Sarandon Reveals Why Playing a Mistress Is 'More Fun'

Actress discusses starring in her new movie with Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton.
3:45 | 04/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarandon Reveals Why Playing a Mistress Is 'More Fun'
Wedding is about to make a big splash -- -- new comedy with an all star cast including -- -- -- Diane Keaton. As a divorced couple forced to pretend they're still merit their son's wedding Susan Sarandon plays to hero's girlfriend TV she's here right now to take a look at the movie. Just pretend to be married for the weekend what's the big deal really -- -- -- he's just a little part that I'm. Stuff earned if those two are still married then listen -- me. -- -- -- -- -- Sure it didn't read here right now sadly wrong hands I guess so -- -- -- tells about -- -- here. This is pending and may be and they were very upset that they didn't by the dogs in the movie I have two dogs that -- very heavy breeders'. And then moving and not yet vote we just heard it right here Europe's that I can't sit down they -- Beatty loves -- and in the movie down I have -- -- everywhere it's pretty funny actually which -- the actress this one. Because this -- is -- of a substance abuse or. -- credit facility because if there's a pocketbook that has cigarettes pills and -- her red matches -- -- it. I'm sorry to talk about you but you couldn't help -- not general thing about this effect. I think the some pennies much calmer and -- just -- and so the lesson here for arbitrage and see who played. I -- a long suffering wife in that -- said he wanted to play a mistress could not have the funds -- wasn't more fun. Yeah -- funny that while those people -- really fun movie analysis kind of one funny thing after another that happens. Still mad about the products. Someone -- So you can get really halftime I mean I'd never work. With the near -- in I'd. Course run into him and Diana the but we have more for the million and he Edwards thing -- now they only allow maybe one woman profound usually. And and -- -- all the -- young and they hate each other automatically just because of that so we don't see each other too often so this was really really fun to be altogether and you know Catherine -- -- district again with Telfair. It was and I and I -- -- new -- and it was you know right in Greenwich so it was really counter any attack he also got to work recent robbery of -- a couple of weeks ago for his movie company. You keeping you play in very different role than a former sixties radical who turned herself then. It's becoming a movie sound. -- -- -- -- -- -- If it let's read -- friendly and work together since I was a baby and I thought it was and it will only be when we -- that it was actually during the Arab Spring until it's a very interesting thing to revisit. The I had forgotten what started everything you know what atmosphere the context in which -- this happened on the dilemma that these people thought. But I like I added -- the science and is there anything you would risk your life for now because I think that a we forget sometimes how lucky we are -- and how democracy is worth fighting. -- even in the miss these tragedies -- looking cross over the Boston children's chorus and you know watching those bombings in Boston that are hits home for all of us. New -- especially those here on 9/11 you are downtown that. Yeah I was downtown I have to say the Boston of course our hearts are with you and -- -- the first responders who have been so amazing. But for New York it was such a beautiful moment afterwards because. What it does is it -- people from the tracks there on. And everyone comes together and so it's actually seen each other and helping each other and Celadon way it was. A unifying blessing for New Yorkers became real New Yorkers after that I helped the same thing happens in Boston what people. See how really much we have in common -- not -- differences but. Alec let me chat to turn a lot of heads a lot of money -- I'm -- they felt that. Since then thanks -- Emily -- the big wedding opens on April 26 will be in -- then.

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{"id":18977750,"title":"Sarandon Reveals Why Playing a Mistress Is 'More Fun'","duration":"3:45","description":"Actress discusses starring in her new movie with Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton.","url":"/GMA/video/susan-sarandon-interview-big-wedding-actress-reveals-playing-18977750","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}