How did Michael Bloomberg do in his 2nd debate?

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser joins ABC News and shares how Bloomberg showed the American people “he is the adult in the room.”
3:12 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How did Michael Bloomberg do in his 2nd debate?
So this means you are surge ever Michael Bloomberg threaten. How do you think he performs and I did his first debate. Didn't go as he would have like I think he did a great job he got everything done that he needed to get done and touch showed the American people that he's the adult and have grown he has experience he has the record. And he as a national client so when this election. At least I'm going after Bernie Sanders you think he really landed. Any good punches on him until I think he hit me he has been willing to take it's a burning them. Other candidates haven't eaten pointed out and out of the gate river east and had his candidacy is being aided by the Russians quietly depressions. Michael Burke meets at the act nominee. And I think all of the candidates did a very good job of highlighting how Bernie has great ideas he doesn't have that record of getting them done Everton thirty years in the congress. And doesn't have a real plan to pay for so I think that the money is being called the our big. Anytime you pregnant moment Bernie Sanders and mayor Pete actually speak and we'll reach out there and give him a thing about covering missing. I'm ideas and radicals in the year and arson that his ideas are like he says certain too radical for the party law that's what I hear from. Democrats in all the states all over this country. I'm that's what I hear from congressional Democrats have flipped seats two years ago and works and signs about their races concerned about losing the house. That having a socialist at the top of the ticket. It's not going to. Bring our country together and not Democrats from the center. And not our parent more left leaning independents and Republicans. Do you think though that public when he looked to choose who they Kennedy it's going to be is thinking about. Down the ballot. While I do because people know that with Nancy Pelosi. Not in charge of the house we had been able to have a check on this White House in the possibility. Of losing the White House. The House of Representatives and the senate. And having a completely unchecked Donald Trump is a disaster for our nation senator Warner actually say cheap diner Bloomberg who has been most risky candidate she said that she got the four of the Democratic Party it was not gonna come around to vote for someone who used to be Arab public and I had. Had I just got to god that she attacks Mayor Bloomberg went to kiss his Bernie Sanders us try watching her in every race in the mid and South Park. Not so what we need to focus on on Democrats is totally wants to be happening. It doesn't look like this going to be senator Warren she's hasn't done well even at our own backyard. So let's look at those at the top of the ticket that we think that they can Cary. Oh victory in the White House but also in helping our congressional Democrats. Keeping it's not hurting and he hasn't released its accident. It's cancer much like the president when he gets those questions he will release its Texas he was mayor of New York for twelve years he release his taxes for every one of those years it. The heat will release its tax. Mayor thank you sir and I can you be thanks guys that saying Lindsay let's send it back to you will be talking to a lot of the candidates and their surrogate here in this interim tonight all right thank.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser joins ABC News and shares how Bloomberg showed the American people “he is the adult in the room.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69222206","title":"How did Michael Bloomberg do in his 2nd debate?","url":"/Politics/video/michael-bloomberg-2nd-debate-69222206"}