Malala Yousafzai, Girl Shot in Head by Taliban, Speaks at UN

Pakistani girl celebrates her 16th birthday on day she speaks to United Nations' student delegates.
3:00 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Malala Yousafzai, Girl Shot in Head by Taliban, Speaks at UN
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone -- Hernandez New York with his ABC news digital special report a big stage for one of the world. Young gifted education activist. My wallet is set aside for public -- to United Nations. Pakistan's themselves -- -- how about for. It's addressed a special gathering of young people from of the sixteenth birthday. -- -- -- Standing and applauding. Thank you. This -- I don't mind and then he moved. In the name of god. The -- -- inefficient. The most -- -- Under the U -- gender and histamine can -- Suspected president -- semi. Walt -- a match. I'm David -- and YE a -- of an education. Mr. Gordon bound. He expected and there's might get about and sisters. -- -- -- Today it. It did that are not -- me. To be speaking with a gain. After a long time. Means he -- -- -- -- haven't beaten. He's at peak moment in my life. And it's an honor for me -- to date I'm weighing a Sean. Are being that he -- -- she he'd. I don't. Way to begin my speech. I don't know -- even would be expecting me to say. My trust -- farm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- lesson who has paid when my plastic company. And then you and I. I cannot eat. How much -- healthy -- have shown me. I have ECU eight. Thousands of good -- cards and gifts from all of the was. -- you lot of them. -- -- The big kid and was -- wise. And -- me. Paint him too much and -- was days -- 1010 to me. I think my -- his doctors and the stop of the hostages. And thought this time. In the UK. -- you any government. Who have had me to get -- -- and become my question. I fully support -- -- to mourn. Mystic -- tendon in his building education class initiative. And I want the UN inspection and going mr. Gordon brown. And respected by the independent assembly -- -- I think of him forget he did she did they continue to get. -- continue to inspire. -- class action. -- -- -- -- and no one pain. -- not me. -- -- -- Today. It -- me. Off and a woman. Every boy. And have begun. Who -- me again why plug -- types. The hunt of human rights activists. And social Buckeyes. Why not -- he -- -- banks. But what I've study. -- T get worn off east education in any quantity. Even having carried by the tanks. And many -- having inject. I'm just one of them. So I spend. So yeah I want. Among main. I speak. Not -- -- -- let's put those we are going -- getting behind. Those who have. -- -- -- Get right. -- -- -- -- Get right to -- -- did. Riddick committed the dignity. -- -- -- -- Get right to be -- -- did. Get things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shocking on -- left side of my forehead. -- -- -- -- That -- It exciting for us. I gained -- They don't picked. Him. -- -- -- -- Attendance topped. The guillotine to my paint -- -- nations. Mike nothing teens being my god except -- We thinks she. And hold it did die. Stink. -- -- and got it was born. This might not -- My name got the same. -- -- outside the same. And my jeans -- thing. -- -- -- I'm not just anyone. Night -- in my hand out the speaking on the extended vindicated that got a bond. -- candidate scope. I'm -- -- to speak up. -- that I -- education. Of every -- and the -- They should put this is and that guided by an all right -- demons. I do not even hinted that it would shock me. -- -- did -- end and he stands in front of me. I would not -- him. This could become fashion that I have yeah from the how much the profit up my P&G. Disguised and I would. This did this -- just teens did I have inherited from my inlet that -- -- settlement. And -- he Dina. -- -- BI. Agents that I -- yeah I'm from I'm geeky but time. And not acted as. And beasts in different names and -- have -- from my five and from my -- back. This is what. My insulin extending me. -- -- -- it and every one but. -- -- -- -- -- -- Media nice importing -- up night. We -- -- documents. -- -- -- -- -- And -- findings to. In the same -- When you inside and not o'clock and time. -- -- -- in Arkansas fans and books. -- -- -- -- The ice and that. Is might console out west -- -- -- -- What India content -- of books and things. That rob -- -- indication that bottler of education and -- -- The Tyler of the war women -- and then. And it is why. They did fourteen in the same students. Get -- -- taking breakdown. And that is why make it she featured in Bordeaux -- pregnant Karen Bachmann -- That is why get basking school every -- because they why. And I'm afraid of thirteen to