Mick Fanning Recounts Terrifying Shark Attack

The surfing champ tells George Stephanopoulos about his harrowing encounter.
2:41 | 08/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mick Fanning Recounts Terrifying Shark Attack
Food as it should be. We are back now with Mick fanning. You remember that video seeing the surfing champ fight off a shark on live TV, but that terrifying episode didn't keep him out of the water. Check out what happened when he went back in from Australia 60 minutes. As unbelievable as it might seem on his very first surf since the attack, Mick sees a fin and races back to shore. Then we saw and then we just saw a tiny little fin. I swear to god. Oh, my god. That's all right. Oh, is that funny. In these wears it's very likable. There he is. Straight out. I just saw it. Just directly straight out. And Mick fanning joins us now from Australia. Mick, thanks for joining us. I Ka cannot believe it. What were you thinking. When we first went to that spot and saw the brown water I was skeptical anyway and so I was already on edge understandably but, yeah, I was lucky I was just on the back of the jet ski and looking at another wave to catch. You were laughing a little bit when you were talking about it there but I know that since that first encounter you say you've been having nightmares. The original attack happened, it sort of took a few days to, you know, come back down to Earth and, yeah, there's definitely nightmares and stuff like that but, you know, everything is starting to move forward now. How did you get yourself psyched up to get back in the water? I just didn't want to leave it too long. I felt like if I left it too long I would start playing tricks on myself and having some -- too many mind games go on so I just really wanted to get it done pretty quickly if and your mom is your biggest fan. How did you reassure her? Yeah, I sort of -- yeah, with mum, you know, sort of just smile and laugh a little bit and make sure that she's okay and then just run away before she can grab you again and hold you in. You got a big competition coming up in tahiti in a couple of weeks. Are you ready? Yeah, everything is starting -- I just started to get back in the gym this week and everything is starting to, you know, feel like it's moving in the right direction and I just hope we get some really good waves over there. Good waves and no sharks. Mick fanning, good luck. Always, mate. Too easy. He did run away from his mom. He did. It was quite funny. I would not go near the water if I was that guy. I wouldn't go in the pool. I wouldn't take a bath. I would just stay clear. Are you sure he's not just seeing fins everywhere? I would be. I mean, yes, it would be legit. Fins to the left, if is to the right.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The surfing champ tells George Stephanopoulos about his harrowing encounter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32846502","title":"Mick Fanning Recounts Terrifying Shark Attack","url":"/GMA/video/mick-fanning-recounts-terrifying-shark-attack-32846502"}