Super Bowl Recipes: Hung Huynh, Sharon Osbourne Cook Spicy Wings

"Top Chef's" Hung Huynh shows the TV star how to whip up a batch of his baked Asian wings.
4:11 | 01/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Recipes: Hung Huynh, Sharon Osbourne Cook Spicy Wings
-- -- check killings. Staying hacking his ticket -- yeah yeah. I have I want yeah. -- one. All right so guys -- first was on the big and now chicken -- the national chicken council that there is -- chicken wing a shortage among us. Two weeks before the suitable at that it's not -- -- continuing shortage -- and an unknown and I now know so we're here now and on. Now I want that we Elliott an important shot got an -- -- -- -- it means that over a billion -- -- -- Jones thinking on student on Sunday alone. In my house. But some major chains are saying that they that they won't run out pizza -- queen street claims that Baltimore San Francisco. Except I don't even know what this is talk and I think they're soft let's just -- -- jolly good -- good morning here. Right through security and make the perfect chicken wing -- -- The morning think for me hot. -- if you know I love minding the room here. I love you Macy's -- -- I don't know why you think dirty math and. -- play -- about what should not make sure my favorite chicken wings that worked out in New York City -- It's very good very simple. The -- -- thoughts sugar and honey. -- when all up. How much soy sauce for the bucks who caught the sort thought the lines ash lawyers for a lot of merit and not. Actually there's coffee sugar and in public money and isn't this just -- and on and you -- wow. As you know like. They -- -- and here comes the real becomes the -- anything you throw have been no whiskey whatever you like vodka. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- garlic OK here we go and -- and you don't buckeye egg at some Tabasco make it. Sweet salty and spicy I love that gets light years yes please -- could have gotten -- yes. Well. How does not growing mountain my love I looked it up I want to make -- look quite right my name to -- an -- -- to what they're saying to -- the next -- regulate how how the -- I'm not happy I had no idea -- -- eighteen point your vote has gotten. And anything that that love and -- yeah -- yeah. When wouldn't -- yeah. And -- -- making them Honolulu salt. Wouldn't -- with an hour late night menu at the general in the city yeah I can gradually you get the death and under 19 -- -- towards their turn and outlets across strains of let's bring about -- yeah. Well. We now when we're -- to close at 4 AM but it huge Asian restaurant moderate. The modern concept it's the credit fantastic and it is a total celeb -- if you haven't been check it out yapping at home please yeah. Annually over the hanging out -- -- you know hand I would guess I know my opinion around. A way follow you have yeah it who has directed a -- -- let Wade -- at about four to six hours -- -- learned. You kick it out. Put -- -- -- oven for about going point five minutes until its parts of the five degrees inside the and then after that you went to the leftover marinade and faith in the meadow and vacant again. So that -- -- everything went okay so so. The first time the second time commitment again spicy marinated for about six hours four hours before any -- it's about ten minutes cat refit the cat medical bought half way. -- -- -- -- Again cut and and that big again threw for another six search and yes -- -- done. And an -- that's just don't make sure it's not commissioners should update which are actually follow the boat -- and you yes hello this amazing -- -- similar line. -- that not enough. -- China but they look at me think and Iowa -- to. -- -- -- Well alcohol because yeah -- yeah hold on all got to -- -- -- does it does and they are so good and shot -- we love you can listen in on it.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":18313578,"title":"Super Bowl Recipes: Hung Huynh, Sharon Osbourne Cook Spicy Wings","duration":"4:11","description":"\"Top Chef's\" Hung Huynh shows the TV star how to whip up a batch of his baked Asian wings.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-wing-recipes-hung-huynh-sharon-18313578","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}