ABC News Live Update: Israel pounds Gaza with airstrikes as crisis escalates

Plus, new mask guidelines lead to confusion, and a hero bus driver who kept children safe speaks out after hijacking attempt.
29:13 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Israel pounds Gaza with airstrikes as crisis escalates
Good morning and we have children and for Shannon Higgins thanks for straightening what that's in today's update a dramatic escalation of violence in the Middle East Israel. Watching it single deadliest airstrikes in this conflict but. Hamas flattening buildings in Gaza City. Palestinian officials say at least 42 people were killed most of them civilians. Israel is vowing to continue the attacks in full force as. This as the White House faces growing calls to stop the violence are teens is on the ground in Israel. The CDC is defending its new guidelines aren't where and when to Wear a mask gas mask rules are dropped in states with no mandate causing some confusion. How did she didn't good news nothing more than ninety did you like hostility testicular he's grandma. Actually that's not have to wonder what is there. Doctor Don Brownstein joins us with what you need to know to clear up the confusion and as a CDC prepares new guidelines for schools and camps. And a hero school bus driver who kept his students staged during the hijacking is speaking out. A pretty much just says it is. Do what it a little Billy get them multiple slate of sound and did you and begins to seem as if you do those do the same that made him Tesla referred to miss my hero. How he was able to keep his cool and protect all of those students on board. But we began at with the crisis in the Middle East Israel hit Gaza with air strikes over the weekend at leveling at several buildings including the offices of Al-Jazeera an eighteen media outlets. Palestinian authorities say dozens were killed in the latest attacks are now Palestinians living in Israel are threatening to go on strike. In protest against Israel's government. Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is there with the late. Overnight Israel said it dropped over a hundred bombs on the densely populated Gaza. Targeting Hamas tunnels that honeycomb that narrow strip of land and moments later the retaliation rockets fired into the air iron dome interceptors blowing them out of the sky. Right above our heads. We ducked for cover. Just got out of a car relying. Human side of the road cities vary its own home and everybody that check for behind us also disappearing try to hide recover. Israel defending each day at least airstrike on Gaza since the conflict began. 42 killed most of them civilians according to. Health officials Israel saying its bombings which leveled at least. Three buildings targeted the house of a Hamas leader. It's unknown whether she was home at the time. But radio host and Thomas family once and his wife and four of his children were killed and two badly wounded himself. He was wheeled back to that debris pile. She seemed there faces one last time. The phenomenal though. It would you re out telling their team in Gaza that went before another missile struck bench he screen what was once. Get their children out of the building and miraculously his seven year old daughter pulled from the rubble. A line. Over the weekend another Israeli air strike. Leveling the tower block housing many international news agencies including the associated press and Al-Jazeera English. They were given just an hour to a vacuum. Israel's prime minister defending the structuring it's a perfectly legitimate target. Tensions were rising this video shows the moment to Palestinian driver rammed a group of police officers in the scene Jerusalem neighborhood. Where the eviction of six Palestinian families from their homes. It was one of the triggers for the outbreak of this conflict it. Hamas launching over 3100 rockets at Israel at a rate. Five times higher than in any previous conflict. We give you a sense of what those rocket blasts can do the rocket landed about twenty yards away two floors down other families here. Was eating its Sabbath meal when the sirens sounded they managed to sprints to their bomb shelters just in time. Some really scary amount X backgammon joins me now live from just outside Gaza with more Matt we're glad to see that you are safe. Howard people bear dealing with these just constant attacks. I think that they've settled into a sort of routine so when we were here and and the rockets. Fired overhead and you're really exploding right above us. It was over after a couple minutes and in the people which is ducked into cover over there there's a makeshift bomb shelter to sort of strolled out like. Nothing really happened and we're not afraid. But it I don't think we can underestimate the degree to which this has affected Israeli society in general right. The majority of the population has been under those sirens has heard the rockets in the interceptors overhead. The country's basically been shut down for a week the international airport's been shut down Israeli air space. This has had a very significant impact on Israel not nearly as significant of course as it has on the Palestinians. You know we've seen dozens of buildings destroyed. 