Harvey brings record flooding to Houston area

Houston residents brace for up to three more days of rain as catastrophic flooding continues.
4:41 | 08/28/17

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Transcript for Harvey brings record flooding to Houston area
Hey gang it's played in San bill here in Houston we are actually in the fleet wood neighborhood of Houston about ten miles. Or so west of downtown Houston and I wanted to show you. We come to a neighborhood here that is absolutely. Completely inundated. By water we are just downstream. From the addicts. And Parker reservoirs which have been filling up. All night. As you can imagine. With hurricane and now tropical storm Harvey. The torrential amounts of rain filled up those reservoirs. And they've had to release some of the water. From those reservoirs. In order to relieve some of the pressure and and it's a bad situation on both sides because all these Reza boys you have subdivisions behind them. Where the water is backing up and starting to do inundate some of those neighborhoods. What then downstream. It's on the called the buffalo by you was where all this water empty since duke and that is where we are now we are on the downstream side. A lot of this water was meant to go into buffalo by U. Com. But as you can see it has flooded out this entire. Subdivision. It's raining very hard here right now that I wanted to introduce you to somebody who's been here all night watching the waters rise. This is Jessica Jessica. Thanks for joining us to tell me. Tell me a little bit about personal hi you doing are okay. We're hanging in there you're hanging in net and and you said that this water started to rise pretty rapidly last night tell me tell me where it went from to where we are now. About 6 PM. Last night. We had water. Just covering the street it is like the river and it really handler industry because by the time. It started to get to honor. Water and cannot count at that instant. Frank. And then of course the power went out at 730. That was Hartford to aid would help him doing. When Howard came back I mean when they line. We. Yeah so you've been stuck here all night basically you have an infinitely. He called it trash is doing including elements. Weigh in and I mean this is. This is incredible have you ever seen anything like this. Before you know never ever happens for the first time that's ever happened to. Anything remotely. Similar. And and I should say it in this neighborhood they have maybe you'll come by here in the second but rescue boats. Mostly just neighbors helping neighbors is a professional rescuers into people who just brought their own votes and they have been Criss crossing the street. Trying to find people to rescue for Oakland. They'll have an address that they know that they're going to do other times they'll just be. Floating by and you'll hear somebody call out from a window or from the war asking for help and then ride to dry land so it's been going on. All morning what's that been like watch. Oh very very nerve wracking because you don't. What's going to happen in the next twelve hours. Is seen the question. He didn't lead in the right when and then. Not one person that may be several people eat anything and everything. We use. Live in the end and how it. And your parents are are in their eighties is that and there are few streets over a few blocks over there in the next neighborhood. And in the morning they're refusing to leave right here please include. Worrying about that could. I can imagine. Well your plan is what are you just days you gonna wait and waited out a little bit you can try and trying to escape here. If they do anything trying to divert my parents yeah been that way at least they're not playing well we feel we have been. Didn't get there we won't even get through the you're kind. While we wish at the hospital. Works. We're talking position historian your neighbor's yards and.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Houston residents brace for up to three more days of rain as catastrophic flooding continues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49472918","title":"Harvey brings record flooding to Houston area","url":"/US/video/harvey-brings-record-flooding-houston-area-49472918"}