Bernie Sanders Barnstorming California

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the campaign trail in delegate-rich California.
1:26 | 05/25/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Barnstorming California
So Bernie Sanders has been in California now for several days hoping to cash in on delegates when voters there go to the polls next month. We get the latest now from ABC's Josh Haskell on the campaign trail with Sanders good morning just. Good morning Diane it. So the California primary had Bernie Sanders doesn't care that Hilary but. The delegate map he's barnstorming the state anyway with plans to speak to over 200000. Californians. Like she's got. But according to theater since he doesn't and in June 7 as he may have just seen the ratings to look like convention a big win in delegate rich California this. Even that plan Hilton theater said people mentioned from particularly in the remaining states. Gators who come here today in the off season with a one and a half million dollar ad buy it says he'll travel up and down California. What's the possibility for California debate until Hillary Clinton's campaign could fine Fox News offer. Something standard would not let it go. Everything her decision. Not to do it. Okay. Okay. No wind. Here. Hillary Clinton is also in California. Yeah a dynamic when this.

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the campaign trail in delegate-rich California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39371331","title":"Bernie Sanders Barnstorming California","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-barnstorming-california-39371331"}