Men charged in road rage incident arraigned

A fender bender escalated into a full-blown road rage incident, police said.
1:24 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for Men charged in road rage incident arraigned
Somebody on the highway and added. As a guy found Abubakar. The two men seen here and is why field road rage incident one clinging to the hood of the car is the other speeds down the Massachusetts turnpike. Boat appearing in court today. The driver 37 year old mark FitzGerald is charged on multiple counts including assault with a dangerous weapon. The man on that hood also charged 65 year old Richard camera ski base is an accusation of disorderly conduct. Police say the two men began arguing over a minor sites like accident when FitzGerald got back into his car to leave the scene Jim raschke stepped in front of the vehicle. That's when FitzGerald took off. Only god. At one point police say the car reach speeds as high is seventy miles per hour traveling with cameras he on the hood for almost three mile. You're the best that's. Trillions. I wasn't here. Fitzgerald's attorney said his client is not to blame for the incident. Other party aggressively. Approached pipeline. But cameras he counters. I just had to stopped cars at the card. He wouldn't stop FitzGerald posted 500 dollars in bail on them and were able to walk out of court but the judge ordered them both. Stay away from other. Accurately ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"A fender bender escalated into a full-blown road rage incident, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60686710","title":"Men charged in road rage incident arraigned","url":"/US/video/men-charged-road-rage-incident-arraigned-60686710"}