Dominican Republic Vacation Turns Scary

Part 2: What happens when ABC News confronts the resort about various problems?
5:37 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for Dominican Republic Vacation Turns Scary
You know sometimes you think you've weathered a storm and then things go from bad. Two Morse we found sun and sand. But the beach umbrellas aren't the only shady things for sale on our getaway ABC's Lindsey Davis is getting a lot more than she bargained for in some ways. And a lot less in others. -- -- second day in beautiful Bocachica in the Dominican Republic and T. -- Don Long Beach resort my team and I are investigating the travel deals for history reply. We'd already run into some issues first the room where -- Then. Red -- -- -- is kind of problem. -- But here on the beach things are about to take a more serious turn when Eric is -- by this man. -- -- -- -- -- He was -- for. Wouldn't give it -- the debate on the girl. You -- should go down. Find out with a car and later on -- come to regret -- against him. What today. A few minutes for them to realize they were being taken away from the hotel. They left everything back on the beach -- money on the screen even -- -- now. If -- bring the girls back to the hotel. Is it okay that they're gonna give us probably the hotel. -- -- And then. Sure what -- expect that went into this very dark room. What looks like -- -- And within seconds young women eleven of them file out the road. Pozen Eric very uncomfortable make a hasty exit. They do this wouldn't. Beckel -- beach I was starting to get nervous. Almost an hour when I finally spun and Eric an Austrian -- -- -- can't. What happened. And later we talk about how easily they ended up in something dangerous situation it was. There are shady. Knew I was very yeah it's not like we've found that -- an industry -- That's the -- it's someone -- -- recently don't think you could. -- -- -- -- -- it was the underbelly. The soliciting -- stuff that afternoon I was approached by another broker. -- like twenty year veteran she told me the -- on -- -- with her office. She tells us it's easy to sneak gets into the room with -- one of these yellow hotel bracelet that done one uses them to identify -- and -- visitors now. The next morning we talked about what we've seen and heard with the manager. First look -- -- our group reservations. The -- -- and then -- Actually more expensive. What our friend who directly through at the video also. We don't seem to have the same room -- it was funny thing. Your response is that we should take. I'm really. Handle on the -- that we got to move to a. He tells us space was limited at the resort and says he would gladly compensate us on our next visit. When we contacted Groupon regarding room rates they noted that travel prices fluctuate dramatically and they're always adjusting them. -- also curious about how the hotel deals with prostitute. So in the brochure what I saw online efficiently and very relaxing me very -- But there are people coming vendors. Selling all. I think you know -- -- across the huge quantity and reasonable with how we do have to -- definitive agreement with the -- You can't stop people myself I can't believe we don't. When asked about how they pick their hotels group on replied that they rely on customers' feedback that in the case of John -- One or just plain all of whom were refunded the -- double. From their site. So -- really important takeaways here people you book. The hotels do your homework. This like your music has done it story and still -- -- you can. And about where you're going. It may not see you Bart -- Now -- told us that while they removed this hotel from their site other web site still continue to listed. So if you want to make sure your next vacation doesn't turn out like Lindsey's you can go to our website at Slash Nightline for tips on booking your next vacation.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Part 2: What happens when ABC News confronts the resort about various problems?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19988626","title":"Dominican Republic Vacation Turns Scary","url":"/Nightline/video/dominican-republic-vacation-turns-scary-19988626"}