Former police officer arraigned in Daunte Wright shooting case

Breaking down the implications for race and policing ahead of the December trial.
6:56 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for Former police officer arraigned in Daunte Wright shooting case
Four police officer Kim potter appeared in court today where the judge set a tentative trial start date for December 6 20/20 one she's charged. With second degree manslaughter for fatally shooting twenty year old doctor Reich. During a traffic stop in Brooklyn center Minnesota that's right outside of Minneapolis and joining us to talk about the case. And the broader implications of this case when it comes to race and policing and America legal analyst Terry Austin from the on clock crime network and Bob voice. ABC news contributor and former NYPD. Chief of detectives welcome to both. Terry let me give you the shooting. Which was an accidental. Shooting set off unrest in the streets it happened while the trial of former officer Derek Shelton was going on. Killing of Jamie Floyd in Minneapolis just south of Brooklyn center. Wright's family members in protest were pushing prosecutors to file murder charges here. So do you think she should be charged with murder rather than manslaughter given the circumstance should Dutch was gone for taser she went firm gone. Is that someone could come later. It is something that could come later I mean with manslaughter and they need to prove that she had culpable negligence and that she. Posed an unreasonable risk. With the murder charges say for instance a murdered three charge they're going to have to show that she act. Act with a depraved mind in I would think that would be a little more difficult to hear if her claim is that. She accidentally pulled her keys are and she wasn't in any way acting with a depraved mind trying to hurt the individual self. I think the prosecution is going to be able to show probable cause and prove a manslaughter charge better than they would be able to charge. And prove a murder charge but anything could happen they could definitely up the charges. Bad and as you say given the fact children go to Bob on this we know from that body camera footage that dobbs a potter shouted a warning that she was going to tapes. Dante right before. Then firing her gun how plausible is that as a defense do you think do you think. There needs to be a change in how officers are trained. To use caves could she had that in her hand for a couple of seconds it seemed and then shot. Yeah this is national Hagen Terri going to be here this is a national conversation please training in tactics. And these are rare when this happens but clearly the everybody can surely aren't. Children sooner or commands. An ammunition and love are once when she did it so we case is pretty society who met. Question is on things that are happening as well where. We're she had a taser on her duty that's important to understand. It's in what is he's armed violence and not broken center to where she put her. These things happen. Again these that is all the luxuries when you have well his situation it is thought is that editors as he's standing vehicle stopped. And an elevated itself and something else. So you see what happened here is clearly what happens in these items he's going any higher than than man's foot to release an appropriate charge. This egregious act as younger daughter. So I don't see going Broder Matt. Auto and training itself. It's a big argued a local response to actually its should be done quarterly. I was stunned by annually and I figure he's arrogant at all this comes out of something stronger Douglas terrible tragedy that was used since changed. He's training and tactical combo. And that to do more frequent training would. Would help. Officers in this situation as the adrenaline flows they rely on that training that muscle memory Terry. As expected the judge cheered did find probable cause to proceed with charge against potter as we say so what about cameras in the court of people used to watching the Derrick children case. If you. Kerry. We lost her. Case about let let me go back Q and on the on this important. Subject of when police training and how it can help you save this has happened and understandably. And and what about the trail kind of training what about it help would help officers and people stopped. From this kind of tragic consequence. So these cases so we call and we are Wheeler try to control devices they say lives. You're used everyday employed with was certain it was it has to have some limitations to order it as the media goes up your subject. Almost quarter. It does it is has done to save lives unfortunately I think we have to train at the same time winners with a firearm on on the strong side. The other cases divisive ECD funnel all of we saw her and then go back for one whose standards this is something that we can we get a truck we could change. Thankfully this very few instances don't lose what east of the par rendition I don't crossroads. Who was thought in people's shoes were. Two other horses and it was a three person cost which is pretty substantial choosing to. And it makes mistakes when you have someone other car that evolved from orchestration. Probably bring into the a car. And he never tell anybody got a warrant Allison and cost 100 rooms. Some some things added to this. But the primary thing here is as having your horses muscle memories are two recent terror and go to four about where to lead it used to it. Quarterly every every three or four points and no longer wanted to. Judge just as as training and American military has. Increased effectiveness and safety and legality all the jobs of the military there in the police forces it could as well. Let me ask about race and police bomb if this was as you say is to pull over for expired registration tax. Do you think's police officers there and wouldn't be part of the case were more on their guard. Because don't they're red to black man. It's great question and that has to be developing court why exactly do people hauler pulled him over. As a writer was yet driving recklessly it was a refused to erase your suspicions. Again there's no question it was expired rich and how committed and those those those stops. Also in the vicinity is as well. And and that's what we're gonna go this case clearly. We'll talk more about race a race relations in the evening news who's telling us we are right now. Called gold follower but absolutely huge news here is that we look you know being I don't know car was stolen bases on air so this different things in their market. How many times has also potter used car chase utilized as hormones well. So we'll see as a as a ghost following rigorous she's pregnant she was trying to hear all these things about a trial Anastos Wiranto. That's with trust for bring the facts out Bob voice and Terry Austin Newman lost thanks very much for being with us this afternoon. Brigadier dance.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Breaking down the implications for race and policing ahead of the December trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77743326","title":"Former police officer arraigned in Daunte Wright shooting case","url":"/US/video/police-officer-arraigned-daunte-wright-shooting-case-77743326"}