SPECIAL REPORT: Law enforcement update on Las Vegas massacre

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said all but three victims killed in Sunday's shooting have been identified.
33:59 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Law enforcement update on Las Vegas massacre
This is an ABC news special report. Massacre in Las Vegas and now reported. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon when coming on line right now because share of Joseph Lombardo Las Vegas police is about to hold another press briefing. At the Las Vegas police headquarters in just about a minute. Of course all of the fallout from that massacre yesterday in Las Vegas 59 people killed 527. Injured by a single gunman. Armed with an arsenal of rifles semi out of what automatic weapons in in Las Vegas it all unfold at 10021007. PM. I'm on Sunday night in Las Vegas and the fallout has been horrific. We're waiting for this press coverage for now bureau chief investigative correspondent. Brian Ross we've learned a lot more in the last couple of days about Stephen paddock activities still no clear indications of a motive. Nothing that fits the profile is this we know of a mass murder at all a man who had some money is by the said he was a multi millionaire. Was the kind of a loner but did not had any record with police only problem the court was he wants us sued a casino because he fell down on the floor. Other than that no other issues authorities are very eager to talk with the long time girlfriend. Very lewd deadly. Who was in the Philippines at the time of the shooting. Especially after the discovery. Of so many weapons in the house they shared George. In the mesquite Nevada they're very eager to talk to her and ask her how could she not know something. Senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas what does it Torre three weapons in the house in nineteen weapons. In the hotel room. Automatic weapons or at least altered so they could fire as an automatic weapon. Exactly Georgia law enforcement officials perplexed about. That's the scale of what this man planned and how precise he was Stewart and 42 weapons 42 weapons that he had amassed. Again so many that have been converted we're told at least two converted. That would take them from basically operating as a several automatic rifle to one that function essentially as a machine gun. Continuous flow boats coming out and making it very easy to shoot all those people. Meg got in on the scene in Las Vegas she'd been inside Mandalay bay hotel more information. But how mr. pat expand those final 72 hours. It seemed that he hunkered down in there George pretty extensively for those 48 hours and in the aftermath we've seen these. New pictures. Of that suite from which he fired he apparently punched through. Two holes and just expose this entire concert venue to fire and what's most startling about this is that. Those long guns that we've been talking to the 762 caliber weapons have a range of up to a thousand yards. Easily within range of this venue but that crime that attack could not have been committed petty only been using handguns they simply. Don't have the ranged about. 350. To 400 yards from his hotel window into that concert venue down below George also had a tripod to stabilize. The guns and remote camera set up in the room. That's right we hear that there are cameras or had at least one camera at some point. Trained on himself for part of it obviously the FBI and other agencies are keeping that very close to the vest and of course we don't know the purpose. Of that camera as we still don't know his motivation for perpetrating this horrific act George. Pierre Thomas we don't know as motivation we know we he frequent did. Casinos was a bit in some way there are now these were professional but he was an avid gambler video poker. Lots of activity lots of transactions. We're attracting as many as 200 transactions that he may have made it may have come to it is a law enforcement George again. So many unanswered questions and one official I talked to just a couple hours ago sent here by now we know only know a lot more about motive. Very concerned but one of the things Brian Ross is apparently they only had found yet any social media accounts. Not that we can see at all his girlfriend did have FaceBook page not taken down but nothing that we saw. That's about it. And at all and and barely get me one of things a surprise to all of us yesterday was how quickly. The pleas came to the conclusion authorities came to the conclusion they said that she was not involved in this. In any way. Is there's skepticism rising it's certainly is they're dialing back that early statement saying now that want to talk to her about the possibility she may have had a role. The question really how could she not know there are so many weapons the house that he had been stockpiling these over several weeks and also the question of money try answers he made to the Philippines. Tens of thousands of dollars in the weeks before the shooting sent to the Philippines to someone there yet we know that he sent the money to the Philippines we don't know it was to her that's right. But one of things we also learned yesterday. Brian is that. At least neighbors of the couple in this he had seen them as recently. It's two weeks who they said acting relatively normally that's right she arrived in the