200 people killed. How over a thousand wounded so there is it a significant disparity. Any effect on daily life but I think it is round they've gotten used to this routine to some degree at least. And about sixty rockets were fired from Gaza overnight that's down from hundreds over the past several nights. Could this be a sign that Israel strikes are weakening Hamas or that the militants are starting to run well on ammo. That's really hard to know even you know it was hooked to the Israeli military couple days ago they said that Hamas still has many thousands of rockets left -- its arsenal. It's not nearly depleted. Maybe they have less desire maybe they're afraid because of the intensity of the ferocity. Of those airstrikes. A 160 playing two nights ago but 200 planes the other night solved all that bombing we see off. Overnight last night it's really been intent so maybe they're trying to avoid being out and becoming targets themselves. We don't really know right now. All of our Hamas contacts are mostly underground they're not really talking to the press at this moment. And which is understandable trying to stay safe right now the UN also says Gaza's only power plant. Is running out of fuel putting the area at risk of a black out I mean. How much worse can things get there right now. They can always get worse and they have been worse in years past. He Elliott and then previous conflicts there were many more dead about over 2000 dead more destruction in Gaza so we hope that it doesn't get there but this issue the power. He's a major concern we spoke to an Ngo. A couple of days ago already warned us this night she said that Gaza's hospitals are going to run out of fuel and windows. Generators go down. It's going to be very very bad there remembered only about a few hours of electricity a day when things are going right. And now they're gonna have almost zero powers that is. Very scary and down political ducking to cover that's a siren overhead you probably gonna see some. Outgoing rockets coming right now all. We're gonna find rental back. Right Cyrix is if I got engaged in the eighth place we will check back in you. Here estimate that. A that was not gotten their forests in Israel now to Washington where the White House is confronting bat crisis in the Middle East they're growing calls that Biden administration. To do more to try and stop the violence senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest on that. Good morning Mary. Even good morning while the president. And it works the phones this weekend speaking with the Israeli prime minister for the first time the Palestinian president. Biden is urging calm and expressing deep concern for the loss of life but this morning he is under growing pressure. To do more so far the administration has been largely focused on behind the scenes diplomacy. But now we are seeing increasing calls for behind a drive up the pressure on both sides trying to bring about a cease fire. Biden is also facing increasing push back here in Washington for members of his own party. Some on the left say he isn't doing enough to support Palestinians the big picture here. This is the first major foreign policy crisis of this presidency they want to get this right. But so far there are no signs of the US deepening its involvement this administration doesn't. Want to become further entangled in this conflict but as we see the violence escalate and the death told climb. Even that is a position that could be harder and harder to hold. Mary Bruce at the White House thank you and here's what we're watching in Washington today at 12 PM eastern Press Secretary gen socking will hold a briefing. How 1 PM eastern president Biden will deliver remarks on the cove in nineteen response and the state of vaccination. And at 3 PM eastern the senate will hold a procedural vote on the endless frontier act targeting support for research investment. In manufacturing. And high tech jobs. And out of the pandemic and SEC's new mass guidelines. This was the first weekend that fully vaccinated people didn't need to Wear masks in most settings. But the new guidelines have caught some confusion what are the two states. Still have some sort of masked man AM place and with states and businesses varying in mandates. The next messaging is leaving many people unsure how to proceed. This morning from the Las Vegas Strip to the ballpark. People enjoying the freedom of going mask free after the CDC's announcement that fully vaccinated in the air kids can ditch their masks. But while the guidance from the CDC may have changed may and it's in some states have not. 22 states still have some sort of mask mandate in place the mixed messaging causing confusion. Silverstein and actor Ricky Schroeder facing backlash after posting this video re arguing with the costs go employee over the company's mass policy. And ninety did you like costume it. That's that you're these were masked and actually that's not act what are what is accurate. So what is accurate is that Costco Allred good always goes above and beyond and following the law. And the mandate in California has not changed. Costco is one of several businesses including Starbucks Wal-Mart and Trader Joe's. All dropping their mask rules in stores but only in states with Al mandates in place most of the US population almost two thirds of Americans are not yet fully vaccinated. The CDC director saying if you are one of those people you should still Wear a mask. We are asking people to take their health and to their own hands to get vaccinated and and if they don't then they continue to be addressed but the largest nurses' union in the country disagreeing with the CDC condemning the mask rollback saying. It puts those who are amino