that the further out there we get into this epic. Adventure that goes further than we've seen on film. The more personal. It becomes the more you know there's ticking clock we won't speak but the more aid it to it to deep personal them the same time. You know and a balanced the absolute epic scale. Ride that we go on I think is that sort of with the coup. Of this now. So you are mostly in Austin where mostly Austin in Austin, Texas and wellness absolutely. It's great even with all of this that's happened in the last year eighteen months probably even more because. All this is having because of the last year that have been you know and it. You know a light. Shined on me and and enjoying every bit of embracing all of it. But also known in Austin is that's one from the tore my mother's that's when my Brothers are had a great relationship with time and there. And our feels like six granite it's there now. Your mom who I've never met but I did see earned burning and we thought she needed denomination that. Well she would probably agree with you if she can play act at. Yes she has a couple of moments in that where there's nobody outside screens now she's it is getting grew up around that. Seattle mom was a mom's a you know our rate in our favorite word colors has been she's living proof of it. His yes. Protect that's that's her words as she's 82 on on. You know 32. And she embraces every single thing that's coming and she loved conscious she loves controversy. That's partly as a teacher I think that's what's his teeth 39 years and never matter certificate. But pulled it off Natalie what like I'm back to teacher and she its euros in her class yes sound fundamental way oh yeah. Yeah that's it. But now is the job changed since the Academy Award you know we always look at that it's like this thing. And then you have responsibility. What my next movie. Is it that you go through that angst. I have not. Nine minute knock on wood but I'd because it is haven't and don't plan on I didn't see you know that the academy's incredibly. Great moment in my career but I'd just have not viewed it as a destination. As a I'm not I don't have a sense of off I did something. I fully respect it and you know this is my career. Not my job anymore I'm have to say it's my computer every year and I love it. And to get that you know if that light shine on me to say we deem your work excellent and you know from the eagles' ten to be in the Academy Award feels great which is the Oscar. We're if you put it did home and Malibu that we in the large bead. Going across it's nice ceilings in living room and it's on top of that means we could fall and being somebody ran well. Someone remind me you know have earthquakes that is a yes. So we put some magnets. Some kind of scene on the bottom of the child. That's a heavy. You know bunker Oscar yes it is visited some of them to you just look at and it basically not taking it down and doing. Now how don't have they a ritual daily ritual of that it will do this it's telling us a lot of stroking. Tell you later yet it has to actually be done. But the success I'll also ahead for. Because she's did the Lincoln commercial yeah maybe go back to the Lincoln lawyer and everybody's. Josh. A lot of crap and give me crap are giving you crap and take it is more like. Credit well they are doing link because it never done better. But what and now he's in Jim Carrey and I haven't seen about Ares funny. He's very funny but he's also there is Ellen DeGeneres did using them at our that was South Park that sounds like Fred basic crap. You seem to take teasing really well. I mean we don't turn angry member Wynn met and I and I would all dead assured us anything he does it do that among go over to Sochi. Talked at present they have over there. And me and him again take usher itself doesn't get I don't know trouble. Laughing. At myself with knives it's sad I don't definite W insane it's it's it's give mile. Teasing crap I think I think it is a backhanded compliment. Because it's it's something that have been evidently people arrived in a fine with that as its identity that they can go. Indicated and do the job bad and I'm I'm applauding I'm applauding. But I think teasing is done faction. In your case I don't think you have many enemies I think people saying. Life is good. And when you look back when I look back at nine you I go back to dazed and confused where you started and I'll run around Iraq need to know Kevin Hart was here so. He stole from. He's not talented he's not telling me he often does that after but he told the long story about you and dad being in Australia let the made a python. Aaliyah had aluminum property Victoria that was it python's and it's okay. And yet it was just back. That was our this show always ends in song kept. I think last we sank Pete houses last did I don't know what it's going to be now. How mean. Pau well. I want to hear. Something music from up on the ground he chase away both though. But there is a nun that type of lady and known. So catch your breath the government would deep deep deep beneath the green leg games got this weakness me. Due to commit to mermaid bone bone when she's not. And it to my remain to own home she's not it tomorrow remain the phone only she could doom doom doom. The water may be. Beautiful and because he did that that's Ers bears of Little Mermaid Britain and Africa and 189 mean he had everything you know. The year X you know where it came from our right. Eight hours ago gotta take a picture. Apps of the.

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