Joni Ernst Calls Castrating Hogs Ad 'Truly Iowa'

Ernst fires back at her challenger for calling her too extreme and talks about what kind of senator she'd be.
3:16 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Joni Ernst Calls Castrating Hogs Ad 'Truly Iowa'
Senator I have to ask me when I saw that bad and here first. I broadcaster Eddie Hobbs on an Iowa -- So when I get to Washington. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why did it take -- the much. He and tough talk because it is truly Iowa I knew that this ad might be a great hit here in -- -- because people here again at Iowa and CNN. Sally it is something about me I am typically Iowa and grew up on the southwest Iowa farm. Participating in farm chores that's just what we had to do -- again so people can relate to -- and I think that's why it took off. You have served in the military. Things. How does that include New York were thinking as were engaged in other situation around right. What we see going on in -- Iraq right now. If this current administration had followed guidance from military leaders many years ago we would not be in the situation he supports -- limited airstrikes -- -- I can say is what I would've supported is leaving additional troops in Iraq longer and perhaps we have a situation. How much pressure do you feel now that I was being one of -- competitiveness. It is -- -- phenomenally positive pressure I feel really thought about it I have gone from being a very little known small. State senator from southwest Ohio -- -- now being someone that can really make a difference for Iowa. In our federal legislature -- feel that your race has taken on. More national importance and significance I think it has taken on national importance because this is a great opportunity for us to take the majority in the United States and it. So one of the thoughts and there is that your. Opponent is not connected. You think that's true I do feel that he has not connected -- Iowa and he has spent eight years in Washington DC he has part of the problem in DC I am someone here in Iowa that listens to Iowa and I still live in my home town close to where I grew -- these people are important. Iowa is important in the same time -- say that you're too extreme for just not true. I I think that's the disc distraction. What he sees is a strong independent female leader. I'm someone is working for -- plans and he's been very disconnected from Iowa for a very long time like this at least part of the Washington DC problem. -- has never elected a woman to federal office -- congress. The senate anything that is you have a sense that this year it's time to break that bus. I always feel that it is the right candidate at the right time I am the right candidate at the right time regardless of gender -- do you model your. Time -- you and I get takers senator would you be. I think Murkowski senator I think there is not -- -- senator that I would model myself after that I hold that and a couple of years people are going to say. I want to model myself after -- -- and that someone who listens to.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Ernst fires back at her challenger for calling her too extreme and talks about what kind of senator she'd be.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24908830","title":"Joni Ernst Calls Castrating Hogs Ad 'Truly Iowa'","url":"/US/video/joni-ernst-calls-castrating-hogs-ad-iowa-24908830"}