Researchers See If 'Mindreading' Is Possible With Computer Interface

Researchers created a "brain-to-brain" interface to transmit information between two participants.
2:13 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Researchers See If 'Mindreading' Is Possible With Computer Interface
Or won't pick a category four test drug test train and it category goes over patent to the respondents on inside the respondent. He's not really gone are small neighborhood is that it does is looking at yes or no labels. You're just. And these will be sufficient. Or bring part of that the defense and NASA student is now to be detected band needs he sees that he's placed over the response. On the other Saturday went the entire then does is waste for some brain stimulation information is transmitted through. I'm the Internet and actually results in the activation ever since premium magnetic stimulation Quayle. They're charm that is to report whether or not they saw flash quite. And if they saw classics like that indicate a yes answer city is that to continue problem solving and trying to figure out which items in the category. The subject is selecting a category. She picked to. Now she sees the possible answers. And asked is it a liquid. Responded six days and it's answering the answer that question. As to whether or not it's a liquid. You can see the cursor moving toward the answer that the respondent is focusing on. And computers decided whether to answer yes or no. Now T stimulation is being delivered to inquire. Respondents answering the question is he food items served cold. Can stimulation has been sent with theirs corresponding answer. The final questioning choir kicked is. Is it sweet. And computers decided and sent the stimulation to. In choir.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Researchers created a \"brain-to-brain\" interface to transmit information between two participants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"33985819","title":"Researchers See If 'Mindreading' Is Possible With Computer Interface","url":"/Health/video/researchers-mindreading-computer-interface-33985819"}