Digging Out From the Deadly Snow Storm

Buffalo now facing new flood threat.
11:09 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Digging Out From the Deadly Snow Storm
Sizing up the damage from that seven. Feet of snow blanketing the Buffalo, New York area roofs collapsing a nursing home evacuated. The death told going up today and now new concerns that warmer weather could turn the epic snow fall. Into an epic flood. Level when I'm down Cutler in New York that early blast of winter weather the snow is over for now but now concerns of new problems. We have reporters fanned out on whether patrol this Friday afternoon want to begin with ABC's Carol Costello who is watching the storm as it came down in buffalo and now watching everyone up there. Dig out Carolyn. Dan we are surrounded by snow out here look at all of this snow it's piled up. On the ground but also on rooftops you can see it sitting on those roofs. And that is causing some of the biggest problems that we are seeing today. In some parts of Western New York more than seven feet of snow has piled up. Cars buried homes mostly covered. Some people trapped inside others forced out this ceilings of their homes buckling under the weight of so much snow. Officials say dozens of buildings have collapsed this roof caving in tearing down gas lines. There's hundreds of buildings that are being observed. As a clip precautionary measure we fully expect that these numbers will increase. And perhaps significantly residents of one nursing home had to be evacuate. To tell billion Spector was called he knows a little bit twisting in some beans. The bowling the cracking. Word this morning to all of those elderly evacuees have died the death told from the storm up to at least thirteen. The latest band of heavy snow fell fast and furious overnight at times dropping four inches per our. Hundreds of cars stopped blocking the path of cleanup crews Watson this front end photo ran right into a vehicle as it moves through. We're going to start. Opening roads. Primarily. To more of vehicles that are now blocking roadways. Us and with 220000. Tons of the white stuff piled up in their stadium the Buffalo Bills are forced to play their next game. In Detroit on Monday. And it is still pretty cold out here right now but they are expecting. Quickly that's gonna bring a whole new threat. Flooding we're live in she to honor Caroline Costello Dan back to you. Carol I want to ask you about this then because the road closures was certainly a problem for any first responders and emergency personnel there. Wear your hat have the roads opened up. Well the Romans here many of them are clear but you can see the road behind me it's been plowed somewhat but there's still a thick layer of snow and IE we just saw a car. Stumped in the ninth. Just about twenty minutes ago. And the governor today gave word that's. They are reopening sections of the thruway that has been cleared but has remained closed at the last. Several days they're reopening parts at 3 PM but they are still urging people. To stay off the roads because there are so many problems people can still run into and those first responders the crews who were trying to clear up. They just want people to stay out of their way. In another you've got to walk on the way out there at the same time the army and our people getting out they're trying to shovel I mean getting through seven feet of snow is no easy task. It's not easy at all and the biggest concern as we've been talking about is all of that snow on those rooftops people are. Racing to clear that snow off they're being advised by authorities not to do it themselves because as you can imagine it's pretty dangerous to get up. On a roof and try and shovel it off so people are being urged to hire people professionals to do it but yet people are trying to get. Back today are normal line is but they're not quite ready to do that yet. Yet this is that the sun is out muscling out exactly as sun's shining disposition up there in buffalo archaeologists fellow of their Caroline thank you for that appreciate that. And as Caroline mention that nursing home in buffalo that was evacuated over concerns that the building might in fact not hold up. Anchor of our affiliate WK BW was there as those residents were being moved into the freezing cold out of that building and Ted branch at what happened. Lois a six hour long ordeal Dan I mean it's sorted at noon yesterday and didn't end until about 6:30 yesterday evening. These residents of ease the guard indeed senior center was ultimately conserved. About the outbreak gauge or cracking if you will that was in the roof line of the buildings that they were seeing some cracks Armenian and some leaky perhaps. Our round out lunchtime yesterday and that's when everything got started they called 911. And ultimately was a long process to get these 180. Senior sent cedar citizens out of the building and to a nearby business park but didn't end there I mean obviously as you mentioned two people died. This process it was really does bitterly cold yesterday wasn't snowing but these senior citizens were cutting out wearing really nothing but house gallons and some are wrapped in sheets they need this is a need your undertakings of the first responders who were really going through heroic efforts right now to move people and 8080. Senior citizens nearly 200 people. Who some are bad ready and can't walk necessarily aren't wheelchairs so they are using metro buses those big buses that you would normally see in New York City Qaeda was seen in urine buffalo so they were transported people via bus they