Camille Cosby: #MeToo movement should ‘clean up their act’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Bill Cosby’s wife about his court appeal, the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter.
11:47 | 06/24/20

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Transcript for Camille Cosby: #MeToo movement should ‘clean up their act’
Developments in this sexual assault case against Bill Cosby and tonight we have a rare interview with his wife Camille Cosby. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear two arguments and bill Cosby's appeal to overturn his 2018 conviction. 'cause the is currently serving a three to ten year prison sentence for three counts of indecent assault and battery for drugging. And sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea constant back in 2004. The appeals court will consider whether it was appropriate to allow evidence of assaults against other women. To a trial involving Andrea constant because be has all along maintained his innocence. His wife has stood by her husband and over the course of their 56 year marriage friends say that she has played a defining role in his career. Including in his hit series the constant shout. Camille Cosby has dedicated decades of her life to philanthropy in various issues affecting African Americans. From education to voting rights of the depiction of blacks in media and throughout history. Thank you so much for joining us mrs. Cosby. You are welcome. So first so what's your reaction to today's ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which gives your husband a chance to appeal his sexual assault conviction. My first reaction is. Hopeful that if possibilities. Now. Finally there is a court battle that State's highest court that has said wait a minute there are some problems here. They can be considered for an appeal. I'm very very pleased where it is not a 100%. But now I'm looking at something that is possible. Possible for vindication that is the goal. And how is your husband doing how often do communicate and have you gone to visit him. I think we communicate every single day but has been is doing very well and it terms of their that they helped narrow. I do not want to see my has spent impact kinda been embarked meant that he doesn't want me to see helmet back kind of an environment. And how concerned are you about him being behind bars during this corona virus pandemic. Concern so far he is. Spiral street. Doubt if he would keep it outside of prison are what happened same concerns but of course that their risks are greater. It into prison might fact. OK let's go back to 1960 you were just a teen a railing against inequality what do you feel is the major difference in the struggle for equality then vs now. I think there aren't that many different this state people have to be overweight can get really participate in the movement protested. Get away bet is to patients and it weighed that they were not allowed distractions and away that effort traded for mark could be susceptible. Do we get in the mood Tibet. And as a lot of people they don't court stay focused and our fearless. All of move but it will eventually be susceptible. In what is your message perhaps that debt but to the up in coming activists and young people who are on the front lines today. And what is say to those who are marching but not registered to vote. Now that part of a heart because I think again people massed. Read about all of those folks who died to do it at 62 and enable them to vote to enable all of best event. They cannot Beijing. That pathetic is important. We need their energy we need their intelligence with Ian that movements that are comprised of people of different chip generation. But they have the bespoke gets you have to stick with the movement at with the goal of the movement. And let others with their agendas have their own move Mets. 22. Move forward but not two weekends. A strong move that like this. Apparently went back other revolutionaries because they are determined to deal with this issue of police brutality and accord that spilled over. Tip criminal justice reform too because. These it's that bad cops are caught the bad but the bad lions are. Absolutely horrific and very dangerous that we know. And they do the dirty work for at the prosecutors Stewart purity test for the judges Seward Garrity so it their all into perspective. And young people police spent. That's the only way to get rid of these. Shortly after your own son Ennis was murdered back in 1997 you wrote a letter to USA today called America taught my son's killer to hate blacks. And you got a bit of push back for that article at the time but you still feel that that's the case today 23 years later when you look at the George toys are among arteries of today. After the play may first the ball be. That media at that time he hated the fact that I wrote that article because they did highlight the history of racism in America. And that this man who came from the Ukraine to learn to be a racist. It America act because currently there are. Very many black people in the Ukraine and then two to repeat it we report that this was our high wage. Robbery which was never true there was any robbery involved in this mr. may have stopped black man. On the road dealing with a car that had malfunction. And he shot him. Period that would keep when he was arrested he broke on the walls of his felt that this is. So that was clearly racist this man is clearly racist I don't a comment about black war meant. The mood is one at the protests is that miscarriage movement against the police brutality and she was about might be termed that the these six. And she says he a list into the sixties movement that we're still dealing with the same issues. And it is heart ripped it. That