Tour the flight deck of a US Navy assault ship

ABC News' Rachel Scott reports from aboard the USS Kearsarge as it makes its way into New York Harbor for Fleet Week.
9:53 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Tour the flight deck of a US Navy assault ship
Aerial and Rachel Scott here for ABC news aboard the USS. Kearsarge we are kicking off fleet week right here on its ship. Just look at a perspective we got here yesterday we flew on marine helicopter elated right here on this flight deck spent the night on the ship and this morning we are up here on the flight to act. It has a little war we are heading to hear right now into a New York here we have several. Hundred. Navy officers needy Steelers is bound Marines meaning they'll rails right now and I do to bring in. Petty officer. John Martinez. Is to pour it on good about you and you're from Texas originally yes man firstly weak yes it is my efforts. Ankle sell beer on the flight deck as they just that I sort of show us Strauss around first off how big is this flight. So Flag Day is eight owner for a four feet and I mean it's it's sick to appear. Vegas real crazy. Which is basically just do our job and tugged at the best weekend. And right now they're doing something coordinating the reality it's a little bit earlier we solved. I'm the navy seal is as well as the Marines sort of lying out talk just about what this so man the rose basically tradition throughout. The navy. And we man the rose two so respect to other nations others countries did when we pass lord that we come on. It. And obviously like that we are being possibly weeks till we are each real substance right out there aren't used to it I'm out at seat right now the Coast Guard actually plot actually feeling like that on the besides the Muster. Battleships the other destroyers out here with us yet to pick up Wheatley the five US naval ships. Four from the US academy more than 3000 sailors are participating. In New York we and it's celebration of sea services and baking. All of our service and at a certain sorts everything country. Sell highly assorted it was a walk through of the flight deck let's hear I see that we do you have another we have a helicopter right here. And again this morning we saw several helicopters land on this as I said or we were on one yesterday. Just your flight operations here. So flight operations. As a team we consist of three different colors that we where we Wear yellow. Jersey which that's what I where we Wear blue Jersey the Rangers and villagers is basically. Then launched recover aircraft's onboard the ship. And and blue shirts we talk insane. Basically time down makes here you know they don't move for anything when we people get in often on. And in the Richards are just there for emergencies just in case there's any crashes or fires or anything like that but that's. And you guys have a few different teens that I'm obviously these helicopters are here right now the what is your job. On a typical day. My judges. Lots that are covering these as we an enemy as they approached Wii launch them as they go to bring on people. Oh and to do their mission. We so long we move on the flight day. Evers. Oh and it is absolutely against hope. What would you say is the most challenging part about your job was Dicey part is. Trying to be an up Sunday. There is there's days where it's it's very. Time crunching. So where would have them it's time of the day that we you know really hustle and the real quick and get back right on exit weakness. Feature that you guys are seeing just how big. This sit actually is the spite tech is huge again vacant land helicopters there art when you are right here. Right now but didn't have room filled land and take offered here is at the prequel thing to watch. As it is this it is it's it's very interesting. The way they take off you know sometimes they go straight out sometimes they actually what's odd Akron where they go always on the flight day. And it's it's really crazy it's. You guys obviously that when most challenging thing is making sure that they'll collide with each other yes. So it's is basically you know going in a sequence of order and you know being all on the same page. Been on track mixers there but he is still withers most of the mixture bodies. At about shipped life here aboard the SS kearsarge. There are now 11180. Feelers right now about 600 Marines. What does that say it's big it's real crazy at times you know especially hearing towers. Where everybody's good you know trying to eat. You only got but it's on the and no sleeping you know going to sleep and they're being the birding is what we call for our our rooms. It is. It's. It's pretty small space you know and then we got like you said about eleven under realist so it gets pretty crowded and how many heavy artillery. It definitively we basically do it by. By our jobs you know. As their department we stick together and one burning Dick department would stick in their own rating and an aids. They would stick in their own versions. And you said that this is two years on here happy deployed yes I was on the last deployment and I've been here two years. It was I'll ask the plane that's fully we will. We went across the water to. We wait we visited Dubai we visited Spain he visited my rain and countries. Is that we are coming. To New York Harbor right now it's a pretty cool site. I do want to show you guys just out of the water we are being escorted by New York State Police. Used that very out there Abbott said before there are several shots ahead of us. It's just several steps behind us and they get all part of fleet week at the we don't honor. That's it we honor our service members. On the Marines and navy sailors here and they're having about even more than three housing. Sailors and Coast Guard and take part in this this year. And they're getting a warm welcome Nabil lots of people they'll be needing them. When it when they do come arrived right into the pier there greeting them and making them for their service. So I have to ask you what is your favorite part about being in me. I'm very party is my job. I really like what I do I really like doing what we do appear as a whole. Did you see busy look very energetic person so accusing visage is now my feet and KeySpan so. And wanting that I'm always been is buying is how young everyone is on stand. You have people that are you know 21 years old and abdicating showing is wearing Dolly turning to send you have nineteen year old or eighteen year old you know. Leading those helicopters down here right onto the flight data. As we do a lot of people they go straight out of high school and illustrated book Kevin 1819 years Oden you know they go straight to deplete. And hey you know it's a big responsibility birds such young explained you know we try to do our best we can do to get it done and as they say. And just the teamwork here that is honest and I mean a lot of people don't think about how many different jobs and opportunities there aren't trying to speak to the different type coverage is that there are on the section. Me we got an opportunity you know we got two get our qualifications we got time to do our school work. Did condit's critics do volunteer hours they're all also had the saints on doughnuts. And but the Canadian carrying what went in the back is a little bit and I am very like me giving me this not I had there they it's. I mean to get my guys that you know we got here ABC news. How Argo who is the producer with you today got here yesterday we kind of got. Just a cool behind the scenes look. Always amazed at how technology is on board as well that the cats that are out there I've dvds they're and it's. Sad to see how this all of this. Comfort those that don't know art familiar locked there's sort of what the processes that you guys. Mark out about how is the guys there and it accidentally. As a base that we you know do our job as we bring in the aircraft's the Marines come in off the aircraft say. Get settled in. And whenever they have a mission a goal do whatever they had to do. We've just sort of backed up and we send them off to whatever they have to do. And keeping us out what are you most excited Robert lately. I just don't see ought to big cites you know the virgin bridge. Empire State Building. Statue of liberty just raided the big cites an urban meteors so. Side yard and your friends fact that there Italy's Olivia Williams did not. Mean hopefully I'm opening to juggle wealth Leo. I appreciate your I think you so much for talking to us I want to just give you got the last look here on the ship. Again your ceiling in New York Harbor it is extremely windy here as we are approaching rain this morning. And ask some of those helicopters ruining this beautiful site. LB RB escorted by the New York State Police. There we are asking escort by the US Coast Guard. And again we are one of several ships that are taking part in this parade of ships to kick off this week. Personally weak and honoring of the sea services and our US servicemen.

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{"duration":"9:53","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott reports from aboard the USS Kearsarge as it makes its way into New York Harbor for Fleet Week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47607911","title":"Tour the flight deck of a US Navy assault ship","url":"/US/video/tour-flight-deck-us-navy-assault-ship-47607911"}