A new ERA?

This new amendment aims at granting equal rights for women under the Constitution.
9:08 | 02/17/21

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And proponents of the ERA have been working for decades now to get it ratified one of those advocates the president of the ERA coalition coalition Carol Jenkins. Joins me now Carroll welcome and thanks for being here we just heard from DeVon some of the major legal hurdles still ahead. For the ERA why do you think now is the right time to take him on. Well I think we've been working on the spur. Hundred years and the question that we continue to ask you're right coalition. Is what is it about America that does not want an amendment says you cannot discriminate based on sex. It's an extraordinary. Hour each learn. It's called trying to get some notre wouldn't. And now we have this century long life in America thrower Cullinan based on on sex and that was not included. In our United States senate constitution. Which. We're looking for the rich. Sexism and racism in our country we have to look straight at a constitution. That's where it lies Stetson brand and it. Constitution was written by slave holding men who refused even put women. The constitution much less. What else and then I'll enter the white. May oh urging. So we tell us is beginning our society. We it still have an equities we can't equities and chorus and an old what he talked about and I haven't done a great piece but we also have. To look at things like. Poverty. Mustard or this country. Are women trying to. Change their children and how their children even a partner in a relationship. Program where they aren't you breadwinners. The fact that they don't. Still make McNamara makes is detrimental to life in this in this country show up the good news short America is. We have met the requirements from passing an amendment the only thing stipulated in article five in the constitution. Is passage by congress that happened in nineteen Domenici who. And ratification by thirty H agent took so why that happened. Last year on January 27. I'm 21 agent we are actually in them at stone article shaking. On January 20 sevens and 22. Harry becomes a reality Adam. Course we do have that problematic saying a bit time limit that we are shall. Like Lewis but we're in congress were in court. That we now have a wonderfully supportive administration that has stipulated prone in its campaign. At all of what's the agenda item down that it expects to goods equal rights amendment in place so we think that this is the year 20/20 one ear where you resolve. This customers. Now given this deadline from congress that this had to have been passed by I think it was 1982. Could this mean that you have to start from scratch. Oh we don't think so and I are we drew Bader Ginsburg. Yet what are our heroes apartment that always are. An extraordinarily important. Person for the equal rights amendment she said she. If she could see any amendment passage would want to be the equal rights amendment and she's suggestion that religious stardom perch again and what we GRE coalition is short. Cats it would probably take us another hundred years before we get something wrong. With. That. Congress the way it is now senator fracture. Getting is urged an agreement on anything much less quality women and then sending it out to this stage and getting 38 states have short. As a coalition week that worked on that Carolyn Maloney. Share only our commission for years introduce. Our. A bill that we support. That would actively start over because the language. Is change we could do that. But we are trying to honor the upper. All. Night it's very after she did that voting right. Create an equal playing she'll. In this country we have not exceeded rebate programs or shore. Are. We've got to mend the concentration. It's been a mandatory at times before. You know when people were discovered only that we need it's we need. And now this fight over saying that you cannot discriminate based cash checks or. Tell me that it's already taken a hundred years or should start over into another hundred years so our great great grand daughters. My usual this kind of equality and went. When we know of some public we've done our research arm polls indicate 90%. Of Americans say of course we're mention the same rights. You know there should be no discrimination based on sex. This small group. Just like whores and managed to keep it at bay. These many years. It is about she didn't change should read the preeminent and it. We haven't administration. We have a new Department of Justice. And we believe this is here where. We can. We actually make this happen. Thank Karen want to address some of the criticisms because he and we heard DeVon. Talk about some fears that this could backfire in a way that the ERA could may be caused. The repeal of laws that favor women and certain aspects like child custody cat cases. And then there's the other candidate says you know we don't need this the fourteenth amendment already protects women's and so do many other laws on the books so why do we need this amendment. All we did because there is no. Basic costs fundamental constitutional. Statement about you call him the sexes some. At I might add to this also includes ocean beach each year. Based on the recent Supreme Court decision we're talking about. Sex on the language of the amendment sound about sex doesn't say let's put women in the constitution. It says discrimination based on shacks are would be. Thing that would require some recourse. Or punishment. I jumped saying I think it would look around. The you know the explanation that we already have laws on the books and Shakira this'll what I know well. Why it was still the same situation Ben and for many years where there is a roaring and didn't pay equity or rampant pregnancy discrimination. Or and that violence against women with out proper recourse tell me what. You know what's holding that up and or we are concerned it is a thinner is no. Fundamental constitutional. Writes from Michigan's. Tore their should be. And recall words. Punishment. For violating the rights based on. On contracts I don't. I think a lot of things that we talk about. Could be. It could be should nixed by the eerie because. The hearts are that are. Number one there should be no discrimination based on number two should be a two year waiting period before it goes into effect. We are gloriously and recent will be out next year the heart isn't against the ability to create the laws that we need you know put. All rights into. Their war and people are already. Looking at the laws it's like we're launching. Cree age that would actually beat the underpinning. Equality and those actions. In the United States of America show is more than just that one. I mean we're willing to sanction it's a very simple amendment. But it also has power and it and get power you know and I love this idea of changing hungry children. You know creating a La. That it has just proposed. In the congress or children who are starting you have oh. And that's one at a story. Children in America. And they don't have enough says let's check screen the that she says children women and the men and because it's not just women that will benefit should. You know it's and is well. Carol Jenkins president of the earache coalition thanks for your time this morning. Thank you so much thanks Deborah for the great report and we will overlay.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"This new amendment aims at granting equal rights for women under the Constitution.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75949667","title":"A new ERA?","url":"/US/video/era--75949667"}