Before the Annual Christmas Eve Procession to Manger Square, Bethlehem

ABC News' Molly Hunter walks the path in Bethlehem where the gate in the West Bank Wall is opened once per year on this day.
4:54 | 12/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Before the Annual Christmas Eve Procession to Manger Square, Bethlehem
Let the main entrance to Bethlehem in the West Bank not Jerusalem is just. Two miles that way where we came front and this is the main gate heading into the West Bank if it's in that while that surrounds Bethlehem and other Palestinian towns. Israelis say it's for security. And Palestinians say that it's a massive land grab it runs about 430. Miles right now. You can think that eight years topped its imposing its massive and if it right here controlled by the Israelis. They can open and closed it. Now worrying Batman and the west bank and divided into three areas area AT&T doesn't carry and be controlled entirely by the Israeli military. And addict about 80% about him at his story. Now we're just about a mile from Manger square and the church of the nativity where all the action is happening and Christmas Eve but first wanted to check out the law this wall wind. In and out of Bethlehem now cards are heading ring you can see. And having kids respond now in the coming by Israeli security expert. And 20000 people live inside Batman and and that includes about 20000 refugees as well now what he would meet that Lopez missing and there. It happened on hell and it wound and I about a 100000. That. Eighteen settlement they're considered illegal under international law now we're just gonna end this way and that Ashton Goodman different day. On the while the only opened one year and other big hoopla the big event today. If the profession instant Manger square detergent in unity and wearing Jean does not have been born. And the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem will come to Iowa will be escorted by Israeli police. Up until the wall and then once he gets through the law Palestinians leaflets that were in the car and got. Now we did came from that main gate just around the corner and we're still area as me in Bethlehem it. Squarely and completely controlled by the Israeli military. Now I'm just hearing pat effecting it I mentioned it. Only open one day you're an ethnic Christmas Eve for the Latin patriarch Vick come through that game. And had two meters square now it's controlled by the is and it had no apparent there you see the Israeli military right there and not just behind act. We're gonna high threat area which is under Palestinian child and into right near a hut how the former InterContinental Hotel. But just when the thigh and film many recent clash. Now in the last couple months of violence here has been working and we've seen about a 130 Palestinians. Half of what it's really thing right Packard. And we in nineteen Israelis. A lot of those clashes and a lot of that frustration has been coming out here in Batman and every single Friday during the spot without clashes between Palestinian teenagers with rocks and I want and thinks shot. Burning tires against the Israeli night with live fire with rubber ball at. And north senate right now here we are at a while again it won't make any kind of bat let him and isn't the point where the Israeli military. Eight the Latin teacher act up until that point and then Jeff path that the Palestinian military. We'll pick up a Latin patriarch and taken oddly commuters now here's the while again and the main entrance is just that the road. We're heading towards Manger square actually. You think frees many different Manger square that's an effective means well can cost by Israeli police will bring the Latin teacher jump up until that point. Palestinian policeman pick him up and bring on the link in the square. Is he in the line on the aren't worth it Filbeck eight yet but it's making any kind of give me what do you make good on that actually. Full neighborhoods in and how that we need Britain separated at birth and walking. Yeah this is one of the most impressive. I'm site of this while you see it up there. And it starts at the top industry. A look up there. And it makes literally. Right around this house. And comes back down here. And it cut off. Any other neighbors that this pats now the Palestinians say that 25 square miles. Had been cut off from Bethlehem since 1967. They compensate us 25 square miles are some of the most fertile Uygur clutch Philly that have been taken from.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter walks the path in Bethlehem where the gate in the West Bank Wall is opened once per year on this day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"35945097","title":"Before the Annual Christmas Eve Procession to Manger Square, Bethlehem","url":"/International/video/annual-christmas-eve-procession-manger-square-bethlehem-35945097"}