Popular TV shows, movies to watch while working out

The "GMA" anchors discuss what they like to watch while they exercise and reveal the type of movie reported to help exercisers burn even more calories.
9:02 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for Popular TV shows, movies to watch while working out
being here and, you know, I got a big question for everybody here. And I need some audience participation as well. How much watch TV or movies when you work out? Raise your hand. How can you really work out or watch a TV or movie? Oh, my gosh. You know what, got a Mike. I'm going to see. What show do you like? Sing the theme song. Whatever you want. ??? Okay. "Living single." I didn't expect to run into destiny's child. Good one. Well, it's a good thing because there is this study out that says if you work out and you watch movies or TV it helps you burn more calories. I believe that. Here's the question for you three, what type of movie burns the most calorie when you are working out? I would say horror. Action. Comedy. Horror. Am I right? You're absolutely right. You're like, run away. Yeah. What does she win. She wins -- you won that I'm going to tell you why. You got to explain that. All right, research from the university of Westminster in London found 90 minutes of a heart pumping scary movie can burn an average of 113 calories. Just watching the movie. Yes. And the scarier -- the scarier the movie the more calories you burn and they have three movies that burped the most. Number three "The exorcist." No chance, not watching that. I watched it as a kid and messed me up ever since. "Jaws" is number two. Oh. Good call. That's why I don't swim in the ocean. We need a bigger boat. And the number one movie to burn calories if you're working out and want to watch a movie is "The shining." Yes. Going down the hall. Red rum. Red rum. I would imagine so. Your heart is beating on the treadmill. I bet inadvertentlyp you'd start running faster. It makes some sense but what possessed someone to study this. Of all the studies we've covered you're really worried about this one. So many bigger fish to fry. I'm bouncing up and down too much. I like watching sports too. I -- If I'm an a stationary bike. Or rowing machine. You can row and watch something? Sure. It's not that hard. I got to work out with George. I tell you that. Thank you for bringing that to us. We'll work it out? Thanks for participating. We don't mind if you're on the treadmill now watching "Good morning America" as you're working out. Do that. Don't switch to a movie. But speaking of movies there's a great one coming out. We're excited about our next guest coming to the table. She is an Emmy, golden globe winning actress who starred in everything we fell in love with her, "Murphy brown." "Miss congeniality at Ken "Sweet home Alabama" and now with Reese Witherspoon, "Home again." The one, the only Candice Bergen. ??? I'm on my way ??? How are you? Thank you. Oh. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you, George. George, a gentleman as always. As always, always, always. Wonderful. We've been looking forward to see you. Me too. I haven't been here for a long time. You have a home here. No, it was harder core. But you love an audience. Soft core now. Can never know what you're going to say. You know, it's Friday. We'll do a flashbook photo. Okay. Good. 15 years ago "Sweet home Alabama" awe you and Reese Witherspoon and we have a picture we'll show from 15 years ago. It's coming. It's coming. Or not. We're drawing it. All right. Okay, we're having a problem. It will take us 15 years to get that picture up. There you go. So how was it working with Reese again? I have such respect for Reese Witherspoon. She -- she comes with her "A" game all the time. She plays to win. She is kind. She is intelligent and she is becoming a real force as a producer in Hollywood. Yes, she is. I love her. She's wonderful and just -- and she has a work ethic that would make you guys look like slugs. She was here the other day and she has like 20 projects she's working on at the same time in and that's a slow week. But you also have some gre greatback photos. One of you meeting the beatles. There's one at dinner. Dinner with Andy Warhol and Salvador dali and you captured that one, help me. Well, you captioned it help me. What was that dinner like? Well, it was -- they were both so eccentric and I was sort in the middle and I was like, help me because I didn't -- I looked down and Andy Warhol had a tape recorder on his lap and holding a microphone so I was, like, Salvador dali was striking poses with his gold-tipped kwane and so I was just sort of like, okay, when is this over? But they were -- they were great but it was a weird dinner. I bet. We get so excited here at the movies and you come on the screen. When you are involved in a movie everybody gets so excited like this one, "Home again." And we want to play a little bit of a clip. You play and I watched it the other night and just loved it. Isn't it a charming movie. Charming movie. That's the right word. You play Reese's character's mother who is also a former actress and chopped her three young houseguests. Aren't they cute? We're filmmakers too just like your husband. Everybody is, doll. We're in L.A. I can't believe you're here and you're you. This is terrific. You're a terrific actress. I did a small few parts here and there. But you were smoking hot in the yellow bikini. Come on. Alice, did you hear what he said? Re-evaluate there. Reese didn't look too thrilled there. We want another photo from the set. What is going on there? Oh, that's from my Instagram. Well, those are extras. They're -- Extras? Low animation extras. Low budget film in well, we -- when we were shooting a big scene in an auditorium and if you hire actual humanoids. It's more expensive so these are dummies they place in the seats with horrible wigs for the very back rows of the you'd tore yum so we packed the house. You know, movie secrets. You know, when people ask you about "Murphy brown" -- Are you kidding? That show, I did not miss an episode. Eldon, you -- Eldon. It was so great. I have to ask, if Murphy brown was working today, who would be her big get? Who would she want to eviscerate? Well, I think the obvious person. Is the dough boy in the white house but would be trump. You know. That was Murphy speaking. Yeah, exactly. I would actually Dan English and I have talked about it. It's just so hard to not be doing the show when this is going on because while it's so appalling it's also such fodder and -- Writes itself. Yeah, well, hopefully. Do you loan back at "Murphy brown" with the fondness we all do. I loved her. I loved playing her. I thought, oh. I wonder if Murphy would ever be able to keep an assistant? No, that's the whole charm. Still going through -- Very high replacement fees. Such a great character. Always fun to play? And always fun to be with you. Thank you, Lara. "Home again" is in theaters

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{"id":49701489,"title":"Popular TV shows, movies to watch while working out ","duration":"9:02","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors discuss what they like to watch while they exercise and reveal the type of movie reported to help exercisers burn even more calories.","url":"/GMA/video/popular-tv-shows-movies-watch-working-49701489","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}