Sen. Baldwin on SCOTUS Fight: ‘Our strongest hope is to engage the American public'

Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin weighs in on the confirmation battle, COVID-19 and the election.
6:56 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Sen. Baldwin on SCOTUS Fight: ‘Our strongest hope is to engage the American public'
And for more on this partisan fight ahead let's bring in Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin thanks so much for joining us senator. Mitch McConnell made it didn't mr. Connell certainly made it clear this afternoon a final vote on who ever presidential nominees for the Supreme Court will come by the end of this year. As we've mentioned nearly all Republicans have said they support voting on a nominee before a new term starts in January. If they have the votes what options are left for you and your colleagues. Well dressed and well according to American and what's at stake in filling this vacancy should we. Court scheduled to hear a case whether to overturn the Affordable Care Act in the middle of the pandemic. I don't women's reproductive rights are on. Acts state. Climate change. Workers' rights and workers' safety. I shall I think each it. Our our strongest how pier is to engage the American public. And make sure to face The Who is all of the air senators. I can't. Reminded. That night. In 2017. Where the Affordable Care Act. I don't what is. Receiving a vote in the senate whether it should be repeal or not. And we didn't that's. The Republicans were in control trump what is precedent but because our people demand it. Change and to change course and to cheat the article Herat. We were able to do that when John McCain joining two other Republicans who are in no. I have not given up hope and and fast. I don't feel that we have to use we sure that we have. And engage win the American public I'm Colleen go out and Crissy out. Hey your fellow senator from Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson for years and supported senator McConnell decision to not give president Obama's nominee Merrick Garland a hearing saying at the time. Let the American people have a voice let them decide the direction of the course through their votes he has changed his mind this time. Have you talked with him about it and and how do you think that voters in your key swing state of Wisconsin taking all this. Well I have not talked to us senator Johnson and without. His comments on the state can see but I I have to say that. That way icy Wisconsin it's looking this is shattering the that. It is Mitch McConnell sees the way that he. It had hit. Column that they could lose their health care that women could lose there are really good treatment that workers currently how. Less who protections. An inch. Ability to organize snitch. Climate change will remain. Probable with new who. No help from this court is fighting and are essential to rat speech and I I think Wisconsin. Folks are looking at the substantive. Lee. And say you were voting already Wisconsin she received absentee ballots many I'm already. They're voting for the next president. And I think they understand. The next president ought to be the one who makes the nomination. Where this bacon Supreme Court seat not. The current one in less she's real hot. Minority leader Chuck Schumer has said everything is on the table if Republicans push forward with this nomination before the election we just getting rid of the filibuster earn expanding the amount of justices on the Supreme Court if Democrats take back the senate is some of your colleagues have suggested. Can speculate and hypothesize about things that are going to be how initially or potentially happening next year. It's spring of next year I am still squarely focused I and I can gauge seeing the American public. Ed trying to stop adult this year. And steal the election results are Ian. And that to make sure the next president no matter who Diaz. Has the opportunity. Here's termination. And moving now to of course the sad milestone today 200000 Americans dead from cove in nineteen just today your governor declared a public health emergency because of continued outbreaks and college campuses in Wisconsin saying that young people need to skip the bars and stop having a large gatherings should students even be allowed on college campuses. If they're turning into hot spots. You know I. The universities. Across the state. And we're very hard through the course of the summer. To try to create safe reopening plans. I don't think anyone in nineteen say I didn't you know what. Next month we'll looks like because they're taking it one day at a time. They're testing. All it students especially those who are living. I'm on campus and making adjustments to their plans. As we speak. Austin campus went from high bridge in person for its law class instruction and remote. We're at large selection earns you our online. To see if they can baton this Kirk's. But I just got back here opening point about the grief we all feel. About 200000. Americans got it did not have to be this way. And I lie would be. The blade and frankly act as she. Donald Trump who knew how serious it might be and downplayed it. And then Chris back against our scientists and never put into a fast. Safety pandemic guidelines for workers who work places and never unleash the full potential under. Defense production act to make sure that we had. Why is that we need it is now September. The pandemic started in February. And we are still having. Essential workers who don't how. Adequate masks. And we still have shortages of tests. And Wisconsin has seen. The record a record number of new cases. Set to re records in the last week it didn't have to be this way and our voters are thinking a lot about that. Senator Baldwin we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on. Year.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin weighs in on the confirmation battle, COVID-19 and the election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73177807","title":"Sen. Baldwin on SCOTUS Fight: ‘Our strongest hope is to engage the American public'","url":"/US/video/sen-baldwin-scotus-fight-strongest-hope-engage-american-73177807"}