Ben Carson Speaks After the Nevada Caucuses

Dr. Carson plans to remain in the race for president despite being behind.
9:37 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson Speaks After the Nevada Caucuses
Sports is what they. Everybody. Yeah I grew. I know. Pundits. It's all done it's all over. Yeah. At least they think of repeat books this. So let's not do those who. The melodies. Yeah. Is that. And yeah. And and you know they'll hear but also we. Carson back. So they can. But that's. We'll battle. But you know. We will fly. And those just like in the. Kids' lives. Every woman choose. This is a bunch of great day. Long. Yeah. And 42. If someone who tried to describe. You would sit down. That's how. Don't stop at. Shudder. With the secular progressive. Going on. Clearly values and for the sake of yeah. For all of its. I'm seeing it everywhere. That is just a matter of time before they start. As they're demanding solutions. Because right now we're sort of there everybody wanted to go to the coliseum. And. Fire. And we got a with the fire in a and by the grace. It's. Think we've seen it. It's. And it sure isn't to. This. They're god. God. This is our rights. Eight school. Soledad just apple. And it's a decision. The other big decision that is home. We're a nation that is of and so. Because. The downtrodden. Right. Exactly. Aggressors and and then sort of made them. They are they have saved. What we say. But we also. That's. And that's what we. They can really.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Dr. Carson plans to remain in the race for president despite being behind. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37153337","title":"Ben Carson Speaks After the Nevada Caucuses","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-speaks-nevada-caucuses-37153337"}