Amanda Knox heads back to Italy

This is her first time returning to the country since her acquittal in a murder case.
1:47 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Amanda Knox heads back to Italy
Guys remember Amanda Knox she was twice convicted. And twice acquitted of the killing of a student when she studied in Italy and 2007. And now she's returning to the country. For the first time since her acquittal to participate in a panel discussion on wrongful convictions so Ian panels on the ground in Italy with more EM. Hi Kimberly were outside the convention center in the northern. Italian city of Malden where this conference is taking place about miscarriages of justice which Amanda Knox is one of the key. Attendees. We sold her yesterday evening at an opening reception for this conference is a cocktail reception to his that would have beyonce. Chatting smiling seemingly relaxed with the other participants. Tomorrow she takes part in a panel discussion all the way that the media covers trials like this is subject that's very did to a -- something that she's spoken about people she put postings on social media about this. She feels is very I'm fat the way that she was portrayed. And the way this other individuals a singled out how the discussion becomes about that hustle. I'm private lives said that's a panel discussion that she's taking place here but almost say this is a first return to Italy since she was finally acquitted of any role. In the murder of her former roommate British student Meredith project as I was attracted a huge amounts of media and attention ever since a plane landed here the press are being following around. Meanwhile a lawyer representing the coach apparently hitting mounted an interview with the guardian newspaper in the UK saying appearances like this or any designed to do one thing. Keep the attention. On Amanda Knox we'll keep watching ABC news live will update you throughout the weekend home what's taking place here in Modena Italy. For ABC news I've. I'm impanel.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"This is her first time returning to the country since her acquittal in a murder case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63717946","title":"Amanda Knox heads back to Italy","url":"/US/video/amanda-knox-heads-back-italy-63717946"}