New Star Wars toys at Triple Force Friday!

Clayton Sandell gets an inside look at some of the hottest, out-of-this-world merch hitting shelves next month!
4:56 | 09/27/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Star Wars toys at Triple Force Friday!
We are coming to you from Ike galaxy far far away otherwise known as Hollywood studios here in London. We got to preview this for you yesterday but now we can to show you all the news Star Wars toys that were revealed. For triple force Friday we talk some of the Star Wars cast members we have to play with some of these toys and we're in a show all of a TI just got to go inside here and we'll we'll we'll hold on guys witnessing at the which are something. I am not the reporter you're looking for. OK I was close okay they got also a cool stuff here they got high low rents helmets. We've got is light Saber right here. This is nice. The medal of you haven't you remember Han Solo and we've got those after they've looked the best start. Shall we did not get one point of contention. And here is Luke Skywalker is re forge links for very cool. All that you waltzing around the world and I'm across the galaxy on the eyes boring day this coming June. Directed on the historic mine which. He has. The displaying its dies is mind boggling I mean the the abundance of different products now. You know from the action figures in the places in those sort of things to kind of more sophisticated. Like teams as well. In on some of the stuff is highly collectible different kinds of packaging depending on when it's going to be released and I mean enough. It's hard to pick a favor. Move over our Judy to move over deviates in the rise of skywalker. As I knew Troy didn't sound. Yeah there are unbeaten Julio deviate from. This is a tricky come on there because you know obviously LT the team he is the classic android style arts eighties dolls. But then along comes BVI. It he's cool design. Content baffling how he actually were five. Various and with his brilliant personality but that we also have now the these cute little Droid we've again some sort of personality. I think videos don't law. Yeah thinks. News. Yeah yeah Dante's among favorite I have to go with BBA. This is our ultimate DO interactive released so he's. Realist realistic as we get he's got. All of these animations and head movements he's able to self balance he's able to drive around. Were able to do all the things to help bring into life. So this is seven. New toys from the man Delorean we've got some action figures here and I'm very excited about this week TSE. Scalpel walker the cold raider in the man Delorean. We get we've got to upload their parents explaining it's got a brand new paint job on it. And right here we've got some toys from eight video games Star Wars genocide. Follow an order. The folks from Lago are here and they brought this full size X wing fighter made out of two and a half million Lago Bre X. Took ten people still wants to assemble. Can you imagine the instruction manual for the state. Yeah. I'm always a big fun of those that leg out interpretations. I'm actually be accessed who has the most Lego mini take. Coming into the it was getting your. It was one of those that testing by mean when you get hot like this kind of they're happy that you know what's going to happen I know I am going to see Cuba at some point I noted that. So when I will see some salute. Prevention of my pac ten CNN so it was I was I was anticipating for very little time. And it is a very surreal thing is extremely thrilled to see your parents that the trade in. If exploited. It's public holiday. OK so one of the things that Star Wars fans always do when new toys come out is that they want analyze every detail they're looking for. Clues hints of a plot to the characters take for example this X wing here this is code Cameron's ex wing fighter from. The rise of skywalker but it doesn't look like the one we are used to instead a black and orange it's sort of a white and orange thing south. Spoiler. All of the toys you see here will be available on triple forced Friday on October 4. It's gonna you know. Take this living. I'm quite SNL in London and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Clayton Sandell gets an inside look at some of the hottest, out-of-this-world merch hitting shelves next month!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"65907574","title":"New Star Wars toys at Triple Force Friday!","url":"/Lifestyle/video/star-wars-toys-triple-force-friday-65907574"}