Sensing a 'Guardian Angel' in Dangerous Situations

Science behind people's feeling that someone is watching over them.
2:59 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Sensing a 'Guardian Angel' in Dangerous Situations
Yeah this time and again people being dangerous situations facing death claim to send some sort of presence. Easing then threw it up and they used the term guardian Angel. Well it turns out there's actually some science behind this phenomenon it has something to do with how our brains are wired. Here's ABC's -- -- color. We're. In a moment of mayhem. More in that instance. Exquisite fear and I -- to -- games -- okay this isn't. Human beings often report being comforted by an invisible companion. You know pulling my guardian Angel could have safely from such an accident -- -- back rose -- and kudos says she glimpsed -- at the scene of a terrible car wreck. Exit door he had never felt alone though -- lost for days in California -- did you at any point. I made my body. Last year. Again and again and again as guardian Angel was here. Who. Is authority. Well that's a great -- -- John Geiger internationally known explorer and author has been investigating this phenomenon for years the stories are always a more than theirs. Sense of -- another being. Presents very vividly the sense that there's something good there's something that will help them. It happened to Stephanie -- It was a day that pretty much sent signals to me -- cave diving for -- search project in the Bahamas she suddenly lost her guide -- Suddenly realize that I was in trouble. I knew my heart -- hear it bouncing in my -- Only weeks before stuff and -- husband and diving partner rob Palmer had died in a diving accident in the Red Sea. -- now alone she's facing her own dark death. Suddenly the whole. -- just brightened up. And into that world floated the words of staff -- husband. Believe Buchanan believe you can either way you're right. And then I -- calm down and I saw what I thought was a threat. He was there for me and away. So how -- Japanese experience to be explained. Isn't this just possibly an hallucination. I think what people are experiencing as a -- a very no concrete survival mechanism that is. You know part of our Iraqi American. -- -- believes that any life threatening crisis our minds experienced both the terror of the moment in the piece of perspective. And then they're -- is able to sort of stand back from that and sort of rise above -- And rationally. Figure out a way to help this person get through that so that guardian Angel is us. The guardian angels. -- really think very and he knows.

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{"id":19056165,"title":"Sensing a 'Guardian Angel' in Dangerous Situations","duration":"2:59","description":"Science behind people's feeling that someone is watching over them.","url":"/GMA/video/sensing-guardian-angel-dangerous-situations-19056165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}