The ongoing fight to protect health care workers

ABC News’ Will Carr reports on Direct Relief, a non-profit in California that’s providing personal protective equipment to thousands of health clinics across the country.
3:58 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for The ongoing fight to protect health care workers
Since the start of this pandemic we have been talking about the need to protect our health care workers with proper PPE personal protective equipment now. With corona virus case is surging across the country. ABC's will car takes a closer look at one group's fight to protect our health care heroes on the front lines. For those working on the front lines Tobin nineteen comes within inherent professional danger yeah very sad scary moment Dolly top yet as a nurse at a saving community clinic in Los Angeles. Now we never know within walking stick to explain this summer infected or not whether ringing. He exposed today are not. At the beginning of the Penn that make doctors and nurses experienced a massive shortage of PPE including those critical in 95 masks and a federal hearing in July be milliliters laid out the challenges. And respond to co in nineteen and other natural disasters in 2020. FEMA has met the more difficult task of manage and finite medical supplies and equipment rather than managing resources we are managing shortages. ABC news is highlighted how at times hospitals and clinics were running out of their best line of defense. It's I think that big thing that we need on the front lines were out. Is personal protective gear four are my colleagues at myself. The PPE shortage has touched every corner of the country as hospital administrations have been forced to stockpile resources. From California. To New York City the original epicenter in the United States are we. We are demanding that we get. All the hoarded supplies that exists a PP he's so that we can protect ourselves our families. To help direct relief a nonprofit based in Santa Barbara California is one of the organizations that has been shipping PPE including those precious in 95 mask free of charge. To more than 121000 health clinics. All across the country in addition to the masters gloves gowns face shields parts goggles and thin face shields. Hair coverings and shoe coverings those who the basic keep the items direct relief actually makes its own in 95 mask to help during California's wildfire seasons. In addition the nonprofit buys mass from 3M and other companies. So far direct relief says it's distributed more than thirteen million masks and scope in nineteen broke out in the United States like yeah. They'll give us about seeing any. Yeah. And that's a huge help in a world war price gouging is made it difficult for clinics and hospitals to buy enough PPE distaste say we know the men and 95 improve mass that we make. They cost a hundred dollars so to have someone call. And try to sell the same product that they were fortunate to snag for. Big dollars was insulting and awful to combat that price gouging direct relief is providing critical supplies to more than thirty million people. There really wrinkles where maybe Johnny down they Johnny Mac they don't need me sealed its. Hughes need right now. And will Kerr joins us now from the direct relief factory filled with PPE we also the federal government is stockpiling masks too but for their issues. That's right Lindsay the United States government is stockpiling mass but according to the CBC somewhere beyond their shelf life and now have to be studied to see if they can still be using. Even though we have that stockpile there are some health care workers across the country saying hey we need these maps right now because we're still in the middle of a crisis Clinton. And his trip is not just helping people inside the United States that are brought as well. That's right they deliver PP to all fifty states and you can see all of these flags here at the top of this warehouse they also had been delivering PP through this pandemic to 85. Other countries everywhere from Mexico all the way to them off Nepal and so many countries and between. When's it will car thanks so much for your reporting.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr reports on Direct Relief, a non-profit in California that’s providing personal protective equipment to thousands of health clinics across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72177204","title":"The ongoing fight to protect health care workers","url":"/US/video/ongoing-fight-protect-health-care-workers-72177204"}