ABC News Live Update: Deepening threat of domestic terrorism after Capitol riots

A new bulletin from DHS warns of potential violence from homegrown extremists, plus, the White House COVID-19 taskforce predicts 90K more Americans will die from COVID-19 in the next month.
21:50 | 01/28/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Deepening threat of domestic terrorism after Capitol riots
Good morning everyone I'm Terry Moran in for Diana said thanks for streaming with us in today's update. The new White House corona virus response team is predicting that 191000 more Americans will lose their lives to carbon nineteen in the next month alone and as problems continued to hamper them actually distribution process. The federal government is now calling on thousands of service members to help administer shots across the country. All this has retired doctors and nurses are also being asked to help ramp up the vaccine rollout after Todd Zeller and standing by with the very latest. Also had an extraordinary alert for the department of and security after the insurrection is attack on the capital three weeks ago. A warning about the deepening threat of domestic terror DHS saying it's been. Higher than than at any time in recent history what authorities are saying this morning about potential violence. Come home grown extreme. Andy amateur day traders. Beating massive hedge funds and around game talking down on Wall Street taking down Wall Street giants to the tune of billions of dollars it's great story how GameStop. Its stock is defying gravity made a reality T we'll have that later but we begin. Without urgent warning from the new White House cove in response team as they work to ramp up vaccine efforts across the nation to team held. The first of what they say will be weekly briefings yesterday. With top cove in nineteen doctors and scientists president Biden says his goal is to put science first. And rebuild public trust chief White House correspond Cecilia Vega has the latest. This morning a sobering projection from the nation's top corona virus experts who say 90000. More Americans will die from the disease in the next month alone. That somber warning. Part of the Biden and ministry since promised to play its streets and level with the Americans even in the face of heartbreaking news that does not remember here is there are masks and some who are rare from the new head of the CDC to chief medical advisor doctor Anthony found sheet. The first briefing socially distanced on Xoom. And it comes as January marks the deadliest month on record for this pandemic. With the government still struggling to get vaccines to the people who need them most sources tell ABC news discussions are now under way. To call on as many as 101000 service members to help administer shots at 100 sites around the country. But even with the White House plan to purchase 200 million more doses. The grim reality the stockpile remains low any stockpiled admitted existed previously. No longer exists so far more than twenty million people have received their first dose. But for most Americans another reality check it will be months before everyone who want the vaccine will be able to get one. And the by the administration now hoping to expand access by changing the rules on who can administer vaccines. Calling on recently retired doctors and nurses and allowing people licensed in one state to cross state lines and he chin. Today president Biden will sign another round of executive actions this group is going to be about health care including expanding access to the Affordable Care Act. One of those orders will open a new three month enrollment period during this pandemic another one. Reverses a ban on US funding to international nonprofits that offer abortion services that Terry. Since president Biden took office we have seen a flurry of executive orders coming out of the west wing. Forty cents. Inauguration day. Starting at a fast clip chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega thanks for that and for more on the Coleman nineteen crisis let's bring in. ABC news medical contributor and infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Eller and doctor good morning. So Richard. So the White House warning her this. Alarming warning staggering 90000 deaths and in a month there's predicting. This is we're seeing new variants continuing to spread but the number of deaths and hospitalizations. Seems to be falling seven people are confused by this what what is is there light at the end of the tunnel or do we still a long way to go. Well I think there's both Harry and and you know. The issue is that you know bears a lot of fire result there but as we're seeing that he's counts come down and hospitalizations. Come down you know. It got. That is good news but remember we have contagious period so there we have a lot of winter well people or indoors so what we have to do gives America. Upon him as a sprint than marathon is fascinating enough people to reach herd immunity but this brand is to get those numbers down easy we don't get those numbers down with masking physical distancing and where it's gonna take us much longer to get to herd immunity so there is a prevention light at the end of the tunnel but we have to crush the virus first. Well let me follow up on that these highly transmissible