Two Possible Sightings of Suspected Cop Killer

Eyewitnesses say they saw Eric Frein near his former high school carrying a rifle.
7:11 | 10/21/14

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Transcript for Two Possible Sightings of Suspected Cop Killer
The hunt for Eric freed now in its sixth week and authorities still have not caught the man accused of shooting one police officer. And injuring another despite multiple sightings hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York to different sightings on two different days for Eric strain. And the latest near the swift water post office where police officers spotted at man. He believes was Eric freed and this coming just a day after a woman spotted a man she said was freeing. Nearest school a mile away from that post office. Classes at the school canceled for today the woman who wishes to remain anonymous says she spotted freeing described in detail what she saw. To our affiliate WP BI let's listen to a portion of that. He would actually turned towards me. And that's where you can see the mud on its face you could tell Heidi was based off of the truck that he was standing next to. Music room yet you could clearly tell it was a guy Morin who I it rifle. With the scope attached to it. It looked as though he was looking for something or looking which waited Guile he avoided making eye contact I had the light shining. On his upper half is stays it was kind of confusing this guy was not startled by me. And for more now on that Eric freed man hunt I want to bring an ABC news crime analyst and former FBI investigator Brad Garrett from Washington. Grabbed the school that they spotted him near is as all of mater. Is it surprising to you that those searching for Efrain wouldn't be actively monitoring that area in the first place. Well they probably are Michelle but the idea that you could monitor a particular location in such a rural part of Pennsylvania. 24 sevenths probably not realistic. But that think about this in from the existing in point of the manhunt for Eric Rudolph the Olympic bomber that. Basically stayed in the woods in North Carolina for a number of years. His or low after a number of months was to come into towns. In the middle of the night he knew which locations which dumpsters were typically have food in them like a behind a McDonald's behind to restaurant. My guess is that freeing may be doing the same thing is risky but if you're out of food you've got to have it so. The idea that he would come to a school. May be near post office any place he could potentially get to a dumpster or traits can. A my guess is that's why we are having these sites. The law enforcement say they believe freeing would want to target police rather than the general public. There have been multiple school closings in the area in the last month towns in the area have also canceled parades. And Halloween plans are they necessary precautions are too much. Whether certainly nothing to indicate that mr. freeing wants to harm the public in general because obviously he could've done that along the way. So I think. Mainly communities do that have an abundance of caution not necessarily there's in the Intel to support. He wants to harm. People that are not in law enforcement. And we can also see from the sightings that he is moving southwest. To you think he's just trying to go too familiar territory. Or could he be trying to escape this area. I think it's a combination. All of the about. Think about as law enforcement moves through these literally hundreds and hundreds of acres that he apparently knows quite well. He's gonna shift around and as long as he can stay within a space that he has at least may be. Went pre designated locations places to hide caves except for a you know that's going to play to his advantage. But as we've talked previously. A Timex is gonna work against him as a gets colder. It's gonna be much easier to spot people in the woods he's going to need more food more shelter. That's when he'll be vulnerable to be potentially captured so. We'll see but we're now up to five weeks and so it's it is fairly impressive in from my vantage point and he's been able lit. To stay or allude law enforcement for this long. So what all of those weeks going by is freeing proving to be more challenging to apprehend. And what is working for law enforcement and what is working against law enforcement. Well I think what and in the main thing that works against the law enforcement is they're they don't really know where his hiding places are. If he pre positioned. May be food but perhaps places to hide. And they don't know about Adam secluded caves except for a he's now going to those locations. My guesses they may have been very close to him the last five weeks for the did know it because he was in some secluded cave it happened a number times. To Eric Rudolph and in other fugitives that have been sort of any survivalist mode in the woods. So it as we move forward. But you know the question is going to be will he run out of land basically a places to go places to hide but we'll have to see but a thousand plus police officers. But these officers really are trained to be trackers are going trackers are folks again on the ground they can tell by. Movement a branches leaves the way things are bent. Our footprint six after the movement of somebody so. You've got that aspect when you get the other aspect of. He's got a sniper rifle he knows how to use it they're really concerned about trip wires and other words explosives around particular areas. That slows down the search tremendously. So he can be on the move while law enforcement has to be cautious as they move and unfortunately. That gives him the advantage. Of getting away from them. So Brad now that we have these potential sightings in the last 24 hours to 48 hours is there anything you believe law enforcement. Can do now does that give them. A better area to close in on. Well potentially it we'd have to see if it's realistic to sort of clothes off. The area around the post office and the school in other words were you couldn't escape the biggest problem in covering. A wooded area not hundreds of acres is how do you really block it all off in reality you don't. But that if you can keep him confined to a particular area an inning continued the grid search. You know that's going to be the greatest potential of flushing them out giving them to move. And by moving quicker that he wants to move that's gonna make a mistake and he'll either get in a shoot out with them which is that the likely scenario here. Or they'll this come upon an surprise him and arrest him. ABC news crime analyst and former FBI investigator Brad Garrett thank you very much for joining us. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Eyewitnesses say they saw Eric Frein near his former high school carrying a rifle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26355202","title":"Two Possible Sightings of Suspected Cop Killer","url":"/US/video/sightings-suspected-cop-killer-26355202"}