These brothers help Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, others cash in on viral stardom

Shots Studios' John and Sam Shahidi represent social celebrities and help them turn their content into sharable videos.
6:32 | 06/21/17

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Transcript for These brothers help Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, others cash in on viral stardom
??? Say, you're looking for a development deal with the sneezing panda, finger-biting baby from YouTube. Just have your people call their people and set up a power lunch. Okay, we're not there yet. But the team you're about to meet is working to make that a reality. They're an entertainment group dedicated to viral video personalities. Here's ABC's Nick watt in our series "Social stars." Reporter: Meet Rudy Mancuso. Over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. ??? seven-figure annual earner. What are you? I'm trying to figure that out myself. And you're how old? 24? 25,00 lou. Through music I discovered the world of music production and acting and improv. Reporter: And this is Lele pans. First person to reach a billion loops on vine. A bona fide Latina mega star O'. When I started vine I just did it for fun. Reporter: Getting to the point where the first lady is photo bombing her on vine. Rudy and Lele among 12 mammoth social media stars right now signed to shots studios much, brainchild of these brothers. They started helping these nascent stars turning their six-second viral videos into viral shareable longer Instagram videos and now YouTube. Don't worry, man. I'm Superman. I got you. What we've seen is this younger generation is very lonely. Very depressed. And they want to be entertained. And they want to actually hope. He. Reporter: Their stable of creators make short, relatively low-budget, usually funny, sometimes musical videos. ??? It gives that young kid in the middle of America hope to say I can become a star one day. This isn't this hard. Reporter: Justin Bieber, who was famously discovered on YouTube, is an investor. Rudy Mancuso just opened for him at a show in Brazil. ??? This is the first time I'd ever performed live, let alone in front of 50,000 Brazilians. Reporter: This guy is crazy self-taught talented. What's your favorite song? Reporter: "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac. Name another song. Come on. Reporter: "Tangled up in blue." What's that? Reporter: Bob Dylan. Next. Reporter: Which video took off first? The one with me goofing around with my mother. My madre she sleeps. She talks on the phone. She eats. Another one was a music thing I did. ??? that's when I realized that both music and comedy can dominate these platforms. I just make stuff. That's always my advice. Just make stuff. The phone alone, I can pretty much shoot and edit and record virtually anything. Reporter: The American dream, 2017. ??? for those of you my generation and above, anyone can post a video on YouTube. They earn money from advertising. The more views, the more money. Simple. YouTube is kind of the foundation of revenue. That's what pays the bills. From there we work with a lot of brands. Right now we're only working with fortune 500 brands. Lucky you. Lele's the brand ambassador of cover girl now. All right. Let's do do it. I applied some of the makeup, everything cover girl wants me to promote, in my videos. Everyone's trying to figure out who are 13 to 24-year-olds watching? Advertisers are saying where do we spend our money? And the answer is people we're talking about right now. I post 21 posts a week on Instagram and one post on YouTube. Reporter: Post a lot. Post on schedule. Lele posts on YouTube every Thursday morning. You never mission that? Sometimes when I post on Friday or Saturday that doesn't help your engagement and doesn't help with the fans. Reporter: I thought kids wouldn't really care. Oh, no, they do. Part of the formula's the consistent time schedule. In this one I'm the teacher. With me what works is high school. My demographic is like from 9 to 24. When I post it when 20 minutes pass by be I can tell if the video's going to do good or not. Within 20 minutes. Yeah. I directed this video and edited it as well. That's a really good cut. Reporter: This one over 2 million views in just 12 hours. The more relatable the content, the better it does. Reporter: The shahini brothers act as mentors, ideas guys, logistics guys, big brothers. They're young. They're from 15 years old to 25. And they don't understand the concept of rest and sleep. I definitely still don't sleep. I don't think anyone can prevent that from happening. Reporter: Who's catering to the 34 to 48-year-old age bracket? Mike Tyson. And we're working with him too. Don't worry. We're making stuff for you as well. What you doing? How's it going, Mike? Reporter: Tyson signed to shots now has his own YouTube channel. I'll make you a sandwich. You'll never believe it. Pita bread and all. Reporter: Appeared on rude yis awkward puppets. Mike, what's the secret to a good marriage? Bad memory. Reporter: You seem like an unlikely pair of friends. But it somehow worked out. I was really born to be a boxer. Luckily I have a great trainer. We've been friends for years. His name is Michael. He has an unorthodox routine. He yells a lot. I need 35 more. Eventually these videos are going to be 22 minutes long. Now we have a TV show. Where do you stop? We don't. Shots team and I are developing a TV show that can't go into too much because it's so early in production. Reporter: 20 years, 30 years from now what are you doing? I have no idea. That's a good answer, actually. I don't know what I'm doing tonight, let alone 30 years from now. Reporter: But the shahidis know what they want us the viewer to be doing 30 years from now. Here's a little anecdote. One time I was at my parents' house. My dad was on YouTube watching Charlie Chaplin videos. We've got to make timeless material like Charlie Chaplin. So that 30 years from now someone else's dad is watching this on YouTube. I've never been this in love before. Reporter: I'm Nick watt for "Nightline" in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Shots Studios' John and Sam Shahidi represent social celebrities and help them turn their content into sharable videos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"48175506","title":"These brothers help Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, others cash in on viral stardom","url":"/Nightline/video/brothers-rudy-mancuso-lele-pons-cash-viral-stardom-48175506"}