variants that were saying especially the UK very in which is here in the one out of South Africa and Brazil. Are raising that the vaccines. Won't be able to keep up with that spread. That's exactly what I'm saying it because. Really we're not gonna reach herd immunity until the general population is vaccinated you know that's not gonna happen for many months so we have to do right now is the things that we know work universal masking avoiding crowds the distance thing. That's what's important to get those numbers down and the less virus there is. In the communities the last variants will find. Got it and added that the very it's a course. Very from what they call the wild strain the original one. That would turn now says it's working on a booster. For it should vaccine to combat the south African strain on an abundance of caution. So how effective are that would earn and it and the Pfizer vaccines and people are getting against these new variants were seeing do you think. Well the treadmill test is going on right now because there's lots of Gary is wrong the world and people are getting vaccinated so we will know within time Inglewood. It looks like both vaccines are excellent against the UK Gary and we just heard from a dirt on. That against the self happened Denver very in the there was a six fold less immune response OK so will still have to know how that works okay will no overtime but I'm still optimistic that the vaccine could be brought robust immune response so hopefully they'll be very effectively key right now is get vaccinated. All right and one more question they a lot of people as question. Pregnant women. Pope who are may be concerned about the vaccines is it okay for them do you think can get a Pfizer of them would turn a vaccine that are out there. So WHO just came out with the rule a release today that basically says. That they were advising against pregnant women receiving the vaccine unless there and high risk group or a health care worker. I was really just charged with that message I think WHO is an excellent messenger are usually agree with them but in this case I let the CDC's approach is whereas we have to. Individual I didn't artists' first benefits and remember you don't pregnant women are at high. Higher risk of hospitalizations. Respiratory failure most pregnant women and there are new needs do very well I want to make that clear but they are at higher risk so from my perspective right now the Ben. It's always the risk I'm recommending that might pregnant women do consider got seizure by. If they refused and decline that's important we we don't want machine that. That's okay they need to deal to make an individual decision. I'm the best advice on a case by case basis. Doctor Todd Eller and as always thanks very much thanks Terry. Well it has been more than three weeks since the capital insurrection when we come back this stark warning from the Department of Homeland Security about the potential for future via. From homegrown extremists. Stay with us. Welcome back. Tens of thousands are without power in California this morning after parts of that state were slammed by flash flooding and mudslides are will cars and Santa Cruz California this morning. Would more. Overnight dense atmosphere river flowing over the West Coast. Games. It's flooding parts of California washing mud from fresh porn stars downhill. Clinton sludge into nearly two dozen homes injuring at least one person husband flew around the house and broke her arm giving her out of the house asthma flown from north. The brains relentless. Some parts of northern California will get up to ten inches but he ended the day. Rain has been pounding this area and you can say that it is turned this into a river of lauding current truck now are doing everything they can't they're clearing out this street. To protect and all of the home health dangers of the situation is. It's one of those where we're returns. For the we're. He'll gorgeous mountains blanketed with blizzard conditions. These tractor trailer choosing a police escort to slowly creep off the interstate and the UPS trucks does go back on the this up barreling down a snow covered road losing troll. Slamming into that red truck and then another. CNBC's. Tornado touching down in Tallahassee children and their teachers seemed ducking taking shelter in his school hallway. The damaging winds whipping this plane and temporarily closing the air. Gordon. After a record setting wildfire season Californians have been hoping for rain but we've gotten so much so quickly it's been like twisting a shower head on full blast and you can see what's come with that all of this mud that has flowed down into this driveway and all of those other homes this areas under evacuation embodies homeowners decided to stay in the fight you can see what they've done to fortify its there are property this morning aligning it with DC and banks. In the money is a real concern but everything that comes with it it's a concern as well including rocks and boulders and even trees that could come flowing down into their homes millions of Californians are under a flash flood watch and we could get up to seven more inches of rain before this is over. Terry. Thanks will car in Santa Cruz California pretty serious situation there for more on where these storms are heading