Meredith Vieira Sheds Light on Her New Show

"The Meredith Vieira Show" will have an all-female house band, a first for daytime TV.
4:28 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Meredith Vieira Sheds Light on Her New Show
? What a fun morning we are having with Meredith Vieira. Welcome back. You just got back in the swing of things. Remembering it all. All coming back and it is all coming back. You got to tell us about it "The Meredith Vieira show" starting in a couple of weeks. Start shooting shows, we got seven done so I feel like I'm getting my wind. I'm still nervous but -- This is something you've done. Obviously done "The view." Done news magazines and been a journalist and did the "Today" show. "Millionaire." This is something different. It's a combination of all the skills that I've acquired through almost 40 years in the business so there's a lot of storytelling from my years as a journalist and we have a lot of games and give away a lot of prizes and there's opinion, obviously from my years with "The view" and the variety that comes from being on a show like today or "Gma" tore that matter. You told us you were nodding your head when you talked about working from home. You did the next best thing. The set is your home. Pretty much. I wanted to work from home, sort of the Andy Cohen model. My husband nixed that immediately. That is not going to happen so what they did is made a set that looks almost exactly like our family room and I brought in some of my furniture. That's my chair. Looks like a great chair. It's great because it's all torn up by the cats and dog and makes people at home feel so much better about their own furniture because mine is bad. You definitely tried something. This is an innovation in afternoon television. You interview people in the bathroom. Well, not all people, George. It's called stall talk and it's -- Stall. The point being that we find our interviews wherever we can because we're intrepid so you might be in the bathroom and I might knock on the stall. You never know. You never know so the idea is -- I doubt it. You can try. And I love that you're going to have a band. We have a band, yes. The band leader is evert Bradley from the E street band so normally with the boss but he has our band going there and the four other members are women and they're fabulous. I cannot wait for this. This is going to be so much fun. I always wanted a band in my home. We have a bad day, lo of to go home and have a band there so I asked the powers that be if we could do it and they said okay. You get everything you want. We have a lot of questions coming in on social media including one from Alice on Twitter. She wants to know what do you think of the changes on "The view." You know, that -- the show has been around many, many years and I think that as long as the chemistry works it's going to be great. You never worked with Rosie. She came in after me so I never had the opportunity. I think it's going to be fabulous. We also have another question -- If it beats my show I'll be ticked off. Are you up against them. In some markets. We won't talk too much about them. I love them? Another one on instagram. This is an apt question. What is your secret to reinventing yourself throughout your career? You've had so many different incarne nations. It's just trust your instincts, trust your gut. If you feel you're ready to take a move, just do it. Life shouldn't be linear. It's all about getting off the beaten path and trying something new. Believe in yourself and ultimately I use the word authentic but it's a good word. Always be authentic. We're going to try to test you a little bit. We heard from your team that you actually got lost this summer. I did. On more than one occasion when you went hiking. Yes. I did. So we'll play a game call where's mere? All you have to do is guess the location. Here's the first one. Where do I look? Where are you? ? Where am I? Is that New York? She got a little end from the team. A jail cell. Where am I? Oh, Chicago. Oh, this is hard. I'll give you a little clue on this. This is an American landmark. ? These are impossible. What? Oh, there we go. Mt. Rushmore. That was really good in one more. This is annoying now. I hope your games are easier. Is it fenway park? Yankee -- Fenway park, yes. Excellent. My beloved red sox. Well you could have guessed that one. That is great much thank you for coming in. What do you mean I could have guessed that one. I got that one. I could have guessed that one. It was good. It was great to have you. Premieres Monday on September 8th. Check your local listings for the times.

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{"id":25126435,"title":"Meredith Vieira Sheds Light on Her New Show","duration":"4:28","description":"\"The Meredith Vieira Show\" will have an all-female house band, a first for daytime TV.","url":"/GMA/video/meredith-vieira-interview-2014-talkshow-host-sheds-light-25126435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}