Man Killed in Suspected London Terrorist Attack

British authorities investigate slaying near a London military barracks.
9:59 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Man Killed in Suspected London Terrorist Attack
When Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special reports police in London investigating a suspected terror attack a man killed. On a street corner ABC's -- Schiffer is in London with the details as they are still breaking at this hour. -- what do we know about this attack. It was a very savage attack we believe that two people. Carrying meat cleaver is attacked what might have been a British soldier in the street. Just outside of his -- in southeast London and they took a few minutes and and savagely beat him they beat him with those levers and afterward. They turn to some of the eyewitnesses there. And actually asked them to turn on their cameras and this is what one of -- men said he said we -- -- we swear by almighty -- We will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. Your people will never be safe. The reason we've done this is because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day this British soldier is an eye for an high. A tooth for a tooth and that has led British officials here to call an emergency meeting of the cabinet and labeled as a possible terrorist attack. -- -- just got to clarify them on on this and we have two suspects in custody right now obviously you. Being questioned or at least being detained certainly. In Scotland -- are investigating this as as a terror attack. Do we know anything -- -- the British prime minister was on. On a trip has he made any kind of a statement from this attack. Now he's going to make statement before he comes back from Paris and he is cutting that trip short and that's another sign the British officials are obviously. Taking this very seriously there was a plot in 2008. A man up in Birmingham which is Northern England was convicted of plotting. To kill and the head. A British soldier and so the fear is that this attack might be some kind of version of of what in 2008. That man was convicted four but all we know right now is a man in southern southern London. Was savagely killed and authorities here are treating this very seriously and calling it a possible terrorist attack. -- What about the fact that we're hearing also that people -- that you had mention eyewitnesses to this were being told. To record this on their cell phones is there now called out by Scotland Yard to look for those people to come forward. To sort of reveal some of that videos -- popular pieced together a timeline for this attack. Yeah I mean that video has has actually already aired and we're not able. To show it to you right now but basically what it shows is a man with a South London accent. Coming up to somebody with a cell phone perhaps and -- found. And his hands are full of blood and he's holding a meat cleaver you can see the body of the victim. In the background and it is -- disturbing video as as one reporter here put it. The man who shot it said that he feels like -- it was a rock style violence. In southern London and the fact that that man opened up to that camera and actually invited the camera to start filming and said what he said. Talked about how he and his words British soldier who killing Muslims and this was not for and I two for two this was obviously. What British officials are seen -- politically motivated attack and that is what's leading them to believe this is an act of terror. Do we know at this point if British police if they -- put any other areas in the city on alert if there's any kind of locked down if there's any kind of heightened awareness that this might be the beginning of something else or they are they say that this is an isolated incident I know it's very early on to speculate but I'm just wondering. If in fact there is any kind of public announcement being made throughout London because of this. No it is an important question actually police went out of their way to say that this was an isolated incident they don't have any other parts of London. Under any kind of scrutiny the area around that has been completely closed off. And it was right outside -- school and so they're also dealing with some of the students. Who had to hear some of those cries it was a helicopter by police that actually landed inside that school and a lot of the teachers at that school have been interviewed trying to describe how they've been shielding the students from what happened. Just outside. The front gates but right now we believe this is an isolated incident no reason to believe -- -- any kind of wave of attacks or the beginning of multiple taxes is a single attack in southeast London. And low wage if you could explain -- -- the area is or is it heavily populated area and of this said -- there's a school nearby. But is there -- a lot of passers by that that go into this area. Yeah it's it's a working class neighborhood of southeast London and I think the most important part. Of the neighborhood. At least related to the story today is that this possible soldiers not confirmed but we believe. This person was a soldier there was an army barracks. Right near that area to barracks in the middle of southeast London and so authorities are looking into. Whether this person was associated with that barracks right there but it was it happened about 3 o'clock local. And right before that school was let out right before the rush hour so it's a busy street and these two people apparently just. Grabbed this person. Right dragged him right into the middle of the street and killed -- right there. Okay all right and Dave the British prime minister he is. On his way back now -- as you -- from that trip to Paris and he is expected to make. A statement. At the top of the hour which of course will be monitoring for that but if you largest joining us right now a possible terror attack. Eight in southeast London where debate is believed the soldier. Who was killed in a vicious brutal attack by two suspects with meat cleaver is. And with us now in London is ABC's -- -- and nick. I'm just wondering you know. As you're saying that this that the -- looking to see it as a possible retaliation. Cover some earlier actions between some extremist groups. What has been the information has been coming up from Scotland Yard -- -- led them to believe that there is -- possible connection. Well there's been no official information from the police from the ministry of defense the equivalent of the Pentagon. Or from the government itself about. What the motivation for this was and that's why this video is so extraordinary and so -- To watch this man who had just killed another man in the middle of the street. Went up to an eyewitness who is we believed to have just gotten off -- bus right at that stop and invited him to start filming. And that's when he started talking about an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth that Muslims who dine. By British soldiers every day to use his words and this was retaliation but. Otherwise we have no confirmation of that and in fact. We will have no confirmation that for a while because what happened after that video. Was taking was that armed police. In London and most police and London are not armed armed police and were called. To this scene they confronted the man and what eyewitnesses say happened is that the two men who actually committed. Apparently committed this murder began to run. At police with their cleaver and possibly with a gun we haven't confirmed that. And so police. Will presumably say they had no choice they felt threatened and they opened fire. On these -- -- they survived. And they're both in the hospital being treated for wounds but eyewitnesses suggest that. These men were very calm when they were talking. Two the eyewitnesses they saw police coming and apparently was almost like a suicide mission they wanted to die but they wanted to get shot by those armed police who responded to this incident. And it obviously the situation is still very fluid there were taking a look at some live pictures. Over the scene in London there's you can see the investigators are getting on the scene there in and starting to map out exactly. The crime scene that had happened there. And certainly a lot of questions being raised right now about just exactly how quickly. This all transpired not only from the time of this attack but -- the time. From police responding because that you are saying nick one -- the eyewitnesses that got off the bus not far from where this attack happened. Was being told by one of these suspected attackers to start filming this and to start. To start capturing this when we know that at this point there is at least one video that was taken by a cell phone. And of course there could be others as well. That is something obviously Scotland Yard and certainly the minister will be will be looking as they're going to be putting together this investigation but you can see -- -- -- this aerial view of this -- south east. London. Not far from a school. In a working class neighborhood where one man was killed in a savage attack by two suspects. With -- meat cleaver is those two suspects are in the hospital now. Nick do we know obese and both were injured or at least that's the preliminary report for -- suspects. Yeah we we believe that farm police responded to the incident the two men somehow. Ran -- police are somehow. Made themselves very. Violent looking to police the police almost immediately. Opened fire on them we don't know how many shots we don't know how badly they were injured but they were both hit. By police bullets and that's when they were quickly evacuated. By police sent to a nearby hospital and the area is still is still you can see. From some of these live pictures is still very much a crime scene very much closed down to what is a very. Crowded popular neighborhood there's high rise right there's there's a lot of people. We're having a hard time getting home that's about 6 PM and 7 PM in in London now and so it's just the end of -- -- OK ABC's -- difference on this story that is still developing out of London -- thank you for that.

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{"id":19235025,"title":"Man Killed in Suspected London Terrorist Attack","duration":"9:59","description":"British authorities investigate slaying near a London military barracks.","url":"/International/video/man-killed-suspected-london-terrorist-attack-19235025","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}