Violence between Hong Kong protesters and police intensifies

Police arrested 36 pro-democracy demonstrators in the latest round of protests in Hong Kong.
3:20 | 08/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violence between Hong Kong protesters and police intensifies
We move over to Hong Kong as you know these demonstrations with millions. A pro democracy protesters have often been peaceful and occasionally violent but this weekend was the first time Hong Kong police drew their guns and fired. A warning shot after protesters attacked him. It was also the first time the police used water cannon trucks a massive showdown in Ian panel has been on the ground there and joins us now where things. Have calmed down a bit Ian. I that Kimberly and welcome to a city shaken to the cool. Wild weekend of violence that this is also a city of contrast. Look at this skyline that's partly what tools so many tourists. And investors via. Over on the right hand side even HSBC. The Mandarin oriental as we move across. You've got other skyscrapers that the Bank of America. Monuments to capitalism and I'm right next door to that with the orange star of the top which is actually technically reds. That's it's the People's Liberation Army. Of China that is one of them main barracks here and it shows the contrast the tension in built in the system in Hong Kong. I just as we sold these scenes of violence so today we've got people out joking businesses a rope when people are going out for lunch. Just have a quick look at age seek a couple had. Personal trainer that. Doing their exercise as many people who base did just getting old. With business as usual but of course we've seen those images of violence over the weekend. That was it yet escalation would had a period of about ten days will be fairly calm. We rats on Saturday and Sunday into a pitched battles being pulled between thousands of black clad protester as many of them wearing face mask gas mask. Helmets dual goals protective. How and where as well. And they were up against riot police also in the hundreds more to cannon tear gas summits take us I haven't seen quite not much before its other. Periods of instability in other countries that are with us. And yet the protestors weren't giving way on Sunday this went all but hours and out of AT protestors. Were arrested over twenty police injured the number protested. Also injured the protested refusing to move out to the way refusing to give way on that by key demands. A number of different issues dropping they feared extradition bill. We universal suffrage is a key one other words more freedom more democracy and less control by China but China's warned. If it can't control the scenes like this if it can't bring calm and peace back onto the streets and it has the power it has a solutions to do so. At an end with a bag yet. With a brief moments when it appeared that the police here woods just on the fringe of losing control in all pockets in particular where you sold this. Quite shocking image of two policeman. Roaring out that sidearms appointing them directly a protest as the leaves one image of a protested was clearly unarmed wearing a vest in shorts and an umbrella and I'm. But the police getting very close to losing control more protests expected this week but primarily next weekend another large gathering expected. I'm more conflict no resolution in sight yeah in Hong Kong. Can. Yes scary to see those images with the police with their guns drawn on in thank you so much for breaking that down.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Police arrested 36 pro-democracy demonstrators in the latest round of protests in Hong Kong. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65198780","title":"Violence between Hong Kong protesters and police intensifies","url":"/International/video/violence-hong-kong-protesters-police-intensifies-65198780"}