compromised children and Frontline workers at risk. Those that have gone to work every single day during this and and and willing Lee gone to work they didn't end on air marine layer and action. And joining us now for more on this is ABC news medical contributor and chief innovation officer of Boston Children's Hospital doctor John Brownstein. Thanks so much for being with us this morning were let's start with. How this changes just causing a lot of confusion for people to teens think the CDC moved to fast how can they clear the confusion at this point. Good morning Eva I honestly think this was way too fast we were expecting this to happen in the summer when we had enough people vaccinated when yankees is down below 101000 a day. The UV came with his guys probably too quickly it's reasonable from a scientific perspective we know that people that are vaccinated really don't transmit this fires. In the same ways that are unvaccinated people do but it's about how this works in practice remember most people are yet to be back sinden and stop because they don't want to beef you know eligibility opened up then in April we just now have children a twelve to fifteen eligible so there's still a national push to get people. Immunized but these are poor transportation and child care so CDC warning of how security give people little topped hard to get used to the recommendations that were coming as opposed to doing. Doing it right away. Yes the science works by. You're the real world implementation of these things are really challenging as we're seeing businesses grapple with what to do are you can ask for vaccine proves we can have a vaccine passports now. Seats are pushing back on this so you know states are to have a lot of trouble guiding businesses properly I think CBC news come back with a little bit more context a little bit you are a bit more nuanced truly support the American people that figure out. How to navigate this sort of wild landscape of masking. Yet each stage city different roles thing is seeing swing what do you do what where you are. It isn't talking about those businesses was stores like Costco Starbucks Wal-Mart Trader Joe's target this morning announcing they're dropping their mask rules in stores. Do you recommend fully vaccinated people continue to Wear their masks inside places like the grocery store and is so. How much longer do you think we will need to do that. Dennis is a complicated one again in a scientific vacuum units and that's fine remove them mask. If you're fully vaccinated. Because if you're really low risk but when it comes to practice you know EE we have a large. Unvaccinated people potentially unmasking we don't know what the risk in these places are. And so there's really no reason why you can't mask rate even if you're fully vaccinated it sets a standard especially for those are no compromise for our children are yet to be vaccinated. I'm really means that you can you know do more than what the guidelines they of course I think it's about weeding you know a few more weeks you know we always had this metric of July 4 you know when we had enough people are state in the country than we really couldn't get back to normal life so. It's a bunch is weeding a little bit longer. If you're fully vaccinated and your masking your creating a social norm that supports other people let me he can't get vaccinated are winning yet you know fully vaccinated so my take away now is really changing much because also my state says I need to have my mask on an inside anyways but also I'm Marty enjoying life I would go to masks outdoors endlessly backstage people so for now I'm just staying the course. The I think that a lot of people are waiting on an update on parents especially guidance about schools and camps from the CDC which is expected soon what do you think we can expect. And this is a complicated warm right because yes he just sort of launch vaccination campaign in this twelve to fifteen year olds but it's going to be a while before we get really sort of mass coverage in that age group so I don't expect much is gonna change for this school year I think we're gonna still have the mass change still have the social distancing. I'm excited for within the next school year you know what brings you know how most of that twelve to fifteen age groups backed into probably in our younger kids so they're they're likely gonna have to deal with masking social distancing a bit longer especially if we have. Active disease transmission in schools I hope that masking won't go away because we've really control this outbreak we just don't know yet so it's it's too early to tell. I'm camps. Again the twelve to fifteen group I think will be able to do more right especially outside the be able to move those masks I'd love to see that applied in younger kids as well you know we have lots of rapid tests out there. We aging cream cheese bubbles and handset allow kids to do serve more normal activities because we can task and we know that risk is lower especially outside so. My hope is he she's gonna come up with some some great recommendations and kids can really enjoy the summer. And that's what I like kids and a lot of parents are hoping for as well doctor Don Brownstein thank you so much for being with us thank you. A turning out of the latest on the critical fuel pipeline now back in operation after was shut down following a massive cyber attack. More than 121000 gas stations in the eastern US are still without fuel Alan Lopez has