Secrets to Making 'The Walking Dead' Zombie Gore

Greg Nicotero, an executive producer and special effects supervisor, gives a tour of a "walker" prosthetics area.
4:10 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Secrets to Making 'The Walking Dead' Zombie Gore
He we will you're shipping the wounds in pizza boxes from where for Los Angeles we manufacture. We manufacture in LA and then all these work as easily can. Those they. Tattoos that uses wet yet. These are done the same way you put this on transfer paper when he spritz and kill the paper optimists transformers. What what what is it true it would who has transportable a whole peninsula that's like a zombie bite. New rules on bureau here and there. Here's some flashes. And what it what are we having these drawers and these shores either off only text pieces. So if you beautiful faces on me. See some. You know the bone structure. You a little small rotted knows. You know bits of decomposition there's a job owns the canal. So these mix and match on. All the extras and stunt people's faces these awful faces. All these it's a full faces. Here's appear to have been cult large rocked. So if you put your arm if a community good rotted piece of arm there we were glued and Timbaland the edges off Huntington dresses. It's weird because these are all of the results that you would find in an office but this is looked like an office full horrors yes. Yes. Under we're if she is bullet holes belittled the community the big mojo mom. Some public and excellent political dimension an excellent smaller one. So we have we literally have a variety of all kinds of different. All kinds of different shapes and sizes so that if we need to couples bullet holes in them but didn't die because Georgia had. There we just do that or machine guns or shotguns. And then here zombie bites this is always do. Is this whom these are sculpted with teeth marks and AM. He suffered a zombie bites you. In the wake few couple times there's little cute little flat skin. Teeth marks teeth marks. So a lot of times if you look at a lot of our zombies you'll see this piece might be just like. Just on their arm and you that's how they died at that was. You needed the attention it detail is just overwhelming. Well we we spent we spent five years acquiring different sculptures in different molds and you know the exciting thing about what we do is every person that comes in the trailer to new campus. Nick and marketing year ago when his. This painting that's paint in this pain in the you actually construct each zombie. From the materials that are here. This story can be particularly important random. Yes at let's look at that because I don't I don't even though it's in this room. This is being ran our case week. This is a torn off job so you'll put this on. There are. I am or darkness and this is a peaceful place me. Peace. Here's here's the person we use this in the first episode. This on the shots at a feast of the shotguns agency that is the job. So blown apart. So once you see the zombie look Connecticut. It turns and you see. This is this guy. Was in season four he was the guy that the governor finds in the bathtub. CIA would forget. It poses face off BS still alive so we sculpted this the faces messing. And we had dentures Polonia teeth likable Indy here and three. Is it where to put so much thought into this kind of thing now to make fun. That this that there aren't in deconstructing. Dissect. How people died in and what we're cools army deaths you can do every week.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Greg Nicotero, an executive producer and special effects supervisor, gives a tour of a \"walker\" prosthetics area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"26535615","title":"Secrets to Making 'The Walking Dead' Zombie Gore ","url":"/Nightline/video/secrets-making-walking-dead-zombie-gore-26535615"}