Defense questions officer Nicole Mackenzie in Chauvin trial

Mackenzie was called back to the stand by the defense after previously being called as a witness by the prosecution.
11:19 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Defense questions officer Nicole Mackenzie in Chauvin trial
The defense is called officer Nicole MacKenzie or members she was a prosecution witness. Would testify Ada. About the medical response a George Floyd on May 25. She talked a little bit in that testimony how while being questioned about excited delirium. We've heard ultimately the prosecution objected there. They didn't continue with that line of questioning but the defense then asked to call her as their own witness them. Have you students organizing how this question goes the burden of call MacKenzie but we are expecting. To hear her talk about excited delirium today Seton. KT MCI. It's. Good morning in this weekend's flooding problems. You previously testified in this case. And just to refresh the jury is recollection what is your. Wrong again we're feet and hands police and the locals according. He ended in terms. I'm sure is he's training that you provide. Officers. Are fair to say he training consists of both academy training pants. Veteran officer Trent. And in terms. Training that your department provides. Does your department provides excited delirium training. Two officers Indian Kathy Kinney at a and that's not something that routinely has given to the fact it's correct. Now you understand that officer lane who was a part of this case recently attended. Her best candidate. He would have seen. The materials to Minneapolis Lisa Karlin. Provided. Relevant to exciting career. Yeah you've had an opportunity and you reviewed the PowerPoint presentations that are. Repairs can never. Tiger Bob received evidence from very excited delirium train that was received by officer laying the police academy. This is being offered for limited purposes explain why he used the phrase excited delirium are made clear. This is not being offered as seen in my her knowledge of who defend us we have no indication Berger. She's showing. This being so they're accessible for them limited purpose regarded officer way. She's touch can assure you. This is in pre marked as exhibit 1053. Does this appear to be easy. Training materials the Minneapolis police department and I ask for our officers. I'll see you cash. Yeah. There's just getting through disease appears he's being accurate. Kid appears to be some. Just finished here you can have. Be pretty much the entire U. Training. Kid looks like chaos. And can you just distract from the jury generally work excited delirium is as you turn. Certainly this. A condition that it's that combination of all right at different medical. Issues that are happening at the same time the cities are being. Play psychosis. I'm sorry. Good attitude. Soon delirium. Canadian. For prestige and coherent speech. Syrian Israeli hikers hernia. I don't think president. Senator Obama does a Minneapolis police department training cadets. What types of things cost. In the general Sims yes. Critics say the combination. Pre existing factors that can be cardiovascular disease. Also illicit drug use and also mental health. Who else is okay and in terms. These. Signs. That officers are trained to look for could you discard or. Yeah we do use and heard them. That she correlated what I didn't give you the acronym of not crying. I'm so there's a very different things he might see in this case presenting other excited delirium. Like that. There are fixed Ericsson mom I personally I mean excessive temperature. They might be removing her clothing they might be seeking full apparently. Whether it's a bystander or the caller they might describe the person had just snapped. Ten. If I could represent your looking Wilshire boulevard. I'm so different purposes and subject to the things objection. Defense moves to introducing him at 1052. Some pilgrims rulings. It is easy. You see. The first. The letter you're a parent had not prior before you guess the end what is that stands. Hi this patient my prison doesn't make any. Plus find proof they're holding. The second slide being perfect season next. Larry oh. Yes and that's audacity exiting it. Violence towards pop charts. T there's talk at all solve all that's would you describe his thanks superhuman strength. Beyond that is an issue is designed and that's where there are some here say that he. And see just snap. Simmons raping her. Stories. Cede power patient does confuse. Maybe CNN coherently. Our resistance. Yeah. Ended person won't likely not be able to. Humility although she responded and house come to them. Yeah can't hope parents. How would you defined incoherent mess it's. Following this isn't news any experience usual psychosis they might be talking about complete nonsense. There are just so it makes sense. There's really no dialogue you can have a pending Abel island and out of first. Am. I'll bet you mental health first yeah I wore the colors. Information please wait there's a mental health issues on the he. And it you know should be requested early. It's fair to say that if an officer. Suspect's. Excited delirium that's occurring with the sauce. There's certain steps that you are contrition you crash currents. Can you define what an officer should do okay encounter a suspect cases back. I definitely get more resources to start and he might even more resources and units and and then also had EMS station. This isn't somewhere. Of those situations under control. And obviously. Attempt to control subjects per. Through physical restraint. Yes it's fair to say that once a person is and handcuffed. Under the charter delirium. You train officers to put out suspect in the work. Great crash. And why was he nervous. Bringing him out some seem. Because you know there are heard he thinks you're seeing that the secularist pro. Can be rapidly going to party and our house. And that's how are you training. Minneapolis police can fast tracks and now. Again the SARS veteran officers he may not see this particular training materials. The end but this is excited delirium is subject that is discussing in service training general. Novels plus James didn't sell in terms of use of force or other questions. Other areas training for us. Your honor I have known for your question. Officer McKenzie as if you follow up questions for you. So the basic training. And excited delirium are. Best. It is so here's what to look for cracks and then secondly. When things they can do her. And wanted to things that they're told to do. His put the person on the site recovery position correct those starts and that's your help facilitate real yes. Because excited delirium exists. Could compromise problem free. Plus. And officers. Both in the academy and veteran officers. Are trained on CPR yes. And so. There are also trained and they have an obligation. If someone becomes the polls close 400 responses. To initiate. Measures such a cigar just. And that we truly dozens of veteran officers as well correct Kermit. Hands. Contests like. Officer lame receiving CPR training professor. Hand me an officer later. Mr. show anyone who receives CPR training on a regular basis yes. You were asked about that acronym. To help identify potential. Markers of this condition yes. When Zhou. Deferred to an emergency room doctor. I'm whether someone is actually experiencing. Excited delirium absolutely bizarre places I don't sound. Yeah.

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{"duration":"11:19","description":"Mackenzie was called back to the stand by the defense after previously being called as a witness by the prosecution. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77048266","title":"Defense questions officer Nicole Mackenzie in Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/defense-questions-officer-nicole-mackenzie-chauvin-trial-77048266"}