genders he has the latest forecast good morning ginger. Terry thank you. Up to three inches of snow in Raleigh, North Carolina not something they get all that often and certainly not with thunder snow which is what this. Again that's rally and Durham area right but then you go just north and you have Henderson. That snow is adding up on the streets and I know it's a heavy wet snow. That storm moving out so most of the advisories will start to go away through the day today. However behind that there's some significant cold air so let's focus honesty store East Coast storm because the west because certainly has their issues with that atmospheric rivers still Cumberland. But the windchill advisories all the way from Vermont and New Hampshire down to Connecticut we're talking about numbers that could be the coldest we've seen. In two years so we're not going to be warm going into this weekend they could feel from the advisory is as low as 25 below in parts of New England. But along I 95 corridor should be close to zero and I feel like seven in Philadelphia ten military. In Boston. Proper winter can using thanks very much for that. Well now to our troubled country. The Department of Homeland Security is issuing a stark new warning about growing threats of violence from homegrown extremists after the insurrection is the attack on the capital January 6. This is the first national terrorism advisory from the DHS in a year our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is in Washington. With the latest. This morning the nation on alert Homeland Security issuing a rare urgent bulletin. Warning the public and police that the threat from domestic terror is hot according to the new bulletin right wing militants and lone wolves. Made target elected officials and government facilities. I may be emboldened by the January 6 breach of the US capitol. We're out there they're angry they're disenfranchised. Are upset the present trump lost. It is signed this threat is real the FBI now announcing charges against Ian Rodgers. After Tories say they discovered an arsenal of 49 firearms. And five fully functional pipe bomb. Arms after searching his home and business the FBI claims Rogers was angry because president trouble lost. I was preparing for an attack allegedly texting. I want to blow up a Democrat building bad. Hope 45 president trump goes to war. If he doesn't. I will. An attorney for Rogers says nothing indicates that he was actually planning an attack what according to an FBI affidavit authorities fear. The Rogers from Napa may have had his sights on the California governor's office after recovering threatening text messages on his fellow. Law enforcement on heads across the country. FPR races to rest all those who stays insurrection on Capitol Hill. The massive scale of the pro becoming clear 400 suspects a dignified hundreds more under investigation. Thanks to Pierre Thomas for that ABC news contributor and former FBI agent Brad Garrett mentioned in king pierce piece here is. Joins us now with more so Brad. There's this startling indictment out the Justice Department conspiracy to obstruct congress last night. Prosecutors claim that some of the militia members fear just reported on where are you planning a response to Trump's losses early as November this was a plot. Cooked up for months while what do we know about this. So is Terry after legal act a number of months even beyond the fall. As you watch these groups build. And with it from their means each point president trump encouraging them to build. Going toward it if he loses we're gonna lose everything that we believe and our guns our right to worship a particular way. Our right to Wear masks or not we're enemy goes on and on of course. But since they're building up in it got to such a fever pitch in the fall. And did into obviously. He loses the election. And with president Biden being. Taking office. You know at least it's believing if they don't overthrow the current government. Than their way of life is lost. This is kids staggering really. What specific threats going forward now now that have been directions attack has it has been taken care of to some degree in law enforcement all over investigating that but looking forward what is law enforcement I was concerned about. That groups. I like the oath keepers like. Proud voice that a lot of them are recruiting people to join them and the idea is Jerry they will Lynn form. Scope or build strategic attacks. The capital you had people from all walks of life in that some people were clearly serious others were just there. These would be to taxes it would take a group of people trained in go toward a particular target. Whether to pierce point going after the governor of California or someone at that allow whole. Probably going to be a Democrat. Or going after the water supply or electric grid and we nest and tossed out there is a possibility so. This is eight issues that's not going away that we're gonna have to live with for a period of time it is really towel enforcement. Cranked up because they don't release bulletins like this very ominous so people should really take this seriously. And we thank Brad for that for more on what's happening today here in our nation's capital. Let's go to your political rundown had 10:45 AM eastern on capitol