Dr. Ashish Jha discusses India's COVID crisis, new travel restrictions

Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, discusses India’s COVID-19 crisis, and new restrictions imposed by the U.S. on travel from India.
4:16 | 04/30/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Ashish Jha discusses India's COVID crisis, new travel restrictions
I'm joined now by doctor Ashis jot dean of the brown university school of public health thanks so much for being here doctor. Thank you for having me on. Well we have seen the images. At India's health system at the breaking point we've seen in every day and the US and other countries are now sending in aid and supplies. So what do you think are the most important things. Indian needs at this moment to actually attempt to get this outbreak under control. Yeah India has two sets of problems and wants one it is that the infection numbers are out of control and they need public health measures. Like mask wearing hats theme vaccinations. To get under control and then the second. Is that a lot of people are dirty been infected we're very very sick. Who need hospital beds oxygen and medicines. We really need to do this on both sides of this both armed if you care of sick people and preventing future. Let's talk about AstraZeneca permit the White House is saying about ten million doses of that vaccine could be released. Soon was the FDA signs off and then another fifty million doses will be produced in the coming months apparently and that will be shared globally. So should India get the majority of those doses now do you think. Or should other countries that are struggling be included. Yes so I think the bottom line is it should be really driven by need and and given that the need in India is the biggest problem should get the lion's share. But there are indeed obsolete other countries are also struggling other probably needed as well but given India's sort of sighs its population. And just a number of people infected I do think it makes sense to send a majority of the. Those doses to India. We also doctor reported earlier on that new travel restriction on flights from India to the US concerned. Should we'd be about this outbreak spreading beyond India's borders. Hear what we have seen throughout this whole dynamic is when you see the rise of new variants and there are some new variants coming out of India. They never stay in the country where they originated they become global very quickly. So I think those travel restrictions make sense they will slow it down but they will not stop those variance from showing up here in the United States in fact. I worry how a couple of cases of that so this is one of the many reasons we've got to help bring this pandemic under control elsewhere. Because when those outbreaks happened at variance from those places and up in our country as. Right in and mean in India right now the new cases and deaths I mean it's just been astronomical. But you said it's likely to get worse than what we are actually reporting so can you explain. Why you feel that way and do you actually think icky icky get worse in India before can get better. Yeah I do and I'm worried and obviously I obviously hope I'm wrong right because we wanted to get worse. But infection numbers have been in the honorable Richard 50000. I think we're gonna searching numbers in the 400 thousands and if things don't get under control quickly into the 500 thousands every day. That and deaths of 34000 deaths are clearly a massive underreporting they're not owning most of the deaths. So things are pretty bad and really need to be turned around very very. Well I know you and died all of us heart glad that the US is helping to support in deer right now meanwhile back here at home were able to do that because we have. Good news and that is that cases have been dropping in recent days we now have more than a hundred million American adults. Led Ben fully vaccinated. So what do you think with regard to all of us here at home are we turning a corner. In regard to controlling the virus here in the you know. It states absolutely we are turning the corner I think this is the good news. We are infection numbers are down I expect those number six continue to go down. I expect our infection numbers should plummet actually in the next month. All of this of course contingent of people continue to get vaccinated if we stiff peoples are getting vaccinated. Then we put all of this at risk but assuming the vaccination numbers continue. I think one should be very optimistic about a very very good summer. Are you have is all smiling now in yes keep getting vaccinated should thank you so much doctor job appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, discusses India’s COVID-19 crisis, and new restrictions imposed by the U.S. on travel from India.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77430724","title":"Dr. Ashish Jha discusses India's COVID crisis, new travel restrictions","url":"/Health/video/dr-ashish-jha-discusses-indias-covid-crisis-travel-77430724"}