Protests continue at Gaza border after deadliest day in years

ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from Gaza City a day after Israeli forces killed over 50 protesters.
13:23 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Protests continue at Gaza border after deadliest day in years
Okay I'm Molly answer you're watching it is isn't wearing gotten anywhere at one of the protest camps. Along the fence between Gaza and Israel you can actually see it's about a quarter mile that way. You see that may Alex and and that where a lot of the act has for the last seven weeks and and actually yesterday have been happening yesterday incredibly deadly dozen young and several thousand. Injured it was the deadliest president and Palestinians had seen since the first Intifada in 1987 I want to give you a little bit of a sense of where AMC's scene offend there. Every eerie guy or group of hanging out not doing. All that much yet at the afternoon prayers and jazz and it actually got this donkey cart get a couple iPad you're telling packed felling why there. It's not kicking not yet in and it's certainly quiet parents have finished and we did see a lot of funerals they got that. Across the strip across the 140 miles stepped. But during the same thing in every neighborhood mosque holding funerals for the people that had diet yesterday I actually just speak. When it's hot and we've been speaking with some of the protesters who have been out that money from drying it right there and Sammy let's translate. And after yesterday after the sound me. Died yesterday wiring Wagner again. A he. Looks a little. It is almost. Immediately. About Jules boy. People it's. All state so if you. How much did the opening of the US embassy yesterday and have to do at this. She. He'll. That make them look. I am. There. It's a big mistake what. Again when you decide to remove him as he out. To remove him on. Ability to Jerusalem. So do it alone it's not a minute amounts to a presidential. Poll on job it's almost 04 we America it is. Do you know we've got. Oh dollars. Everyday. Do. India today tonight do you expect that crowds to grow today you know that we a lot of funerals. Earlier today everywhere and hung it you know that they were kicked out here in offense. In. And 00. I. It it's. So I Jewish. Yes I mean and use for you who are coming because we redeem the secure flight or so goes through the job of biko's gold club in order that which was kicked out for. Aren't here is humane have a contentious and where we are physically right got just 840. Out he urged wrapped. You're an expert have you ever and it. That some shared here. B. Moments of that's mostly lesbianism and. But WW. Look at that capitalism and an agent. It's. God laid it all mean they have live. But particularly if that is thirty years and he's never been. Actually it's that is all and appeals of the bush leaving. So we. We need to. What. What. Village which we can out vote. Last question of priorities. I've got a lot of young people in Gaza and landing that they I've incontinence that hopelessness for the future. Do you see any way out except for broad. Testing is the it's. Process in the future do you see if any political. Allies that might help Palestinians in Gaza move forward. Or. If. Some it. A but. Actually. Optimistic. It. Is. Ridiculous to me. I would give. It that so we need. I think you so much I appreciate it. They can. And just. A little bit of an idea and fairness and watch as this way. What we heard from. We've heard from a lot of young people what this ain't it isn't Everett left this area and that's a lung lot of young people. We are and why they're here aspirin. Had the highest unemployment race in the world that need percent hundreds if I've. And yet it also has the highest literacy rates in the region they have more university graduates than a lot of other neighboring countries he got a lot of people here. Quit nothing to do which is why we us and 8000 people out protest being yesterday. It's early in his pads could grab it right out. Its previous plan we are driving through this street that got a year earlier after. The streets are absolutely dad everyone's eyes. And every morning at this these people that died yesterday we don't want them here that it. So who. Elena percent of we're about parallel. That is really got them and right now down there than what had been had camp. The president yesterday and the president's reasoning for the last seven weeks have been spotted along this fence. And I even distant that we are right now. Every single Friday yesterday of course being the biggest I'd find it easy especially hop and I've got and we can show you a little more about raising a lot of fans. And I'm. She shouldn't look to other people. With senator Estes. Had back along the men. I mean pageant yeah. Let him. It's as you have a lot of content. So many young. During the second crop in water from. I think a lot of yeah. I think a lot. The young guys. Planning. Tired me. And I'd even at night it. And live here yet back. Running away. We have yeah. The Israeli mortar. Bath app. This is one. Mean. One of the main attacked him. Today at its more journalists than. You're aliens out. Covering. Face a court hearing amber. Dry. I don't know any data out here. Show you around is. This am briefly. Felt. We just about a half mile Donna rag. And this is mark the last couple of weeks again a lot of people have been gathering. And sentenced AME hair. Yeah you know that a lot of journalists covering air. I think your injuries. Write about me. Israeli jet write about it yeah. Didn't hear that. There isn't say is why I didn't I have an act. Irony just grabbed my. Failed fan camp isn't just as saying that drown which is why it that way. And that she dropped tear gas I just as we have seen capital app a couple of days out. Terry cast. Senate wind actually flowing this please see that light colored. Snow. And if you've never cut your gas breaks added Stuart Elliott. I'm president burns immediately in your mouth and your eyes obviously does make you start crying but it goes all the way in here throughout. And president as he often see have stars tied around there. It's anything to protect they're they're not narrow eyes. We see any mar. And that blacks now under their dad actually look like tires that have been sad. But this is busy busy night and this is warehousing actors as had been gathering. Again like I said funerals are now over for the acting is so we will start to see crowds gathered here. And tacked back on it is not comment it is his life for on the beat out. Calling I'm Molly and Jerry and gotten city thanks for watching.

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{"id":55185141,"title":"Protests continue at Gaza border after deadliest day in years ","duration":"13:23","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from Gaza City a day after Israeli forces killed over 50 protesters. ","url":"/International/video/protests-continue-gaza-border-deadliest-day-years-55185141","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}