Moscow Metro Train Derails

At least 20 people reportedly dead and 150 injured as a result of the accident.
3:00 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Moscow Metro Train Derails
A major train disaster in Moscow at least twenty people are dead after a metro train. Three cars jumping the tracks hello I'm Michelle Franzen a New York. Along with the twenty people who died more than a 150. Reported injured and a thousand more could have been but were evacuated quickly for the latest on the disaster I want to bring in ABC's -- -- on Moscow for the latest. Here at this derailment happened at the height of rush hour gives -- an update on rescue recovery efforts explain what happened. Yet this is really at night. -- for any -- this happened right at the heart of rush hour right when thousands of people we're trying to get to work on what's. One of the world's busiest subway systems. What we do know right now is that one of the trains. And at that point all of -- sort of jammed into each other and if you take a look at some of the pictures that matter there is absolutely horrific. We're seeing trains piled on top of trains we're seeing -- everywhere and smoke filling the station. And it's really actually quite amazing that they really get so many people out because it happen. Right between two stations at one of the deepest points in the system. Yet here we are seeing video and images of the mangled metal battle -- more than a thousand writers were evacuated very quickly. What are you hearing about what people have. Talked and what they're saying about how they got out. Well it's really amazing you're hearing stories of -- really heroism people who we're just ordinary passengers on the train and then when this happened they. -- simply themselves helped avert a fellow passengers to get out of that train again it was very deep it was very far between the stations and it was not to get easy to get out with all that smoke and all that -- around. -- give us an idea you said that rescue is made more difficult because of the depth of that station tunnel. Are -- are still concerns that its people are still missing still there. Actually that is one of the big concerns right now I just came back from the site not long ago. And we saw a lot of crews go again -- heavy machinery with things that look like the jaws of life big. Sort of metal cutting instruments. They're going down in their right now we do understand that there are at least a few bodies still down in there if not. If not actual. People who -- -- -- that's still. Ongoing operation. And it's now several hours after the accident happened. -- authorities came out pretty early on saying that it's not likely to be a terrorist attack but the metro has been targeted. In the past give us an idea of what those concerns -- this morning. Right we should be very clear about that -- -- that authorities have they say ruled out terrorism and this -- -- but as he manages a few years ago there was an attack. On the Moscow subway line and when everybody heard about this this morning that was one of the first exit -- people's minds the -- attacks that happened a few years ago. By militants. From the -- -- region in Russia. It's an earlier we don't really know exactly what happened this is one of the -- subway systems in the world and admit immediately most people would think that it was one of those lines. These Soviet era solid airlines that bad that that that had the accident but in fact this was one of the -- -- -- one of the -- with a track. Was actually put down in 2008 and -- -- relatively -- as well. We're told that the those train lines in this particular section we're in good condition but one thing that they probably will have to go look towards. Is that -- in -- was traveling about 45. Miles per hour so a lot of investigation still to go through but what -- -- -- look at. So nothing else that the ruling out at this point are sane is the cause but speaking of the aging infrastructure as you mentioned. A lot of people have been asking if Russia will be ready to host the World Cup in 2018 as Russia working to update that system. Yes feels like it it was just a couple days ago that that we finish the last spoke -- -- preparations. Well you're picking the next broke up there'll be twelve stadiums and eleven cities. Several of them are being built from from scratch others are also leaders stadiums like the big one here in Moscow -- he stadium where they're -- happy. Opening the first game in the and then the final game as well. That stadium they're preserving the -- Soviet era facade of that building and building a pretty much of -- stadium from the ground up -- -- the -- -- of war it's gonna cost them up over half a billion dollars the entire project we're told is actually. The entire budget for them for the World Cup is actually the exceeded its budget already so we're sorry to see some sort of echoes of what we saw in Sochi. They say don't be ready on time -- -- that he -- beating world governing body of soccer is on the about it battle construction and -- suitable reading so we'll see what happens. ABC's -- Roddy in Moscow watching this story for us and we'll have updates thank you very much for joining us. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starting this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24569549,"title":"Moscow Metro Train Derails","duration":"3:00","description":"At least 20 people reportedly dead and 150 injured as a result of the accident. ","url":"/International/video/moscow-metro-train-derails-24569549","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}