America still have its dealing with this thing the I think issues but it is the foundation of America's history. It dates back to their flavor of the African people and there have been do you mind if prop up. It just says. Of stereo typed Q making. Those who are hateful 32. To inflict pain on those who they have or are protected as the other sub human. It is a horrific. Interconnection. And these historical tie dictating to observe real history of the United States of America which is immersed in violence. And bigotry. And just over all hateful net. You're in raising your voice to speak out on behalf of black lives matter are you concerned at all about the blow back. From the me to movement and those who have been critical view and feeling your on the wrong side of history when it comes to that cause. Yep wild birds about I don't care what they feel. Definitely. You know I have to get a reference another person who is a friend of our family and employee but he's dead now deceased but right at day's spot where. At a I'd suggest. Reference line the line which I think will answer your question and I will expound on that. But ignorant outlawed with power if semester erosion enemies justice can have about eleven to add the word intentional. Deputy to movement and movements like down. Had intentional ignorance. Pertaining to the history. Stop particular white women all white remember a particular white women who have. From the very beginning. To protect need to be a slave out of Africa people. Accused black male prefectural of fault without any proof whatsoever no proof anywhere on the face of the earth. And bite it ignoring that history they have put up all lie in itself but that is because I'm female I'm telling the truth. Well history dis proves that as well. And gender has never ever equated with troops and so they need to clean up their acts and that all of us as women who have not participated any repeat of various. We know how women come lie we know how they can do the same thing is that men do. That some men do because they're good men and bad man they're good women and bad we're back. You call your husband's accusers a mob of women in and say that he was railroaded what would be the motivation for dozens of women to come forward with similar accusations against your husband accusing him of sexual assault and and also we had to be mindful that they were all white I mean there were several. Black women in those who came forward. Yep just joining the group. But I cannot go into that because they're legal ramification. But I could only say that there was never any proved. Does a whole lot of allegations. I don't know if you'll want to respond but to the critics who have accused you're a victim shaming what do you say because quite off didn't Ian incidence of of sexual assault or harassment. Doctors and medical experts will say it's typical to have proof unless you actually went to the hospital after. I understand that but still a month Beatty women. Who have made claims they have that ever none of them presented any proof and I think that says a lot. What a lastly go back to you compared the treatment of your husband to the murder of Emmett Till obviously though the black teen who was murdered for allegedly. The whistling at a white woman and and that was later debunked as a false claim by the woman herself what's the parallel. A parallel is that can be same. Age old stink about particular white women making accusations against black men that are and prove it. Emmett Till. Outcome to mutilate his body in the way that it was was dead really so deeply. Harbor and then there is set to meet Ted Barrett there's a lack of words step back kind of papal mass. But the years ago. I interviewed this kind of barbarism from beat Tulsa Oklahoma riots and 1920 Y. And that was another case said the white female making a claim a factual stock claim against a black male. Which we all know we know about the top of Hummer writes. It gave life has to mob the white people. Converging on a very independent. Economically it depend educationally a depended. Black community. Named Greenwood and tall afar and countries that people were killed. These unproven. Allegations that doesn't even fit in with the law and our country it's got to prove stopped my husband was and there. That scrutiny that's several federal entities directly targets Nixon's presidency he was Ahmed effervescent accessible it's bad for four years. He lets a raft by the internal revenue by the FBI. At all that if you don't although Spain these women reclaim its they would have come out there that in this country. It is impossible for getting back and I don't care how much money you have how popular it is to get away with scrapie a white woman. That is just apps that really impossible. So you boil this all down to racism you feel that if your husband were not a black man that these accusations would not have been made in he would not be in prison. I don't know that because some white men have army backed you know there are some who have. They're sent to prison but not it's not the same situation as the history. A particular white women with black men we've seen them hanging from trees once they make those accusation. We've seen Debian at constant rate of what those accusations are made and what began prove it. Mrs. constant thank you so much for your time tonight we appreciate it. Well thank you do you Bob by the statement.

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{"duration":"11:47","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Bill Cosby’s wife about his court appeal, the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71417153","title":"Camille Cosby: #MeToo movement should ‘clean up their act’","url":"/US/video/camille-cosby-metoo-movement-clean-act-71417153"}