Malala Answers Questions From Girls She Has Inspired

The young activist talks about community support, bravery and her hopes for the future.
2:44 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Malala Answers Questions From Girls She Has Inspired
We have some young women who you have inspired. I just among the many millions out there and we -- that let them ask you a question of their own was on I'll start with you. One can privileged -- such as ourselves due to help your cause. -- is under any mention I think they're going up and it lesson in society's -- bargain. It's not on need those people it was because not like me. This is the classic Anglican seeing it hooking. More to baked chicken onto -- -- to their mood -- wants to get to come and until then landing and stand -- for -- -- -- is dead musicians dead. Bullied since Sony had to be but it everyone has to say he's on high going to psyche and country would did just -- and -- of education. So I think the -- and -- button is embarking on an exit at the young 5% I think if you want us to take an indictment should -- looking. Point eight -- -- Still -- -- is one tagging out community that he -- -- one time that we know about cruelly deprived of education and who Nina has I think we should definitely support that tag. Still it would be good that he stuck out campaigning. This -- big mission -- right now. Elena you a question. What is your biggest hope for the future. -- and I'm hopefully today. -- any child going to school in my life. And seventeen about it Sunday and that is very -- and you Don given their lives they need and then when he -- and I that you have gone going to sell and I'm wolf when it -- he -- big -- the to have as Indiana teen and his team they'd be like. Lake of -- Indiana -- me one day. So this is my my dream for contend this is when I look at the candidates he is. But it that is I mean come hopefully lead to walking to -- and weaken -- moving. Joyce. My question is how are you so brave. The first thing that went into local my baby nation I think a -- that things -- stand up. So if someone skid of course so if someone -- get a -- in those being patient is best question should not seeing that that button and being. Because I think that babies -- you overcome your PS. Anger when you. I think that yes you can stand up for your -- and you can speak sold. I think you'll aggravated because you live dining these campaigns like education -- livestock and -- bandstand. Until I NG anything illegal and I Bateman. We just need -- We recognize they've been deeds he has the tenants we have and and -- -- -- -- hear -- thank you thank. Thank you -- for inspiring so many across all the amazing work that you do each and every day and I can't wait to give this book my daughter's thank you -- decides.

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{"id":25003594,"title":"Malala Answers Questions From Girls She Has Inspired","duration":"2:44","description":"The young activist talks about community support, bravery and her hopes for the future.","url":"/International/video/malala-answers-questions-girls-inspired-25003594","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}