the latest from Atlanta. Good morning Allen. Eva good morning even though colonial pipeline is back up and running delivering millions of gallons of fuel. It only close at five miles an hour so this is want to take time especially for those stations. Crippled to my long lines over the past week. Among the hardest hit the PC and the Carolinas as of this morning more than 80% of the nation's capital experiencing shortages experts say pumps are dry. For the most part because opinion fine. And not the shutdown of that massive pipeline now we have seen some improvement here over the weekend. No lines at this gas station we saw a couple of trucks delivering fuel here yesterday and the day before. But the website gas play says he could take several days for certain areas to get back to normal and up to two weeks of those hardest hit by these outages Eva. Alan Lopez forest there in Atlanta thank you. When we come back new details about the divorce of Melinda and Bill Gates and a new report raising questions about his conduct at Microsoft. Also ahead we're hearing from the school bus driver who kept his cool as an armed man hi jacked his school bus. How has bravely kept his students safe and stay with us. Welcome back we're learning new details in the billion dollar divorce between bill and Melinda Gates a new report details allegation of gates is inappropriate work related behavior including at. Pursuing other women chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details. This morning Microsoft founder Bill Gates facing allegations of inappropriate conduct. As he and soon to be ex wife Melinda French gates. Finalize their multi billion dollar divorce the New York Times and Wall Street Journal reporting Bill Gates allegedly pursued relationships with several employees. Prior to his wife of 27 years filing for divorce according to the journal bill reportedly engaged in a years long sexual relationship with the Microsoft engineer that began in 2000 the employee writing a letter about it which came to the board's attention in 2019. Leading to an investigation. Gates effectively forced from his role on the board in March 20/20. Bill. On his resignation although we do know that some board members had authority I. That it would be suitable and to say. A gates spokesperson telling the journal there was an affair almost twenty years ago which ended amicably and bill's decision to transition off the board. Was in no way related to this matter several sources within bills companies telling the New York Times he was known for making clumsy approaches to women in and out of the office. Has. Image is as this. Amazing are ye shall and there has. People who were to them closely also knew that he had or lesions are. And hearing a spokesperson for gates calling the times report disappointing and full of I'm troops. Also under scrutiny bill's relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey apps steep. The Wall Street Journal reporting Melinda first turned to divorce attorneys as her husband's connection to Epstein became public in 2019. Now the Daily Beast reporting Epstein allegedly gave bill advice on ending his marriage when they met between 201122014. A spokesperson for mr. gates telling the Daily Beast that characterization of those meetings is inaccurate and Andy claim that seats spoke of his marriage or Melinda in a disparaging manner is false. Our thanks Rebecca Jarvis for that report and now to an ABC news exclusive earlier this month south Carolina school bus driver Kenneth Corbin. Kept his cool during an armed hijacking helping all eighteen children on board walk away safe. The gunman is in custody facing two dozen charges including nineteen counts of kidnapping today Norman has the story. This was the heart stopping moment an army trainee used a rifle to hijack a cell Caroline a school bus with eighteen children inside earlier this month. Bus driver Kenneth Corbin. Keeping his cool and the children safe for six painstaking minutes fifteen year old Q Andre James was one of the students on board. On. All solace or more talent pool Laura Hall scenes. The gunmen eventually letting Corbin and children get out to safety police identifying the gunman as 23 year old Joseph Von closet oak. This morning he remains in custody facing two dozen charges including nineteen counts of kidnapping. A veteran school bus driver Corbin had recently completed a annual training about what to do if full bus is taken hostage. You can see and hear how common was have controlled me was sent Paris train him. Was put to good use. State officials honoring Corbin Friday for being a hero under extreme pressure. And Aaron thanks Jane Norman for that story earlier on GMA Robin Roberts spoke with that hero driver can accord and on how he was able to keep his cool under that pressure take a look. Today just referred to you as a hero others have said that about you as well thank you say no the praise should go. To the students on board why do you feel that way. Well actually when I went head to the very end accused sort of one that I solution. Yet the Dillon of for the boasts home. And today's print it was him up bags is much is low Monica and so on were with them. Then and that Dan Quinn they start questioning him. Those did concede to a frustrated him associating his main objective. Were to get to the next town the Indiana think Wheeler wrote about full miles and he's got frustrated with the questions and still mus stop the Boson does get all Foleo gilts those