are using in the wet. This is a huge prices at a major undertaking and again really unfortunate to hear that two people died in the process and within me move to family members or maybe move to hospitals where were these seniors being taken. Ultimately you are being taken to a nearby business partner that was only a temporary low keys so. After they were sent there who knows what an exit outing got few other places so there are dozen arts or so. Other places that they could potentially go to you they were owns some of them by the same group that owns that one guarding key senior facility that was ultimately I'd actually yesterday others were going to hospitals and end area summer going to Geary county medical center ought to grant memorial hospital so there was a lot of disconnected scenes and a lot of people are going a lot of different places they ultimately put out a number of daily numbers could get in touch with the staff but they're guarding the facility to fight where their loved ones rebelling. Have you heard anything at from the nursing home itself as far as like the structural integrity of the building. It no nothing exactly on the I integrity but we have heard in nursing without these two people who have died on the first county stated. One senior citizen did it necessarily died during the transport in fact you base aid at the senior citizen died while they write a hostile to be brought to opt hostile for whatever reason they didn't say why. I and that the infected died at the hospital and not during the transport so they wanted to clear that on the second and that they can't. Clarify and they can't really go into detail oriented confirmed details about that second debt. So again it seems like there's some sort of a disconnect between what we're being told by our elected officials in the county government and what senior citizens spokesperson saint for us. All right TB KB their use at drench it in buffalo at thank you for that appreciate it. I want to bring in now AccuWeather is Molly Cochran with more on the forecast hopefully buffalo not only warming up but. Potentially not seen any more snow in the near future Molly. That's grade that's current look at our temperatures right now is still cold enough for snow and definitely picking up on the chilly conditions today were 26 currently in the buffalo area. 24 and Pittsburgh now a quick look at our radar shows the heaviest of snow. Good news is is over for the buffalo area Oswego county still under ale lake effect snow warning and tell about 6 PM tonight and we can see some of those snow showers still pushing off of Lake Erie. But as I mentioned the heaviest of snow for buffalo coming to an and we at an area of high pressure going to help shut off. Some of that lake effect snow that we saw yesterday and even earlier in the week so as we head into the weekend. We are going to have temperatures begin to be on the rise we're going to start to moderate on Saturday. Sunday and some Monday temperatures in the buffalo area. First on Sunday in the fifties and then getting close if not too. Sixty degrees by Monday so this is going to lead to that concern for some flooding issues at first. Some of the rain this is expected a fall this knows basically going that act like a sponge and soak it up could potentially cause for some extra weight. On the roofs and some homes so deftly need to use caution some rapid snow amount we do have. A flash Arab flood watch in effect for buffalo and Niagara Falls as we had to rout Sunday and continues into early next week. So that's what's happening on the East Coast obvious that won't a lot of good we're going to be looking forward to but again tempering that excitement with the fact that it is getting a warm and there is very likely. Possibly a flooding there. I want to go west because drought stricken California getting some much needed rain out their. But in fact it triggered a mud slide in Glendora near LA. What about the Bay Area where what's going on in California right now. Yes we do have a storm system and that some moving into the pac northwest. Satellite radar on the last six hours showing some heavy rainfall moving into the I five cord or some flight delays being reported. Out of San Francisco running about forty men it's currently. A lot of that wet weather out of the San Francisco Bay Area right now some cloudy conditions. Day in the area and now as we head south to Los Angeles we saw some showers and thunderstorms if you. Claps of thunder and it's did to this piece of energy and it's pushing its way. Across the southwest it's going to bring some unsettled weather for this weekend so here's the setup we have. I'm gulf moisture coming into eastern Texas providing for some showers near Dallas. Now this piece of energy that was responsible for the thunderstorms earlier and LA going to push its way Al and for a Saturday meet up with all of that humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. And bring us the threat for some severe weather so the highest risk going to include Dallas. Austin and also they Houston area S and stronger thunderstorms capable of producing. Some small hail torrential rain damaging winds and even a few isolated tornadoes so definitely want to be on alert and keep a watchful eye to the sky. Yet death to be keeping you guys Everett AccuWeather very busy this weekend that Molly Cochran Molly thank you so much appreciate it. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news happened star in the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler in New York.

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