Church of Wells: Confronting the Elders

Part 3: ABC's Dan Harris presses for answers as Catherine Grove's parents plea to see their daughter.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Transcript for Church of Wells: Confronting the Elders
Reporter: Andy and patty grove travel between Arkansas and Texas almost monthly to look for their daughter, Catherine. Who quit her job to move to wells a year ago. This is Jacob Gardner's house, one of the three elders. Reporter: Initially they had supervised visits with their daughter but that was short-lived. For all of the unanswered questions we do know this, it seems that Catherine left this house, the home of a church member, in the dead of night last November and that church member called police. Hello? Concerned Catherine wasn't dressed properly for the weather. How can we help you today? We had a concern for one of our friends, her name is Catherine grove. She got upset and she kind of left. Reporter: The man on the phone here is the same man who stood silently the first night we arrived. Are you guys with the church? He is actually the deacon of the church, Richard Trudeau. What caused her to get upset? We were having a conversation with her in the scriptures. Reporter: She was in the woods because she wanted to be left alone by whom? Pretty much everybody. But started out with disagreement with some of the church members. Reporter: Captain had numerous conversations with Catherine where she has stated she does not want to see her parents. She initially expressed interest in going to the women's shelter but as we sat there and talked and she decided she would go to another member's house. Reporter: She is 26 years old, she has been asked does she want to leave and has repeatedly decided to stay. That's their teaching, the doctrine of judgment. It's required for salvation. Reporter: Was she a person of faith before this? Absolutely, very strong. Reporter: She was religious. I suspect that's the bottom to why she's here. I think she was misled and she is wrapped up into something that she's finding it very difficult to get out of. You want to talk to her? I can try. Reporter: As we continue our search with the groves, we run into the wife of Sean Morris, one of the elders. Hi. Reporter: She joined the church of wells in November and she was married to Sean in January. Catherine was in the wedding party. Will you please tell me about Catherine? Please. Tell us how she is? Please tell me about Catherine. No comment. Please. I'm Catherine's mother. I saw the pictures. I'm not joking. Please! Reporter: As we did with other church members, let her walk away as we continue our search. And just as we're about to call it a day, Jake Gardner, one of the three elders bikes right by us. You'll talk to kids at a high school, you won't talk to me? What's going -- let's get in the car. Come on. He's biking pretty fast. Reporter: Jake, I don't understand why you will preach to children at a high school unsolicited but you won't talk to me. Why not? No comment. Reporter: Why won't you talk to me? I don't want to be filmed. Thank you. Reporter: You're in a public place, Jake, we can film you. I don't want to be filmed, thank you. Reporter: Jake, you're in a public place, we can film you. Keep going. Come on, please talk to us. Reporter: Jake, you're in a public place, you're a streech preacher, you go in public places and say things people don't want to hear. Why won't you talk us to. Thou aren't an offense unto me. Lord rebuke you. You savor thing of not -- Reporter: Can you judge if anybody is saved? If the people in this car won't be saved? How come you won't answer any of my questions? If you're proud of your faith and you profess it in the streets and to children -- I said no comment. Reporter: Why no comment? Why won't you talk to me? And with that this elder of the church of wells, a man around whom so many questions continue to swirl, bikes away and steadfastly refuses to answer any of them. You promised me we could speak to Catherine when she was baptized and that has never happened. I'm still waiting to speak with my own daughter. Reporter: But after we left east Texas, we noticed something. Remember this day when we encountered those women who ran into a shed? There among them is Catherine grove. The groves and so many others are still holding out hope. I miss you, honey, nobody's upset with you. We just love you and miss you and want you to come and share your life with us and come home. If I had a chance to see Brett right now I'd hug him and say you're my son, I'll always love you and you're always welcome home. We love you and we really want you to come back. Everybody misses you and we just know that at some point you're going to come home and we'll be there for you. No matter what has happened in the past, we love them. We miss them. We would love to have them back in our lives.

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{"id":23210553,"title":"Church of Wells: Confronting the Elders","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: ABC's Dan Harris presses for answers as Catherine Grove's parents plea to see their daughter.","url":"/Nightline/video/church-wells-confronting-elders-23210553","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}