Ballot Watch: Ballot drop box use grows in 2020 race

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at how drop boxes are becoming a popular choice for voters to turn in their ballots in person, and the pushback against their use from some GOP officials.
6:35 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for Ballot Watch: Ballot drop box use grows in 2020 race
Tonight's final presidential debate of two point 18 comes as a record number of people are voting early in person and more than 33 million Americans have already returned her absentee ballots but. There's debate over how some of those ballots are being collected with many now wondering if you happier completed mail in ballots in hand what's the best way to turn it and ABC's Devin Dwyer examines that he tonight's valid why should I do. She's Snoop Dogg styled prophet like this drop it like it's. It's just drop it in a bar. Voting by Dropbox is taking a star turn 20/20 from star treks Jorge duque to pop star Camilla to bail. Thousands of voters in 35 states for turning a record number of absentee ballots directly to official collection bins. I really any it each juror. With warnings about Postal Service delays many see hand delivery is the most reliable option. There was a Hawaiian are it will was crowded there any anxious. More people vote. Really or vote by the dark about many elderly that's lives less problems. Artist Sam wells took ABC news along to a drop box drive through in the key state of Florida. Not to drop off my ballot at one of the Broward. Turning Florida have a special drug. Accident but as their popularity soars top Republicans are pushing back on ballot drop boxes. In Texas governor Greg Abbott has ordered no more than a single ballot collection box for county early underscored the drive 4050 miles of red blue. Ohio's Republican secretary of state imposing the same rule limiting each of 88 counties to one ballot collection point. Ohio there are over ten. Thousand blue US Postal Service boxes just like Dennis and by the way most of violence have a mailbox right at the end of their own driveway pres. That it trump alleges drop boxes or voter security disaster claiming without evidence they encouraged the illegal collection of ballads and mass. In Pennsylvania the trump campaign sued over Dropbox is arguing they exponentially enhanced the threat of fraudulent or otherwise in eligible ballots. The courts through that argument out. I went to court said to the president hey mister president put up or shut up demonstrate that fraud. It's actually a very low legal bar you have to demonstrate he couldn't even crossed that Bart four years ago trump himself was encouraging use of Dropbox is. If you haven't mailed it your ballot. Go do that. Bring it. Take you did did drop Knox. And in California Republicans recently installed more than four dozen unofficial drop boxes of their own it we have demanded from the state or Coca party. That they identify it for us. What ballots they may have collected duties unauthorized. Drop boxes nearly one in six voters cast ballots by Dropbox for years ago a record increase is expected this fall. Yet that into their hands out election officials. Esther. I'll bet especially important in states where voters have to return ballots by blue end of Election Day. Election watchdogs say they've seen no evidence of Dropbox related fraud. The most commonly used metal containers we have to 600 pounds many monitored by camera. The majority of states used a process where. Based and bipartisan teams out to retreat ballot. They're use varies widely by state Tennessee dance Dropbox is entirely but in Colorado where most residents vote by mail roughly 75%. Of ballots are returned an official collection boxes going for voters I think especially people who are worried about how it's probably the easiest and best witty to be able to make sure that your ballot is received on time but what's your advice for people now at this juncture they've completed their act home ballot. What should they do with it what's the best that. You can drive an animal but most certainly want to do it as soon as possible otherwise talking about one of the secure our child our -- really is probably busy just didn't easiest way to be sure that your ballot is counted in our time. And if all else fails you can still show up and vote in person. Going to the polls and voting in person may actually now be a plan B for many Americans DeVon joins us now. DeVon it we heard experts say that now is it time to get your voting if you have an absentee or mail in ballot so how else are still out there and what are officials say about whether it's too late to put ballots in the regular mail this point. Jeff Lindsay an estimated 52. Million Americans who requested an absentee ballot. Have not yet turned again according to the US elections project of course there are a lot of ways. To get that ballot in the bank but if you're one of those 52 million you are planning on putting it in the mail. Now is the time to do that that deadline is upon us and in fact the secretary of state in Michigan this week said Monday. In that state was the last safety. To put it in the mail she's no encouraging everyone in that swing state. To go to what Dropbox if they still have the ballot in their hands. Remember most states 29 require the ballot to be received by Election Day 21 see it just seems to be postmarked checked the rules in your state. But obviously if you have a mail ballot. Gated in the mail now there's really no need to wait and we're also have some concerns out there about voter intimidation potentially happening for some who do end up voting in person what free sources are out there of someone has a concern at their polling place. Yet the concerns are really heightened this year for obvious reasons a lot of voters on action in light of the reports last night from Homeland Security officials that foreign. Actors are already trying to influence how we vote and whether we vote in. I'm told Lindsey that there is a small army of nonpartisan. Election lawyers around this country 23000. In fact that the lawyers committee for civil rights under the watch the nation's premier election. Outlawed group that is helping voters get to the polls they see if you see something. Say something don't wait speak up if something doesn't feel right at the polls in even if you're at home and you get an usual email give them a call at 21866. Our vote 1866. Our vote. They've been doing this for many years that the largest and longest running program in the country Lindsay. And they will be out in force these final two weeks effect of that old adage if you see something say something Devin Dwyer thanks so much thanks for that.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at how drop boxes are becoming a popular choice for voters to turn in their ballots in person, and the pushback against their use from some GOP officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73773464","title":"Ballot Watch: Ballot drop box use grows in 2020 race","url":"/US/video/ballot-watch-ballot-drop-box-grows-2020-race-73773464"}