Gothic architecture expert on restoring the Notre Dame Cathedral

Columbia University professor Stephen Murray shares the architectural impact of the gothic cathedral.
2:58 | 04/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gothic architecture expert on restoring the Notre Dame Cathedral
I want to go to Stephen Murray he's professor of gothic architecture at Columbia university in New York. He's on the phone and we were talking about the restoration so want to ask you Stephen how does this process even begin. Where it can I think it has to begin with a vision. And and I think division. Has to be an architectural. Vision. And it would be excited to think that we are capable of matching. The kind of aspirations of the builders this cathedrals in launching what was really a revolution architecturally they were not content. To build it Whitfield methods it it was a whole new world. Country. And I was listening to conversation starts and how to replace a wooden roof. And I would just doesn't want to point out that when Nebraska people who burned and after world will join local one. It is the most pioneering new in the most innovative structure. Replaced a wooden roof. And I'm also rather proud that it was funded by an American. Mr. Rockefeller that was responsible for the. Reinforced concrete roof. Rescue people which is still that State's similarly. When shots back people burned off and eighteen cent default. Pioneering innovative material as a user account cyan. Who I think we'd be crazy. Do want to replicate. The previous speaker said something which. Dangerous. And and bolts of lightening accidents can get this thing on fire. And that it's it's a wonderful. I would come when good outcome of this disaster and that is to say that the method of gothic builders prove to be effective. And that is in this sedate the building from five by means makes me evolved. As far as we can see from the pictures coming through they're not many in interior pictures it looks like there's only one big holes in the Naples schools by the collapse of the spire. But other than that the vols kept the fire out of the building which therefore are supplying. I could do to damage and that that make it exciting won his seat is the technical architect was not the other is a human. I mentioned. And in a world that is in. Own divisions. It seems to me that this. Challenge. Will pull people together it away the cathedral building always did in the Middle Ages of all kinds of people together. And in this case it would certainly pull Americans and Europeans. Together. And I think we could be surprised that what happens I should mention that I form popular society called a friend. I'm not a dime of Paris. And it's an American based. Enterprise that was already trying to fund the restoration work specifically to. The famous statues around people and I anticipate that this organization with it would fortieth. It's at a fundraising mode for the the new challenge.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Columbia University professor Stephen Murray shares the architectural impact of the gothic cathedral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62434063","title":"Gothic architecture expert on restoring the Notre Dame Cathedral","url":"/International/video/gothic-architecture-expert-restoring-notre-dame-cathedral-62434063"}