Philippines according to travel records they BC has reviewed on September 15 which is just. Two weeks or so before the shooting. She had not been there in a couple years she was there have been a quick trip to Hong Kong back to the Philippines and was in the Philippines under the of the shooting we were told. And here come sheriff Lombardo let's listen. Yeah. Woburn. First came serious. Can I argue. Carlos. We get very we're not gonna show when you anchor. All right good afternoon everybody. You're all aware who I am sure Joseph Lombardo clerk counting. It's going to be a little bit different orchestration in this press conference as compared to the rest. What I'm gonna do right now I think it's important that we address. The victim to issues we are experiencing. And the resource issues that we are experiencing sore arm and key on that. On the original portion of this and then. Subsequently commissioners are slackers can provide some donation information. And acknowledgment. And then I after that I will come back to the podium and addressed to U overall investigation where we stand and where we are going. Now referenced investigation peace. I don't want a repeat what I experience yesterday. It's an ongoing investigation. So I'll be limited in the details provide you. Hopefully we get through this with some modicum of the core. I'm so please. Don't rush me all at once we get to the question phase will dignify you if you just raiser here. So fare. All right we'll get through this. Okay is so as matters formality our department has worked tonight to identify all the victims of Sunday evening's mass shooting on route. At the route 91 harvest festival. We had a didn't fight all but three victims. We still have an active scene at the grounds near Mandalay bay so we asked the and he wants to stay away from that area until further notice. The FBI is working diligently. To clear that scene. So the question is the FBI vs loss. We have. Partnered with the FBI as I said from the very beginning of this an investigative phase the FBI has brought. A larger battery. Sources out of Washington DC to assist us. I'm so we hated the reason why the harvest festival was still in continuation. Of investigation is not only solely. Related to the removal of the victims but it's also documentation was seen. So reusing. The best. Practice technology to ensure that we have complete documentation that's boys taking a longer period of time associated with this so. We've we asked for everybody's patience. As far as Las Vegas boulevard. North and south we anticipate to be open and shortly in the next few hours. To benefit with commerce what we do as a community. All right senator key component here is resources and victim identification so. I'm bear with me Allman a try to get them through this best I can put important pieces if you missed a number. We are putting up on LV MPV dot called in the next hour. The listing of all numbers I shall provide you today. And for people out in the public to contact us if they are lacking Israel's news broadcasts. Okay we're asking for anyone who might have information about the shooting in a criminal capacity. Or is a victim of the shooting. To contact us via 31 more. If you are out of state if you have left cents. The shooting. And you have discovered your you can use you feel they you have become a victim or you do realize you have an injury associated to it. We're still asking you to contact us but the out of state member will be 702. 828311. More. Additionally if you were local. And you have the ability to respond to a local substation. Working police substation. Locals are familiar with you have the ability to file a report their location. The family reunification. All that is occurring. At the family resource center at the convention senator located at 3150. Paradise road. You can go there to file missing person report. You can go there to have contact with the coroner's office you go there to get answers your questions as forest and we reunification. The phone number if you have leftist the area. There is 18665355654. Now we went through a little short process here recently where that number was down we provided a separate number. But we will go back to that original number because we have the technical aspects of their fears. So I want to be very clear on the difference. If you are reporting a crime or you feel you are a victim of a crime 311. Is your outlook. Or the local police substation. If you are looking for victim information. Or family reunification. Of family resource that are on paradise road is your point of contact. You know personal property we're getting several questions. Throughout yesterday and continuing today. People attempting to recover their personal property from their route 91 single. We are working out the details of that we're in the planning phase of that and we will have an answer for that in the next couple hours. So LV MPD dot com will provide an answer to that. Probably before we have another press conference. So but we are working diligently. To give individuals who left. Personal property at the scene back to them as soon as possible. I anticipate it will not take place at the route 91 location. But I do not want to give you furtherance of clarification. Characters port so you will be provided there. The other issue is donations. As you can imagine in any critical incident the outpouring. Of