about it. So if there was the interaction that was going on one with the students that was frustrating him. Well well yes as we would Troutman legacy real as there was so we'll students. No I do Rio de blossoms come a scattered throughout the boasts. But he decided to move all the stools up front. Silly guy gets to keep them at people's always close proximity. Then. When he did that this. Especially so Lumix in the goods. They stutter hasn't wasted on this 20. Some world Lucille Seoul June. And be in Kosovo what is seemed like he hasn't saluted answered but he's serious almost so June. Then they want to know why aren't they had some wild why you'd do under assumed my media would did have a massively that would. Then next world war a world Siegelman heard them he slid low and the index will big ordered elbows drown them. He says no moment do is Terry Jones could tilt the Boson. From that point seemed like he says small questions come and then select a disciplined click you know owns matters say it. But none of them off already and he just a moment to stop the books nonstop bus ride it was ghetto boy I'm kind of else pretty much so the point. I'm didn't just chills hearing your bike bike account like that what was going through your mind sir went on this was happening. Well once was the first to open real you know he had a weapon when he presented two weapons both privilege to have that sold them. What would cost them an up the steps. You don't act first trying to tell him ago. Close to a point out bush and and tell him that you know we know around on the book soon. The tone that's why some so that's what says when he presented his weapon until waited to close the door movement Drew Lavender him. And from that point owns do this but never staying calm and Falun who saw instructions and thinking about the key is gonna do want to and it's saying no. Know that we're riled him to the cause him to do so in this. The world Brian haunt him accused Yasser. His main objective was to get to the next town. The ex Michelle slows it makes to pound him. The spread was sold in fifty units when I'm thousand. It's a Mecca but I deliveries. Oh defeat a list he wanted to know how full those two go how much Fuller. It is an alphabet. Which approach soon. Both traffic light that he X-Men to speed the book told me this Speedo. And doled it guerrilla kids room we get through to Adelaide in. Then that's what he moved showed up that he moved accused of front divinity wouldn't know again how full. There though like to say rules should plead its what amounts that we we can really don't have full. Does anyone know where to next town woes and so so Alamo we will help the ghoulish crucial county. And we will stated that way and oh which will be Colombia. And put it nicely shortly after that she is getting frustrated and in the Indiana home we may have known full well then before we go the Bos. Yet that's I'm glad that everybody was safe and sound and before we go you refer to your I was a school bus driver as well. What do we refer to our students on that bus what do we say he's what do what what do we referred to the mass will. We column crucial Stallone. And precious cargo in the it and. Awesome that morning no that was so it would bit they were precious causal one. A pretty much just said do this. Do what a little Billy get them multiple safe and sound and it here and again. It seem as if who did go do the same about me and that's why referred to miss my hero. Yes we all had each other's backs. A lot of parents referring to him as a here our thanks to rob Roberts and Kenneth Corbin for that interview when we come back. The tighter seen on the listen to Houston neighborhood has finally been found we'll tell you where the tiger is this morning. After the break. Welcome back and a few more things to know before you go a tiger seen roaming and neighborhood in Houston that set off a weeklong search. Aspin found. I'm heart Indian attack here was transferred to a 14100 acre animal sanctuary in north Texas after suspected owner's wife. Got in contact with the Houston police saying she got a tip from someone. The tiger went viral after was seen on the video in a residential area of Houston. Police arrested 26 year old Victor play bass who they say is the owner but let us attorney says that cat does not belong to him. Also there won't be a Triple Crown winner this year long shot Ron Bauer won the preakness states beating Medina spirit who finished third. Medina spears raced after testing positive for a steroid after winning the Kentucky Derby the final leg of the Belmont Stakes is June 5. And Kobe Bryant has been inducted into the basketball hall of fame Michael Jordan escorted Vanessa Bryant onto the stage to accept the honor for her late husband. I wish my husband was here in six at this incredible awards. He NG deserved to be here to witness says. She she would be so proud to watch for daddy get enshrined into the basketball hall of fame. There'll never be anyone like Toby. Kobe was one of at times. He was special. He was humble. On the court. They're bigger than life. Toby Bryant. And had a storied NBA career fourth all time in scoring at eighteen time all star at a five time champion at. Put that LA lakers. And that does it in this ABC news live update I need to Coburn in for Diana say thanks for joining us and remember he's his life is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern. With a new acting.

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