Meal Ideas for Your Olympics' Parties

Chef Ingrid Hoffmann helps you celebrate the winter games with delicious dishes.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Meal Ideas for Your Olympics' Parties
Next kicking off just a few days from now millions of people will be gathered rather TVs to cheer on the athletes. And it's not like this Super Bowl -- you might try to -- as many calories as possible. You're looking at the finest athletic specimens on the -- -- -- should consider what your putting your mouth we want to make it fun. -- delicious Wright himself. Why not a couple of celebrity celebratory dish for everyone to enjoy. To show us how to do that please welcome some every shot off -- -- yeah. And I aren't yes could not need it could be oh hi may lash will be -- of this is this is -- but. She there's no we're and I -- think this and the philosophy of my new book black -- the -- and -- food philosophy is. You try in all to rest in -- with small changes in lifestyle changes and -- straight. Ingredients for a better for you ingredients have however you don't trade on taste you do not skip on to -- You make too little -- -- changes so -- we've got a little pizza party that you can do for the kids and you can give a different flavors we've got Hawaiian which -- -- -- -- We've got Mexican and Mediterranean. But speaking out better for you ingredients the first thing we have to -- -- got to marry Nader chicken to bring in -- -- nice natural parents married. Rosemary -- -- -- -- we got a Martin -- yeah. What some analysts are armed guard like at what I was sitting better feed ingredients Mazzola -- Studies new studies have proven how corn oil actually possesses the ability to fight the -- cholesterol. Many more times over -- then the that extra virgin olive -- know what everybody thinks as being sold all my things didn't have that well that's why I'm -- -- let -- marinate. Now this is what we do although we are going to be using. Cheese it's one -- to instead of using half a cup on a piece of ticket back to use the tables and mozzarella you let it hit it very -- so we've got our nice. Grilled chicken ready to gown we're gonna put that right here and we're gonna build with a little bit. Often made of solace. Sort of like you would do first pizza and -- -- a great way of cheating the kids into this idea. We're gonna do a tiny that you see teaspoon -- -- actually taking my kids that he views these kids looks like sneaky and it looks like about that it's not -- so these are all the tricks. Take a little bit of -- the end you can just do some last -- -- Topic myself with a -- is that we've got ready on the DL. The little bed of -- -- because we're giving it up how why and twist before. Yeah as some all of you -- -- Little bit of that. And now all we do is we -- with a little bit of parsley. And here you go over the do you want a big -- from -- up and insurance so that everything blends into each other and she counts. -- -- Yeah. Pop up up up and he. Yet you wanna give it -- Mexican -- somehow they're -- us with a little bit of salon church out of those yes you can. Your hands you honey do everything why did -- show. Shouts hey you can -- And for a Mediterranean to a -- at some green peppers yellow peppers red peppers and some -- person. All of and you we've got a yellow -- -- so it's all home delicious. And by the way that's really good I created a bunch of recipes for you guys to happen you. -- how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. He's got a regular -- direct Good Morning America Docomo and got him Ingrid -- check out her recipes this is really really good it's very light delicious villain of the opinion is as --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chef Ingrid Hoffmann helps you celebrate the winter games with delicious dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22358249","title":"Meal Ideas for Your Olympics' Parties","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-ingrid-hoffmanns-meal-ideas-sochi-22358249"}