I think of it quite lucky you two would -- endorsed society. And I -- men. A dinner for the war are screwed. What I asked my -- is. Why not excited -- against education. He -- said they -- By pointing to his book he set. That kind of -- unknown what did you take him. -- to spoke. It. That god is a tiny knitted and then they did beam would stand today had just doesn't going to school. -- did it. -- assume many of its product and restaurants the psyche like get all but that -- things. But -- -- that he's -- democratic country. Pashtuns want education forget doctor and son. And it's not it didn't eat hit many key and backed up it's not -- It's not eat eat tags try to get education got its big beauty and response to -- -- to. But -- that she didn't. He -- think -- education. In many of the -- especially deep pocket I have finds time. Edited them mark and conflicts. Stockton didn't want to guess who's. -- he of these wars. Winning -- -- and -- suffering in many ways. In many parts of the -- Yeah yeah. Think import Kidman are victims. Of -- -- Many school spending is striking idea. Even have on the -- had the effect it. My heart -- -- extremism -- games. Young does -- I don't know I came back. And I forced to get to Maggie and I -- -- -- Ignorance. Injustice. And racism. And -- additional -- -- they -- ice. -- the main problem faced by -- men and women. -- -- -- Today. I'm focusing on women's right thing -- education. Because. That's suffering the most. Then wasn't even when -- push it activists. On asked me just didn't applaud at banks but this time. We've been doing -- by ourselves. I'm just about waiting from speaking -- -- -- -- Now that I'm focusing on -- women to be defending the fight -- and sounds. -- even there's. Not it's time to speak up. So hey we don't want their eggs did just yesterday -- but keep it in camera beats. And -- We want parents. Audit being -- not protect women and timid and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is unacceptable. Meet all thanks to insure a few feet come -- education. -- -- but every time. We got all the governments to -- the game isn't and winds. Of again. From -- and hum. We. Shouldn't support -- should have had to tasted but to eat. -- -- -- -- -- Because. Many teens to -- daughter -- -- it did it based on cost. Any. Sect because -- -- didn't our agenda. And quite people woman. -- -- outage. We cannot exceed -- pop up thought I had bank. -- not Stearns are all the -- to be being. In May this in -- sounds. And -- -- but playbook and should. Yeah assistant us. We want. School news. And education. Like -- ties. Bright future. -- why -- I mean. -- destination -- he's an education. No you can stop us. Mean he got caught our rights. And even being changed to a reliance. -- In the bottom and this and all of our wives. All. -- their -- wine. Because. We -- -- to get -- united front the cost of education. T want bull. When US. In -- sense. We don't weapons of non -- And yes she says. We unit -- and to get things. Yeah and pistons. We must not forget to. The -- don't even accepting. From -- IEU justice and ignorance. You must get. It may not even obvious -- We must not forget. That our -- -- -- -- I'm making -- a bright beads would shoot him. -- -- -- -- -- -- So they just may be just gotten gains to indicate he found ninety antagonism. -- -- it cop. Just. -- Things. Need hotter more confident weapons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And one thing. -- teens the wind. I shouldn't. Need to -- ocean. Education past. -- Pollution from -- -- theft. After -- speak -- ask for -- of education for children. Are passionate speech was delivered before a special -- almost 500 students at the united nation. Well I had strong words for the Taliban which shocked her for her stance on educating women but she also said that she forgives them. Message the pen mightier than the sword. United Nations 57 million children unable to get any education most of them girls. Actually. Expects to have -- secretary general's petition at three million signatures in the us education for all -- children he include watching this event is constantly and cap on ABC news -- comment coming in October. And Diane Sawyer we'll have an exclusive interview with. -- -- -- -- -- want to thank all the organizations that appointment. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19649528,"title":"Malala Yousafzai, Girl Shot in Head by Taliban, Speaks at UN","duration":"3:00","description":"Pakistani girl celebrates her 16th birthday on day she speaks to United Nations' student delegates.","url":"/International/video/malala-yousafzai-united-nations-speech-girl-shot-head-19649528","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}