Penn State frat member won't face jail time in pledge's death

Ryan Burke was the first of more than 20 members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity to be sentenced in connection to criminal charges related to the death of Tim Piazza, who died in February 2017.
7:16 | 08/01/18

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Transcript for Penn State frat member won't face jail time in pledge's death
Future fraternitymembs, organization mem, they nee to kwt there WBE Reporte tonight a ief-stricken family sending a mess Hopefly this sentences detect toer people. That's really what it nee to be. Repor fientence hded down in the case red to T death O piazza I what has become one of the largest hazing protions ever. N details a that Penn state sophomo who died an alcohol-fueled hazing Al Tonight deadly campus mystery at a ftern at P state -- The alleged of timothypiazza' finalrs beyond distug -- Reporter: 21-year-old former Penn state fraterny member Ryan Burke, pad guilty to hazing last Mo sente three months7 serve, and a he will not S any time behind bars. We hereith O shlders back and our chin up. Accept responsibi. Epfter todas sentencing, 25 former frateity brothers are still accus in the alleged of piazza so much alcohol during a hazingitual eventuly fell alight of stairs. Some people a going to thisounds lik a slapn the IST. Coering what the charges here, this is actually a fairly stiff sentence ter: But the sentee today does not come as complete crt to the pa family, who havbeen hoping for St their son's death for over a year no T Rea the first step in gng justice for the killing of oon. Ere's a long road ahd of us with Reporter: Today, beforehe holidays, fathes a birthday athecemetery. Before I close my eyes every night, I have lying hospitaed all batter year T piazzassaw R E was all covered up with warminbl. We were tryintoa spot of skin to touch. Reporter: The heing fil ments between a mother anderild. The N brought M for told me to kiss him good-be he G hit by car. He was in bad e.he was on full life suppor his ey W open. He wasn't the EP piza's death raised serious questcross the country about the Dan zing in trek system. Tim's olderer Mike was also a sent at pe state. E you specificallyorried Abou drinking? I knew there was a ofpartyingithe Greek life, but I didn't expect anything what happened. I had no expectation for any of at eporter:is G at the time of his, kaitlinskoldshe met Tim in a preveiom Ong oth things educated teenager about alcohol abuse wide receiver were you surprised D to place I W attt. K he was looking for that brotherhd. But unfortunately that's not wh he got. Reporter: Oe night ofry 2nd,2017, prosecutors Y Tim and 13 other at pi pledges pd in hg ritual Cal gauntlet, drinks in two nuts. They had to go from station to station andg alcohol. Ter: Tim ry had a troeflk fall. One brotherexting another, he fell 15 feet down a flight of ss hair fit, going to N help. Tim repdly lying unconscio the landing, then carried to Auch. Aftere got hurt, they treated himike aag doll, ki they slapp him, threwface, pchhim, sat on hi Reporter: Ks, who was I the room and not been charge tis death, say he did everything in his power to get somebody to help his friend. I lost it. Was screa and yellg. I was saying, W nee to Tak him to the hospital, we should ca ambulance, 911. Nice at he had od intentions at the time. But I don't anybody didn't pick up a Rorter: A G jury rort last year shed light on what allegey happen indehat fraternity ho detailing surveillance the rs captured nearly eight hours the sophomore's incasing distress. An ied pia ting to get up, over ag four men seen dragging L body upstairs, trying to rouse him B sg his face and pouringater over him. After 10. The F morning, Tim was reptedly D lng on the couch, breathiny, with blood on his . This wa the worstsi debauchery and depravity that dy have. The acts ofal tower a young man who wasribly wounded and was left todie. Sayhe brothers were using their phones H for phrases such as "F asle head injury." Few minutes later binge drinking, alcohol, bruising or discolation, cold fe hands. Afterpiaz's fall, the fi call. Hat's goinon today? Uh, we have we have friend whonconscious hen't mod, pbably going to need bulance. Reporte Tim diedhe day in his blood alcohol level was.40, Imes theegallimi cording to th course it's a tragedy. But T doesn'tn theas any intent involved in any of th. Reporter: Eight members of theternityere initial arh I manslaughter, B in March a judge dropped charges. Of thmeers have pleadedguilty to E other charges, theytill await trial. Prosecutodore serious crimesre. Articular based O inaction of certain ers. Sprying again andagain, wereotuccessful I the cly a more serige. Reporten the meanme, tim'samily isushing ward. The Timothy J. Pa L- piazza anti-hazin law the Pennsylvania state senate, a law that WOU make serious injury or D as result of fraternity H felony. O more collegetu should die for justanting to organization. I theeen tgher laws on there there's notion that a variety ofse defendants could be facing much morme antoday. Repor but for tiazza family, their fight for the memoryf their socaies on. Tim was the te of guy thatanted to bring people in what for themke them happy. Very M inclusive. And he was just great S and I think about him every day.I miss him. It's left a big holeour ve our thanks to Dan. Upxt, a

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Ryan Burke was the first of more than 20 members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity to be sentenced in connection to criminal charges related to the death of Tim Piazza, who died in February 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56957953","title":"Penn State frat member won't face jail time in pledge's death","url":"/Nightline/video/penn-state-frat-member-face-jail-time-pledges-56957953"}