Vaccine Watch: What’s next for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine breakthrough

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and the challenges for how it will be delivered to Americans if it receives emergency use authorization in the coming weeks.
4:02 | 11/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: What’s next for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine breakthrough
Now the race for vaccine and a closer look at Pfizer's major announcement this week at their Maxine is 90% effective in trials so far preventing the corona virus. It is welcome news as Kobe case is surge across the country but. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining when and how the vaccine will move forward and eventually reach Americans. ABC's Bob Woodruff is tracking it all in this week's vaccine watch. Monday a bombshell announcement human trials show woods vaccine candidate for Puerto virus. It's 90% effective at fighting the virus. The efficacy of the Pfizer. MR in any candidate. Is over 90%. Which is just extraordinary is gonna have a major impact. On everything that we do with regard to code but first Pfizer needs to submit final data to the FDA. Get an emergency use authorization that actually deliver the vaccine. The company says it will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the vaccine gets to people who need it most to operation warp speed. Operate and work at all put here than butter back of the ancillary supplier that will be needed to distribute and administrative acting. And needles syringes. All. Julian Lennon and anti EU import administration. Well in the trial right for part of the bat beating last mile distribution. It's going to be gradual process vaccinations will start in these Samberg. Very likely sometime a bit before the Christmas. Holiday officials say nursing homes in front line workers will be first to be offered Pfizer's vaccine if approved. But delivering and storing may be a major challenge that the current time we shouldn't them dry ice temperatures. Hello freezer temperatures can beat me I didn't nobody had any experience working with the vaccine. Experts say it is the coldest of vaccine has ever needed to be stored. Pfizer's vaccine could require freezers that will keep the vaccine at negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit. You very different trees they're there. To help her there aren't. I. And while big box pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS. Say they're ready for Pfizer's vaccine. Or are armored. Our Swiss corporate raiders and freezers will allow us it is still our. You know the vast majority of tax rate there. Local and mid local pharmacies along with hospitals may face greater challenges. Especially those in rural areas the ordered legal setbacks in rural areas festivities but why were circles because now we're gonna have to sign the ratings CNET temperature. While we're right now 2050 miles in order teach you. And leisure area. But with speedy delivery and the use of dry ice Pfizer believes it will over com these logistical hurdles. Get hacked around we try place in these very insulated containers. And the community packed with rights to keep the not too cold for you created yes tracker. Drier new army and so we know how the the truck location but also attract the temperature. So there wouldn't win the Abbas received you can verify that it is state at the temperature that should. Current restrictions in the Department of Transportation required that dry ice and not transported by air or water this time so that creates challenges but how quickly they can move product from a Kaiser facility to meet and destiny Sharon and one at each option and potential sanctions against his military transport is you. It's. Considered it's our understanding. A much about distribution is still on certain Pfizer and other vaccine developers like maternal are likely to submit data from their late stage trials. In the coming weeks. I'm Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Thanks so much Bob.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and the challenges for how it will be delivered to Americans if it receives emergency use authorization in the coming weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74160945","title":"Vaccine Watch: What’s next for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine breakthrough","url":"/US/video/vaccine-watch-whats-pfizers-covid-vaccine-breakthrough-74160945"}