Sage Kotsenburg on Heavy Gold Medals and 'Stomping It'

The Olympic snowboarder discusses his win in Slopestyle at Sochi.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Sage Kotsenburg on Heavy Gold Medals and 'Stomping It'
Stage I ask you this you would have. Personal thing with the time that Clinton knew he had really had a -- hard to come added -- -- around like this all day don't bounced back but I feel like that they kind of you know. What happened the rest of the goalie should fill this whole party into -- Dad's pretty cool it is got a bunch of a lesson yearly hey I think it might be and that's on everyone's been claiming that this indeed -- -- -- years. That the -- designed line and deadly ought -- and on the next. What does it feel like -- -- did you ever imagine that you would be wearing this -- when he found the gold medal I mean I imagine did but I. I never really thought is gonna happen you know something that. A deadly envisioned and when they put snowboarding slopes style in the game -- -- like -- pretty cool together and and -- get a medal but who knows if it was a three years away and then. Even when I came here is like maybe to make finals of the rat and -- -- the finals again made -- a battle of the coolest -- It just then they are gold this it's crazy and you did you landed that -- this. The Japan whole -- frail double 1260 before 16210. That's important our -- dad he asked him to. Yes so close. No I'd never even tried that before my life I just. Whipped it out talk to my -- my brother before my -- -- -- you -- just goes sixteenths when he. Thank -- -- the Phillies in the final link -- said that have fun and you're gonna stomp it and the handed -- stopping it. For those and home stopping it means sticking to jump and the landing which he did -- -- -- did yes and not having ever done before in his life is pretty amazing picture. It's what I landed -- -- like. What does that that accurately let us did that I can't believe you actually have the courage to try something you've never before in the Olympics who does. That I don't know that they got a pretty smooth move babies people suspect do it more of a -- this. Always -- gold. Maybe that -- if you -- you visualized before yeah I definitely like visualize its its its ticket a lot of before a little bit but now with that grabbed him. It was it was as weird go to signals and I here goes nothing they just threw it in the air. I knew exactly where I was old time but it was just -- everything was going so fast as -- -- -- -- What workstation. And -- all of it -- around perfectly here and again you don't see the ground until you hit it basically. Pretty much everything exists you know your daughter and so -- -- -- guy. City grabs -- in the ground and you stretch spotting as well as he can't the end. And the term whole week rails. What is best so that's -- the first job that have -- twelve holy Grail. It's grab I invented. To Japan grabbed Correia grabbed for the krill is. Backhand all the way to the knows your board so when you mix them together in this giant pretzels -- -- the air and yeah I didn't even go to -- -- asked if everyone on FaceBook couldn't figure Avant is purely an Alley who's like. Holy Grail is the trail and it's the next level -- -- months. That the you you're inventing a whole new lexicon we have -- that's stumping at -- which meaning that the to -- -- very hard said yeah I did everything you've gotten. Stop -- -- date the holy Grail. Supplies. I -- a lot today. Yeah he's good court and scorpions historically pointing out and haven't yet luckily I have over you have -- -- -- that you didn't -- -- -- -- that he had -- the snowboarding -- -- -- particularly -- -- But airing -- ads when you're on your -- Bull butter is that it would you when you go on like the Taylor knows your boarded do you tally stands on the ground. That's about it is that successful is that not as -- -- and it's good I didn't it is easy tricks on the ground doesn't tell you board electrical I was -- -- that the and -- funny one was the first person you Calder was there. Called my dad. I do my data -- my sister and brother everyone was watching -- A college you know I was not -- normal photos -- Russian some of these. I called them hey dad it saves -- it's 87 -- on the founded. Usually put on -- I talked to everyone and is pretty special moment is -- -- -- their voices as they stayed home because. Just easier for me to relax and Steve I think here -- Smith to be the first time it Billiton expects. It was they're here the end but then during it I was way more relaxed and this candid in my own zone. But here in their voices of the analysis and school. Down tennis -- -- only like heights months of his. A serious. This whatever -- out of control -- -- thing if I looked -- the ads are not to do well like this border rate here is nice. Bode you don't like heights in what you do for a living and -- -- at the world and the fact that right now is jump. How -- -- you. -- on the very thirty feet in the air -- -- -- -- -- -- Having control of that though and I stand -- something -- -- a -- -- -- what at this thing breaks there you know it's out of my hand that's -- -- their -- -- have your -- -- when he landed upside down. That's sit out the dates or snowboarding yet here ready for it to you legitimately afraid of -- pretty -- -- man. Pretty scared it's your that the he's actually given -- does that have anything to do with -- jumps when you do the jumps as -- -- Is it. Factor in getting a little bit of adrenaline -- something not really mean it just I loved Jordan huge -- -- -- I don't get scared at all because I know exactly what they're doing. For its super high up on its -- him through the windier something human barred out of holding on to the period that -- pretty bad.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Olympic snowboarder discusses his win in Slopestyle at Sochi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22448897","title":"Sage Kotsenburg on Heavy Gold Medals and 'Stomping It'","url":"/GMA/video/sage-kotsenburg-heavy-gold-medals-stomping-22448897"}