support. From private citizens corporations. And everybody else associated with concern for the victims. Is overwhelming and we appreciate there. But it comes of point where we can't manage. Now the Red Cross is unable to manage it we are now able to manage it at the sub stations. So if it's hard goods such as water canned goods or stuff that is not. Will not become perishable. Three square. And Catholic Charities is accepting those donations. So we're asking you to provide that information to you're listening public and two except donations Erica. So there are areas around. We give you the actresses for rose over Catholic Charities is obviously a 1501 Las Vegas boulevard north. And three squares located at 4190. North pecos road. At this point I will. Acquiesced to commissioners as left and he will give you an update or and for donation phase of this. As far as victim. Satisfaction and I will return it would be. You're human a associated with the. This thank you sheriff and we appreciate your being here today to give you boot an update on where we stand. The fun that the sheriff and I stood up yesterday his ouster best 53000. Individual donations. It's an excess of three point seven million dollars as we speak. I want to bring special and we need a lot more resources we're gonna need a lot more money would bet individuals have been and you future surgeries and and help and so forth moving forward a lot of knowledge a few special individuals not included in that totaled three point seven million dollars. Last night a private citizen callable for sheriff and I contributed 500000. Dollars. For the fun. That is not included net total this morning waiting Kathleen Newton called me and they have donated 100000 dollars that is not included total. For those who want to contribute don't want to do good go funded you can make a check to Las Vegas victims' fund. In mail it needed for the county office my office and the sheriff's office. But I just got off the phone would Jim Palmer and from MGM international. And the sheriff Fred both spoke to Jim and obviously in they have stepped up an enormous banner with this community in everything that they continued to do. And on behalf of MG and they're over 50000 employees. They have contributed three million dollars. To this fund so. We appreciate everyone's support the donations from five dollars to know three million dollars. And there's a lot of need and we are gonna driven we possibly can't raise money for each of these individuals. So we appreciate you continuing to encourage folks your viewers and readers to support the campaigns Las Vegas victims. A either on oh funding or you can make a check Las Vegas but its takeover much. Picture. We're working through the idea possible distribution of that we authority got some inquiries. I think it's going to be a few days be forward in coordinator Howard and street money. A right now we're not looking at the minor property losses that some people called on regarding. No backpacks and shoes and phones were okay more major expenses as relates to you know. Surgeries medical expenses funeral expenses transportation so for a what we should have more details with you were working. Through a county office in the sheriff's office is both something. In the immediate future in terms of where people can go woody and call to start distributing money that people are most desperate so thank overlook. Okay just a quick synopsis or current status of the investigation I won't reiterate what we discussed yesterday. In previous. Press conferences. I'm but we have completed the investigation at the Reno property. I'm sure the question will be presented what what was recovered they're so it was in numerous electronic items. Additionally five handguns. And two shotguns. And a plethora of ammunition. So. We have served search warrants there at three separate locations. That would be their room at Mandalay today. It was ski location in the Reno case traditionally. We servicers work. On the suspect's vehicle located at the mentally very. So I'm happy to answer any questions. Yes sir. The question was it mr. what are the modifications associated with the weaponry. ATF is. Participating at a valuation I can't give you an answer on whether any of them or automatic or not but we are aware of the device called upon. Stock. And and that it enables an individual to speed up to discharge. Ammunition. I don't want to give you any more details and that but in partner with the FBI the ATF. There assuming those weapons back east to the crime FBI crime lab for further valuation here. Yes. Yes absolutely. Yes are. You. No we don't have that information yet but I will assure you their investigation with her is ongoing. And we anticipate some information here from her shortly thereafter. Yes. No ma'am I do not. Note here you go. When Rebecca delivered there's a lot of information I do know. Okay it's an ongoing investigation. And when I say I do not know I may know. But. But. As you can imagine a criminal investigation we want to ensure. The continued safety of our community and then all those questions are answered and we eat I assure you this. Investigation. Is an ended. With their demise of mr. patted. Her here yes. They're. No or answer your last question first no. We are making progress but I don't have complete answer here. So I anticipates. Substantial manner information