Women speak out on accusing ex-USC doctor of sexual misconduct, which he denies

Dozens of women who accused a former University of Southern California gynecologist of sexual misconduct have filed a lawsuit against the doctor and school.
8:15 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for Women speak out on accusing ex-USC doctor of sexual misconduct, which he denies
There is some kind of concern and fear and shame that I D him to do that. Please justhisr wi.e practically I would say rammed his fingers inside of me. Reporte it's latest avalanche in the "Me too" revolution. These women coming the shadows, speaking out fhe fit time, calling this man. Dr. George tyndall is accused of imprerly ptographing FEMAs during exams. Claiminghe university ignored complaints sexuause. Reporter: For nearly 30 years potelly thousds of women saw him at the university of rnrnia's study heal clinic. Thisas not unknown. And yethias done so I feel it's our obligation, our dut to speak out. Reporter: T lit alleges sexual harassment, use, and assault by Dr. Tynda as well as negligence on the part of usc. E St prestigious ersities ithon, with a storied football progrnd a global effective of proud trojans. Yeah. Lutely inschool. It was the perfect blend O social and als academic. I was born raised in a very small town, and consided very prestigious. Usc gave some scholarships, an just opened it up. R: Amanda D was a G single mom when her routine exam took anxpected turn whehe says a naked photo was Did it seem odd to you that a oct asking to tack a naked photoyou? I Thi there was something deep down ins of M that felt a little off. But having been raid from a small town up Ver trusting, that's not something you question when there's a doctor in ority.then I felt extremely stupid and emba and dn't really know what to do. Reporter: Rising senio Brendan Heyer wand a test for sex transmittisease after she says sheasexually asulted. I was a virginme I was raped. I'd never bee to a G clege jicht before. I dinow what to expect. You'd never had an befo No. It washen she says he assaulted R. Wy molesd her what do you mean by that? Rubbingp the itoris. Unwanted. Zbluwanted. Touching. Brenna case she was there wasse chapene I room, at least in the begin Sheust there, and she didn't really do anyin unt she said that she was uncomfortable and left. And what was so surpristo me was you're uncomfortable? Such an abandonment. This is happening to. Why do you get to leave? Repter:nnan wasn't even born when Dana wey ss she went to see Dr. Tyndallth '90s as a ph.d. Candidate. I H a small rose tattoo on this igh, and H said oh, a picture forme. And that immediately created an atmo of, again, false intimacy, inapprriateness. A littlelascivio Yes. So then he asked me about contraception. And I said I don need any. And then he pride. I said, well, I ama mmittedelationship with a woman. And again, the whole demeanor was cious. Th hesk me whether all lesbia hated men. Reporter: Jenniferenzie says Dr. Tyndall made inappropriate ents as wl as inappropriate touching. Ceeded to T his thumb Y clitorisndgers Ina with a very calculated K of menacing approach to me. It was very intimidang. Just wanted to get out of thereporter: ABC news chief correspondent Dr. Ashton has been a gynecolist for 14 years. This is area of medicine at by its definition, by I very nature ishe most vulnerable, intimate part of a woman's body.so kind of subjectiver rasciviousr sinuating moment with a sexualundertone is a glaring fl. What advice would youive a patientf alarm bells go off? T STO the exam immediately. Trust yr instincts. Spea. T up. Get drd. Walk ou you always fix mical and if something did happen that ma funcomfortablou nly don't have anything to apologize for. At its core this is seou of Powe an of authority, and an abuse of trust. Reporter: Andyrubenste, eir lead attorney,s the coints show a pattern of behavior. The numrs started up and T cls started coming in, I realized that this S a ISIS. Reporter: The usc AEG came to light after T "Lo Angeles times" acting on a tip gang INT W usc lowed Dr. Tynda to quietly resign lt year. Around June of 2016 us put Dr. Tyndall on leave, paid leave,nd thus ban a lengthy investigation into ahe misconduct claims against him. Usc not file a medical B compt againstim this year. And they didn't tell any udents. Reporr: Whin a few months there are repor Ledo a cascade of personalnts fromrent and former students andnurses. And among T mous charges under investigation are digitaltration. Sounlawfully inserting fine into woman during these pvic exams. Reporter: The loses lice department tells us they've recei N 20 reports of misconduct. It's clear if Dr. T will faceriminal ages. But LAPD is actively investigating atst0 cases. He's also facing numerous civil lawsuits.but Dr. Maintains his innoe, tellingbc news statement from H lawyer, "D tyndallconfidenthat when the fts are known, particularly W experts in th pracce of obstetrics a gynecology are consulted,e clear that his practice of mine atusc was consistent with that reor such examinions. He is cle that he engaged in criminal conduct." This is the mindset of man who is Tak advantage of a lture oflence, are of who have been programmed to be tough, hard-working students. In the court filing there's a descriptioash of photos of naked women, of women gen that he had in his box. What our reaio you heard that? Sg and wondering if I'm in there somewher you said Trojan women are tough. At's beenheardest par of all thifor you? It was difficult because I had to tell my family and specifically M 21-yeld ughter and tell her what happened. Andnitiallyhat was hard but then afterwards she said, ,roud of you." He wouldn't haveten away with it if usc had up. Ey were protecting a predator. Reportehe relations creating an up atc. A pion cng for president max kiaso resign. It's enough.I think a symbolicon meaningless us there Ange F within. Reporter: In response to our request for comment usc telling us "Tniversity conducting a thorough seeking a prompt and fair rut Thais respectful to ourme students. We are committed to providing the W of us with the best, Mo thoroh a respectful healthare serces O any university." Do you think Dr. Should bacticing medicine? I have a hard timeling hi dr.l at ts point. But I'll leave that to E L board to decide. Reporte tron school motto, F on, carries N meaning for these alums who say ey this as an opportunity to champio real change. You want a seat at the table. A voice at th I. This is your dream sool E talking about.a disillusioned? A little usioned. But I hear hope. Yeah,absolute If it's a family, the jan family, then it's very dysfunction but T hope is that we can start an intern fully makngs right again.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"Dozens of women who accused a former University of Southern California gynecologist of sexual misconduct have filed a lawsuit against the doctor and school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56774247","title":"Women speak out on accusing ex-USC doctor of sexual misconduct, which he denies","url":"/Nightline/video/women-speak-accusing-usc-doctor-sexual-misconduct-denies-56774247"}