Polar Bears Run This Town

In the remote town of Churchill, Canada, polar bears are king.
3:26 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Polar Bears Run This Town
Just as -- bugging rules of the lodge for the night our driver and Simon and calls out to an imposing silhouettes. On the -- -- Canadian tundra and places -- We'll -- is planned for in the beautiful part of airfares -- It's not every day and you get a 1000 pound welcome committee and then again from the town of Churchill Manitoba. Is not your every day. It is a town run by 2000 polar. -- -- -- -- -- Reports bad thing for Sergio. -- I have no idea honestly this is the hub of all things Churchill I would go inside here -- the morning news. -- -- -- And open up. Helping out the visitors it really embedded myself and it -- it. Tonight -- bunking at frontiers north lives on the outskirts of church and his what I love -- People do this anywhere else. That's because Churchill's geographic location. Is like the start of a buffet line for these hungry parents waiting for Hudson Bay to freeze so they can hunt seals. Which means the bears often spend their downtime. -- town or even roaming the streets. Locals leave their doors unlocked in case of a quick escape. Brecher -- guns are within arms reach to scare off a -- with a loud no lights and warning signs are everywhere. You tell people these signs are here for reasons don't -- others. Other things out there. And people kind of stop and all you know you guys just doing that I'm -- and always see this or. -- -- -- He's with Manitoba conservation. -- let us ride along on what it -- -- patrols explaining how despite the obvious dangers of their large neighbors. There's definitely a benefit to living in churches. I like when bears around because you see the talent you know it thrives on the tourist. -- here but it's a big part of it. Seoul I don't mind when bears around I'd like being busy. As long as nobody gets hurt the animal migration. Is big business and tourists dropped more than seven million dollars to see the bears. And there's even a live web -- by -- -- award catching the action. And Churchill's grab the attention of some big names. I've met Martha Stewart Ryan Seacrest. Didn't know who his girlfriend was of the time it later learned it was Julianna -- That -- -- he was here a couple years and hold him and his wife trick or treat and dressed up like -- they're going to order north records and theft. You know where does that happen. Spent the whole they -- -- -- But in church show celebrity drop ends don't drive the town it's the polar -- and the bond between man and beast anyway. -- -- barn bed and -- part of their lives you know I drive that misalignment. With one of the world's largest bland platitudes. They -- essentially take it off in one's life. We urban environment where the -- -- expected. Banned them. And ABC news Churchill Canada.

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{"id":20895623,"title":"Polar Bears Run This Town ","duration":"3:26","description":"In the remote town of Churchill, Canada, polar bears are king.","url":"/Travel/video/polar-bears-run-town-20895623","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}