coming in the next 48. Paula let me finish the rest of as far as the injuries. You know it goes across the board corner commented on that yesterday we have trampled injuries we have. People trying to escape my arm injuries of their own two device. We have gunshot wounds so if you're looking at total type of injuries associated with all their injuries in the people that died. He goes across the board I can't give you a percentage associated with a gunshot vs. Other types of I'm we believe the injury number has. Decreased slightly. And when I say slightly maybe it's when he. Because we had a double count air occurring at one of the hospitals. But we're looking to close is still in close proximity of the number providers. I can't tell you her current whereabouts right now alls I knows the Philippines. And we. We are in conversation yeah yeah. Currently she's a person of interest. The girlfriend. Yes. As you know. I need hair I. I can't rare by weather they're legitimate or not. What I can tell you is I'm very troubled by. We have an internal investigation occurring as we speak on how those. Photographs were obtained by the public for a. My. I'm I'm not aware of any transmission but there was cameras there was cameras located him outside of the room. And inside the room. Along with the firearms. All right I don't know what the specific numbers sooner. Or I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody. So we're. No. Let's not essentially what I'm saying. That is being evaluated. The FBI took all digital and electronic. Evidence into custody and we are evaluating. Because of no we haven't developed. I will provided that information later date well. We're unable to confirm that we. We're unable to honor. What's declared it. Was a clarity are seeking. We received a call at 1008 PM. The best of our estimates are repair and video review. He continued to fire. At a progressive successive rate for approximately nine minutes. As you can see anybody any video you see in a public space it was hard to determine where they were coming from. Once it was evaluated it was coming from the Mandalay bay as you can imagine heart it would be to pinpoint the room from the outside. Officers subsequently. Formed up teamed up and moved over to the Mandalay bay to a port in order to locate engage. But that was in conjunction. With the Mandalay bay security this is an opportunity for me to tell you something. The Mandalay bay security. Was fantastic. I don't want anybody assuming that they are unsafe by. You know staying at one of our hotels we would not have. Engages individuals in that time lapse that we did. Without their assistance. We received information beer there. They're dispatch center and or your operations center call senator. From individual staying within the Mandalay bay the helped us locate where this individual was sequestered. Call on I want to finish her question. All right. And so subsequently that takes time as you can imagine. Moving from the location of the event. Deciding whether you're going to help victims. Evacuate or you're gonna decide whether you're gonna. Take charge and put us element together and going gauges individual. So we have we have a lot of bifurcation of responsibilities associated especially in a dynamic you better. I want to say kudos to those officers that got together is said this is what we train for. Active shooter were put an element together let's go engages individual locate them. OK and that's all we did. And when security officer was engaged by the suspect. We backed off from media apprehension and swat team formed and made entry. I don't have that country. I'm sorry. I absolutely concern the world has changed and and you know it's. Who would it ever imagine a situation I couldn't imagine it. And for this individual or take it upon himself a car create this chaos and horror is unspeakable. And you know we have to tried to spit ball or what if these situations. All points when we train. And ensure that we have proper response I think we did a fantastic job here is. You know well yeah before slot right but not before my officers are right. They were married or hand in hand with my officers. When we made entry over to the hotel. It was a matter if you recall yesterday I sit between floor 29 and 32. And during that process. Evaluating the floors we received additional information. Where he was locating and they immediately respond here. I'm. I don't have that report what. I'm. That's for us evaluate in the investigation there. No they were throughout the manual Lehman had some. Victims. Semester demise outside of the venue. And then we had individuals who had been shot. And they continue to run away and then they passed away. Several blocks from her we also ahead. Very heroic acts. People attending. You fair we have. New resident videos depicting people attending normal citizens providing medical aid and providing transportation. For victims to go to the hospital. Yes sir. You know. I don't you need there. Bit of information and make a judgment this individual was premeditated. Obviously premeditated. The fact that he had been the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room it was pre planned. Extensively and I'm I'm pretty sure evaluated everything that he did in his actions which is troublesome. Are I was hoping. I pray that in these situations that a citizen because we can't be at all places at all times. That a citizen sees something serves on them and we act on her quite often what we experience and our line of work. A citizen thinks it's trivial. And they say now don't want to bother the police we ask you to bother the police. 