House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold her weekly press briefing. And later today at the White House a 1:30 PM eastern. President Biden is expected to sign executive actions and Americans access to health care. At the White House briefing room at 2:30 PM eastern white house Press Secretary Jen Saki will hold the daily White House briefing which has returned. So when we come back. How average and educators invading some Wall Street's most sophisticated investors that their own game. For now. Welcome back alliger day traders that huh. Home. Working on apps that allow for free and inexpensive stock trading. Are taking down giant Wall Street hedge funds for now to the tune of billions of dollars. Driving up the price of the struggling retailer GameStop and making some people a lot of money Rebecca Jarvis has more. This morning the financial world in a frenzy so let's get to GameStop GameStop in this GameStop is really something we must talk about shares of struggling video game retailer GameStop which is closed more than 800 locations in the last two years defying gravity 1700%. This year GameStop more than doubling yet again yesterday thanks to a growing group of young mostly male amateur day traders taking on some of Wall Street's most powerful hedge funds in an epic David vs Goliath showdown. President Biden's team even asked about it Wednesday. Our team is of course economic team including. Secretary on another term monitoring the situation these young speculators inspired by community on read it called Wall Street bats followed by over four million readers post Wall Street bats recently exposed a serious explainable vulnerability in GameStop stocks a number of influential Wall Street investors were heavily shorting it which meant they were betting the stock would crash you borrowed shares. That does and he's at the praise goes on and and you can buy it back at lower price and pocket the difference. If you were wrong and the shares go up. Then you're gonna have to buy back as a higher price and that difference is a loss for you that's painful as it turns out the Wall Street titans were wrong. Very rock nineteen year old JP Hurtado and others started buying sending GameStop soaring when people season and while. They're gonna have. Your missed. Doesn't Morton what do you popping and prestige JP a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago who never treated a single stock until a year ago but about 8000 dollars and GameStop using the app Robin Hood and says the close of Wednesday it was worth 82000. Dollars with amateurs like him profiting. Hedge fund titans have lost an estimated five billion dollars this is uncharted territory and it's a very interesting question as to what happens next certainly there's no mechanisms make it's out immediately. And this is a big question now for regulators the SEC says it is monitoring the situation it is looking at the volatility here. But this is yet again another example of how conversations on the inner not on social media. Can have very real world consequences. They can shape our behavior our thinking. And our actions and teary when you think about these big questions for the future of society this is front and center Terry. And we got a few more things to know before you go Emmett Till his home in Chicago has now officially been granted landmark status. There are plans for his home to be turned into a museum. So that this story of this fourteen year old teen whose murder was a driving force of the civil rights movement can be quote retold. And remembered. And Bernie Sanders inauguration fashion statement still making headlines for a good costs. Those birdie meant and means that took over the Internet during inauguration have now. Helped to raise more than one point eight million dollars for charities in senator's home state of Vermont senator put back. First so called chairman Sanders merchandise on its website last week. It sold out in less than thirty minutes Tenet says he's glad. His Internet fame is helping vermonters who are in need and speaking. Of supporting a good cause it's girl scout cookie season and if you're thinking of picking up a box a kitten against. Or Somalis. Consider area ordering from New York City church 6000. Troop caters specifically to girls in New York City shelter system visiting twenty different shelters across the city every week. Two leaders aimed to mentor and our girls. On their badges for things like. Stem education environmental protection and community service you can get your cookies on the Girl Scouts New York City web site. This year. A good cause there and that does it for us at ABC news live update. I'm Terry Moran ABC's live here free all day with the latest news context and and Alison was here at 11 AM eastern with a new update until then. Have a great.

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{"duration":"21:50","description":"A new bulletin from DHS warns of potential violence from homegrown extremists, plus, the White House COVID-19 taskforce predicts 90K more Americans will die from COVID-19 in the next month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75540549","title":"ABC News Live Update: Deepening threat of domestic terrorism after Capitol riots","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-deepening-threat-domestic-terrorism-75540549"}