Officers recover 4 bodies after man drives to police station with body in car

Police found the other three bodies in the man’s Roseville, California, home.
4:24 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Officers recover 4 bodies after man drives to police station with body in car
But like to start by providing a brief recap of the incident yesterday that we're currently investigating. About 12:11 PM yesterday October 14 2019. The Roseville police department received a call from the Mount Shasta please department. Reporting they had detained a suspect. Involved in a homicide that took place in Roseville. The adult male claimed to have murdered individuals as residents in Roseville. Another victim was inside his vehicle out there at the Mount Shasta police department insists keep counting and other victims were at an apartment in Roseville. Officers were dispatched to the apartment complex in the 18100 block of junction boulevard. And they confirmed three additional victims were found deceased at the scene. We completed an extensive interview with the suspect and based on this interview we believe that he is the sole suspect in the four homicides. Based on the information we have thus far it appears the victims are members of the suspect's family. Pending positive. Identification notification from the plaster county sheriff coroner's office were not releasing the identity of the victims. We can confirm the four victims consisted of two adults and two -- house. We will release further identifying information. In conjunction with plaster county. We can identify the suspect as Shankar. Make up hang good. Who is a 53 year old male out of Roosevelt in the C his photograph will be here in my left. He was taken into custody yesterday for the Mount Shasta police department. The suspect has since been transported to and booked into the plaster county jail charged with four counts of murder. To be prosecuted in class are counting. It appears to victims were killed by the suspect over a few days time span. Were still working to put that timeline together. We can confirm the victim he had in his vehicle in Mount Shasta. Was an adult male an east Indian descent. At this time we are not releasing a motive for these crimes as this remains an active investigation. We're continuing to work in coordination with the Mount Shasta police department. Plaster county district attorney's office ciskei county district attorney's office and says Q county sheriff coroner's office. At this time and ask for the post assistance with the following information. Our detectives are still working to create a timeline for the series of homicides. Within the last week the suspect left his home in Roseville with one adult male victim of east Indian descent. He drove away in his vehicle. They drove from Roosevelt traveled to unknown places in northern California. And ended up in Mount Shasta. If you have seen this suspect accompanied by an adult male of east Indian descent. Please contact the Roseville police department at the number posted to my left. We're still work actively working to contact family to notify next of kin. If you have information about this family we are asking to please contact the Roseville police department at the same number. So I'd like to close by just saying a couple things here. Roseville is an extremely safe family oriented community. This instance has touch the lives of many throughout our area. This is an evolving investigation that's less than 24 hours under way. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work to share more information. As it becomes available we believe that they spun him. Range that we have that those four victims are family members however we have to wait for confirm notification from plastic cutting corners office. To really identify the names of these people and you know how close the founding members that they actually are suspect. The information we have is that initially there's two crime scenes one. Inside the apartment. In Roosevelt and the other one is the vehicle that was at the Mount Shasta police department and then detectives are trying to backtrack to. Find if there are any other crime scenes along the path or whatever. Direction the suspect. To get to Mount Shasta police department so. They're potentially could be other crime scenes as tough as something.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Police found the other three bodies in the man’s Roseville, California, home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66293932","title":"Officers recover 4 bodies after man drives to police station with body in car","url":"/US/video/officers-recover-bodies-man-drives-police-station-body-66293932"}