'cause those individuals especially housekeeping type individuals or any cab drivers anybody in the public space. Second assists as we asked the court cool front. Palin yes Specter Ricardo. He. During while he was discharged and his weapons we are not aware of that. No security guard or police or other than the encounter at the room and you're. Right. You know and glad yes they're Ricardo because. Obviously people have the assumption things went wrong. In this type of carnage but what went right is we saved. Hundreds of lives. In the event in this guy have an ability with those weaponry. They're carnage there could occur outside of what it did occur. A lot more was prevented. Because of our police action in short time and private security action be short time. To save some lives and I you all listen. Out. The only thing I know at this point is room service was provided. Here. I absolutely believe that. Yes I do. On him. Are you know that's an undercurrent. That. That is occurring here. Yes ma'am. I'm so glad you asked. No I am not being sarcastic. We're doing good. I'm actually very proud of our people I mean this guy here is the local sack. Air routes and charge the FBI. You know what's important brick castle talked about this yesterday chief as a clerk Karen part or. I'm Tony right now this jurisdiction has the best partnerships. I believe the United States as far as public safety. We would not be able to accomplish what we did it as you described in the last 48 hours without their partnership. I'm FBI step into the plate to help us with evidence documentation prosecution. Tried their care Joseph Lombardo and his team save thousands hundreds of lies perhaps. During that shooting in Las Vegas just two nights ago. Also says he's frankly worried about is people saying the world has changed some news they're in a press conference. As well the sheriff saying that the injuries the injury cat has gone down by about twenty errors and double accounting. At one of the hospitals also more. Stephen paddock the shooter in the arsenal he cared ought to bring in our senior justice correspondent. Pure Thomason and Pierre. A couple things there from the sheriff number one he said he couldn't be sure that there were automatic weapons but that. Missile butter had those bumps stocks which can convert the semi automatic weapon into an automatic weapon also confirmed there were cameras in that room. George he's confirming that some of the critical details we've been reporting the bond stocks allow. An assault rifle to function. Almost exactly like a machine gun that the amount of votes to come out they come up so much more. Quickly also we have reporting tonight that the suspect had. Camera outside of the room. As well as the information that we spoke yesterday about the camera being inside the room the camera outside of the room according to a source would've allowed. The suspect to monitor police. Potentially as they were approaching yeah one source said they've never seen anything like this in terms of the planning and the meticulous planning. Involved he can see when they were coming how much time he had Brian Ross plus questions as well about the roommate Marilu gambling sure thing she still. In the Philippines. And they helping get more information from her soon pressed most interest really asked if she's a suspect he said currently a person of interest. That's a significant change from being just a helpful witness she is label now a person of interest which in law enforcement terms mean she's not. Quite a suspect but she's not off the hook either particularly because the discovery of so many weapons in the home they shared in mesquite Nevada. And the explosives in the ammunition there all raised the question of how could she not know something was. Mad gunman they didn't questions also about those final 48 hours and the comfort. Questions about if that camera actually captured. The shooting itself. We don't know that just yet George the FBI has possession of those tapes drugs they can do a very thought. Thorough forensic check over them but. One interesting tidbit that we saw from some of these new images that we put out. From that rumor just outside the room is that he was in fact using room service so the notion is that he would shut himself into that room for. A couple of days that we do know that it had been service a couple of times the question is how was he able to conceal that massive amount of weaponry up. More than twenty weapons thousands of rounds of ammunition from the people who were coming in and out of the room and how come nobody found him not I know that. The sheriff Lombardo commended the work of security at Mandalay bay but these are still questions at this investigation is really gonna have to look into. Georgetown can thank you all very much all of you will be joining giving their in Las Vegas for special edition tonight overall you can get it home. Breaking news alerts anytime by downloading our ABC news that. And we're Stephanopoulos in New York have a good day. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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